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9 Comfort Foods You’ll Find on the Menu at Royal Weddings

It turns out that most royal weddings served up family-friendly eats. Who knew?

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Have an odd fascination with the British royals? Us too. (You’ll be surprised by the Queen’s favorite foods!) But what the celebrated family eats at a royal wedding reception might seem surprisingly familiar. You may not have sampled Suprême de Volaille Princesse de Galles­—a chicken breast stuffed with lamb mousse—but you’ll definitely recognize some of these menu items at past royal weddings.

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wedding menuAP/REX/Shutterstock

Strawberry Ice Cream

Bombe Glacee Princesse Elizabeth, served at Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding to Prince Philip in 1947, was an ice cream dessert made with fresh strawberry. It sounds like something special we’d make for a family picnic!

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Mashed Potato Cheese ballsvm2002

Pommes Noisette

Queen Elizabeth II served a potato hushpuppy at her reception. Seriously! Pommes Noisette is the French way of saying “deep-fried mashed potato balls.” The mashed potato purée was seasoned before being fried to a crispy golden brown. You can copycat Pommes Noisette at home.

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Princess Diana wedding cakeREX/Shutterstock


It turns out that no royal British wedding is complete without a fruitcake–though it looks much different than what’s served at Christmas. Princess Diana served a 5-ft tall monster at her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. (The couple is rumored to have had 27 cakes!) Rumor has it that Prince Harry and Meghan will break tradition with their wedding cake.

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Glass bowl of strawberries with whipped creamNannycz/Shutterstock

Strawberries & Cream

Sure, Charles and Diana’s reception dinner had five courses, including at least one served in lobster sauce. But they also treated guests to a simple dessert of English strawberries with cream—the British equivalent of our patriotic Red, White and Blue Dessert.

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Sarah Duchess of YorkBill Cross/ANL/REX/Shutterstock

Eggs Drumkilbo

When Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew in 1986, the couple served one unusual dish at their celebration. Eggs Drumkilbo has hard-boiled egg, lobster and mayo topped with seafood. It’s got to be pretty close to deviled eggs, right?

(You may not know Eggs Drumkilbo, but you definitely know Sarah, Duchess of York.)

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creamy beef stroganoff LeeAnn White/Shutterstock

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff might sound like a hearty Sunday dinner, but it was definitely on the menu at Prince Edward’s wedding to Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999. (They probably didn’t use slow cooker, but you sure can! Here’s our best Beef stroganoff recipe.)

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Taste of Home

Devil’s Food Cake

Both Princess Diana and William and Kate served a traditional English fruitcake for dessert, but Prince Edward (the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II) served a wedding cake made with layers of devil’s food cake.

This is Taste of Home-approved, because we all love velvety chocolate cake, too!

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Tartelettes with shiitake mushrooms and cheeseAlexander Prokopenko/Shutterstock

Vegetable Tartlets

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles served vegetable tartlets at their wedding in 2005. These bite-sized treats are always on our Easter table, although we suspect Charles and Camilla don’t use crescent rolls or pre-made phyllo dough!

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Pouring honey onto delicious vanilla ice cream in bowlAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Honey Ice Cream

Sure, Prince William and Kate Middleton served organic lamb with English asparagus, potatoes and Windsor sauce. But the dessert included honey ice cream, which is only a step away from the Honey-Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches we’ve made and loved!

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