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30 Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery Copycat Recipes

Enjoy all of your Rock Bottom favorites without leaving home.

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Inspired by: Bacon Jalapeno Poppers  Taste of Home

Inspired by: Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

There’s no faster way to get a party started than with these bacon jalapeno poppers. Make them ahead and bake just before serving. Even the hot pepper intolerant will love them. —Dawn Onuffer, Crestview, Florida

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Inspired by: Cajun Pasta  Taste of Home

Inspired by: Cajun Pasta

I’m originally from Louisiana, where my grandma spoke Cajun French as she taught me her spicy chicken spaghetti, lovingly made on an old woodstove. —Brenda Melancon, McComb, Mississippi

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Inspired by: Carrot CakeTaste of Home

Inspired by: Carrot Cake

A pleasingly moist cake, this treat is the one I requested that my mom make each year for my birthday. It's dotted with sweet carrots and a hint of cinnamon. The fluffy buttery frosting is scrumptious with chopped walnuts stirred in. One piece of this homemade carrot cake is never enough—better than all the other carrot cakes recipes I've tried!—Kim Orr, West Grove, Pennsylvania

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Inspired by: Southwest Egg Rolls   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Southwest Egg Rolls

Moderately crispy with a rich and creamy filling, these semi-spicy appetizers taste like they’ve been fried. —Danielle Booth, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Inspired by: Classic Wedge Salad  Taste of Home

Inspired by: Classic Wedge Salad

A wedge salad gets the creamy treatment when topped with blue cheese dressing. Keep the dressing as a topper, or make it a dip for Buffalo wings. —Jenn Smith, East Providence, Rhode Island

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Inspired by: Ribeye    Taste of Home

Inspired by: Ribeye

These juicy steaks are a favorite meal of ours when we go camping. Let them sit in tangy, barbecue-inspired marinade overnight and you've got a rich and hearty dinner ready to grill up the next day. —Louise Graybiel, Toronto, Ontario

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Inspired by: Veggie Mac ‘N Cheese Taste of Home

Inspired by: Veggie Mac ‘N Cheese

This creamy mac and cheese definitely doesn't come from a box! Fresh veggies add crunch and color and will leave everyone saying, "More, please!" —Marsha Morril, Harrisburg, Oregon

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Inspired by: 2:00 A.M. Burger   Taste of Home

Inspired by: 2:00 A.M. Burger

These burgers were a huge hit with our friends during football season. Regular mayo can easily be substituted for the garlic aioli if desired. —Melissa Pelkey Hass, Waleska, Georgia

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Soft Giant Pretzels Exps Fbmz16 15761 A05 19 4b 12

Inspired by: Ball Park Pretzels

My husband and our friends and family love these soft, chewy pretzels. Let the bread machine mix the dough, then all you have to do is shape and bake these fun snacks. —Sherry Peterson, Fort Collins, Colorado

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Inspired by: Guacamole Made-to-Order   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Guacamole Made-to-Order

Nothing is better than freshly made guacamole when you're eating something spicy. It is easy to whip together in a matter of minutes and quickly tames anything that's too hot. —Joan Hallford, North Richland Hills, Texas

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Inspired by: Wings Tossed in Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce  Taste of Home

Inspired by: Wings Tossed in Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

For a change from spicy Buffalo sauce, try these sweet and sticky wings. There's a good chance they'll become your new favorite! —Susan Seymour, Valatie, New York

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Inspired by: Steakhouse SaladTaste of Home

Inspired by: Steakhouse Salad

My husband loves blue cheese and I like a hearty salad that eats like a meal, so I put the two things together to make this steak salad recipe. The sweet-tartness of dried cranberries pairs deliciously with the cheese, creamy avocado and balsamic vinegar. It's irresistible! —Marla Clark, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Forgotten Jambalaya Exps Mrrmz16 39549 D09 09 3b 7

Inspired by: Jambalaya

During chilly months, I fix this slow cooker jambalaya recipe at least once a month. It’s so easy…just chop the vegetables, dump everything in the slow cooker and forget it! Even my sons, who are picky about spicy things, like this easy jambalaya. —Cindi Coss, Coppell, Texas

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Inspired by: Cajun Fish TacosTaste of Home

Inspired by: Cajun Fish Tacos

Classic fish tacos often feature deep-fried fish, a corn tortilla, cabbage and a thin mayo-based sauce. But we found that fish + pita bread = total yumminess in this streamlined version using lemon-flavored fish with a Cajun twist. —Simple & Delicious Test Kitchen

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Inspired by: Pretzel-Crusted Chicken   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Pretzel-Crusted Chicken

The secret to crunchy success for this pretzel-crusted chicken recipe is grinding up the sourdough pretzel nuggets until they're finely crushed. You can change up the pretzel flavor by using hot buffalo wing or buttermilk ranch nuggets. —Kerri Balliet, Mequon, Wisconsin

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Inspired by: Grilled Quesadillas   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Grilled Quesadillas

Black beans partner up with spinach and corn in these easy and satisfying quesadillas from Susan Franklin of Littleton, Colorado. —Susan Franklin, Littleton, Colorado

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Peppered Ribeye Steaks Exps Ghtaj17 543 C05 03 11b 1

Inspired by: Texas Fire Ribeye

A true Southerner to the core, I love to cook—especially on the grill. This recipe is one of my favorites! The seasoning rub makes a wonderful marinade, and nothing beats the summertime taste of these flavorful grilled steaks! —Sharon Bickett, Chester, South Carolina

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Inspired  by: Chicken Tortilla SoupTaste of Home

Inspired by: Chicken Tortilla Soup

The spices really liven up this filling chicken tortilla soup. I often double the recipe, freezing leftovers for future dinners or quick lunches. —Anne Smithson, Cary, North Carolina

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Crispy Fish Chips Exps58536 Th143193c04 10 4bc Rms 2

Inspired by: Fish & Chips

A British pub classic turns crown jewel when you add horseradish, panko and Worcestershire. You can also try it with white fish like cod or haddock. —Linda Schend, Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Burger Americana Exps179593 Th143192b02 13 14bc Rms 3

Inspired by: Rock Bottom’s Classic Burger

Go on a burger road trip in your own backyard. Grill the patties and load them sky-high. Peanut butter and bacon make them Southern style; coleslaw and tomatoes, a Northern version. —Susan Mahaney, New Hartford, New York

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Inspired by: Asiago Artichoke & Crab Dip  Taste of Home

Inspired by: Asiago Artichoke & Crab Dip

Nearly every time my girlfriends and I get together, we dip into this rich and creamy snack and our favorite bottle of wine. It’s so convenient to use the slow cooker to make this recipe—it’s a perfect fit for our relaxed friends nights. —Connie McKinney, Marshall, Missouri

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Slow Cooker Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwiches Exps Tohesodr21 142407 E02 17 1b

Inspired by: Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich

Foolproof and wonderfully delicious describes my barbecue pork recipe. Just four ingredients and a slow cooker make a fabulous dish with little effort from you.—Sarah Johnson, Chicago, Illinois

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Inspired by: Brewery Nachos with Chicken   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Brewery Nachos with Chicken

This chicken nachos recipe is delicious and so simple. Rotisserie (or leftover) chicken keeps it quick, and the seasonings and splash of lime juice lend fantastic flavor. My husband enjoys this snack so much that he often requests it for dinner! —Gail Cawsey, Geneseo, Illinois

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Inspired by: Veggie Burger   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Veggie Burger

I've experimented with many combinations of ingredients to make a good meatless burger, and this is our favorite. These patties cook up golden brown and crispy and make delicious sandwiches. —Pat Whitaker, Alsea, Oregon

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Chicken Ranch Mac Cheese Exps Hpbz18 151889 C06 27 2b 4

Inspired by: Bacon Chicken Mac ‘N Cheese

Prep once and feed the family twice when you double this chicken mac and cheese and freeze half of it. I created it for the people I love most, using ingredients they love most. —Angela Spengler, Tampa, Florida

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Inspired by: Baja Chicken SandwichTaste of Home

Inspired by: Baja Chicken Sandwich

You can use any type of bread or roll for this sandwich. We like the ciabatta, but have used other breads and rolls, whatever I might have handy. You can also pan fry the chicken if you can't get to a grill.—Debbie Speckmeyer, Lakewood, California

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Inspired by: Bacon Cheddar Burger Taste of Home

Inspired by: Bacon Cheddar Burger

Every family has a burger of choice, and this is ours. It's stacked tall with bacon and crunchy onion rings. —Paula Homer, Nampa, Idaho

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Inspired by: Crispy Chicken Fingers   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Crispy Chicken Fingers

One of my mom's favorite chicken recipes used fresh sage. Her version was smothered with gravy, but we like these panko-crusted tenders as they are. —Deb Perry, Traverse City, Michigan

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Inspired by: Fudge Brownie

Inspired by: Fudge Brownie

My children always looked forward to these fudge brownies as an after-school snack. They're so fudgy they don't need icing. —Hazel Fritchie, Palestine, Illinois

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Inspired by: Smoked Chicken Tacos   Taste of Home

Inspired by: Smoked Chicken Tacos

Our fun, simple chicken taco recipe is perfect for a relaxing dinner with friends. If we have any leftover filling, I toss it into a garden-fresh taco salad. —Tracy Gunter, Boise, Idaho

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