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Regional Copycat Recipes for When You’re Missing Home

These copycat recipes taste just like your hometown favorites.

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When You Grew Up in ArizonaTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Arizona

Inspired by: Frybread

Crispy, doughy and totally delicious, this fry bread is fantastic with nearly any sweet or savory toppings you can think of. We love it with a little butter, a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lemon. —Thelma Tyler, Dragoon, Arizona

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When You Grew Up in California

When You Grew Up in California

Inspired by: In-N-Out’s Cheeseburger

When whipping up something for Father’s Day or the Fourth of July, I go big and tall with this fully loaded, juicy yumburger. —Chase Bailey, Costa Mesa, California

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When You Grew Up in ConnecticutTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Connecticut

Inspired by: New Haven Style Clam Pizza

This appetizer is the perfect start to any meal. It’s always been a big hit with our family and friends. —Susan Seymour, Valatie, New York

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When You Grew Up in Illinois

When You Grew Up in Illinois

Inspired by: Portillo’s Chili Cheese Dog

These deluxe chili dogs are a surefire hit at family functions and tailgates. Adults and children alike love the cheesy chili sauce, and the toppings are fun! —Marion Lowery, Medford, Oregon

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When You Grew Up in Iowa

When You Grew Up in Iowa

Inspired by: Casey’s Taco Pizza

When I’m in a rush, I take advantage of convenient prepared pizza crust to create this Mexican-style pizza. If you like it spicy, add a little chopped jalapeno pepper to the skillet when cooking the beef. —Mary Detweiler, Middlefield, Ohio

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When You Grew Up in KentuckyTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Kentucky

Inspired by: Kern’s Kitchen Derby Pie

When my fiance first made this chocolate bourbon pecan pie for me, I declared it to be the best pie ever! Creamy chocolate combines with crunchy nuts in a great, gooey filling. —Tanya Taylor, Cary, North Carolina

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When You Grew Up in LouisianaTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Louisiana

Inspired by: Cafe du Monde’s Beignets

These sweet French doughnuts are square instead of round and have no hole in the middle. This beignet recipe is a traditional part of breakfast in New Orleans. —Beth Dawson, Jackson, Louisiana

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Chocolate Raspberry Whoopie Pies

When You Grew Up in Maine

Inspired by: Labadie’s Bakery’s Whoopie Pies

I’ve saved this jam-filled whoopie pie recipe for years after cutting it out of a newspaper. It’s one of my grandson’s personal favorites. —Nancy Foust, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania

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When You Grew Up in MarylandTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Maryland

Inspired by: Berger Cookies

After a friend who had recently traveled to Baltimore sent me a package of Berger cookies, I was hooked. They disappeared so quickly, I decided to try to re-create them at home. After many tests and tweaks, my husband and I gained 6 pounds between the two of us, but it was worth it—I landed on a reproduction of the famous cookie I’m so proud of. —Marina Castle Kelley, Canyon Country, California

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When You Grew Up in MichiganTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Michigan

Inspired by: Detroit-Style Pizza

My family devours this crusty pan pizza with easy-to-swap toppings. Use a combination of green, red and yellow peppers for extra color. —Patricia Howson, Carstairs, Alberta

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When You Grew Up in Minnesota

Inspired by: Juicy Lucy

Tired of the same old ground beef burgers? This quick-fix alternative, with its creamy cheese filling, will wake up your taste buds. —Sherri Cox, Lucasville, Ohio

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When You Grew Up in Montana

Inspired by: Wheat Montana Cinnamon Rolls

I like to try different fun fillings in these soft rolls, and each one is packed with cinnamon flavor. They are definitely worth the overnight wait. —Chris O’Connell, San Antonio, Texas

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When You Grew Up in Nebraska

Inspired by: Runza Sandwiches

When I moved to Nebraska, I discovered many ethnic foods that I had never heard of before. A friend introduced me to this runza recipe, a German-Russian beef sandwich, and it quickly became a family favorite. —Dolly Croghan, Mead, Nebraska

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When You Grew Up in New York

Inspired by: New York Bagels

Who has time to make from-scratch bagels? You do with this easy recipe from our Test Kitchen staff. The chewy golden bagels offer a hint of honey and are sure to impress the pickiest of palates. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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When You Grew Up in North Carolina

Inspired by: Bojangles’ Fried Chicken

Crispy, juicy and perfectly seasoned, this really is the best fried chicken recipe, ever. Summer reunions and neighborly gatherings will never be the same. When I was growing up, my parents had a farm, and every year, Dad would hire teenage boys to help by haying time. They looked forward to coming because they knew they would be treated to some of Mom’s deep fryer recipes, including this delicious fried chicken. —Lola Clifton, Vinton, Virginia

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When You Grew Up in OhioTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Ohio

Inspired by: Skyline Chili’s 5-Way

My husband had this type of chili when visiting a friend in Ohio and was thrilled when I made it at home. Serving it with spaghetti, cheese, onions and beans makes it what Cincinnatians call five-way. —Tari Ambler, Shorewood, Illinois

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When You Grew Up in OregonTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Oregon

Inspired by: Voodoo Glazed Doughnuts

The coffee-flavored glaze on these tasty doughnuts makes them a perfect start to the morning…on Christmas Day or any day. You’ll find that the recipe is a delectable way to use up leftover potatoes. —Pat Siebenaler, Random Lake, Wisconsin

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When You Grew Up in Pennsylvania

When You Grew Up in Pennsylvania

Inspired by: Philly Cheesesteak

This ultimate Philly cheese steak recipe is a best-seller at Pat’s King of Steaks Restaurant. Patrons praise its thinly cut beef and crusty Italian rolls. —Frank Olivieri, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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When You Grew Up in South Dakota

Inspired by: Kuchen

This German classic is such a part of our reunions, we designate a special place to serve it. Five generations flock to the “Kuchen Room” for this coffee cake. —Stephanie Schentzel, Northville, South Dakota

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When You Grew Up in Texas

Inspired by: The Original Whataburger

Go on a burger road trip in your own backyard. Grill the patties and load them sky-high. Peanut butter and bacon make them Southern style; coleslaw and tomatoes, a Northern version. —Susan Mahaney, New Hartford, New York

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When You Grew Up in VirginiaTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Virginia

Inspired by: Smithfield Country Ham

The browned potatoes give simple ham a tasty touch. Not only do the potatoes pick up the flavor of the ham, but they look beautiful! Just add veggies or a salad, and dinner’s done. —Helen Bridges, Washington, Virginia

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When You Grew Up in WisconsinTaste of Home

When You Grew Up in Wisconsin

Inspired by: Kopp’s (or Leon’s!) Frozen Custard

I think my most memorable summertime dessert for get-togethers has always been homemade ice cream. This recipe is so rich and creamy and the perfect indulgence on a hot summer afternoon. —Martha Self, Montgomery, Texas

Katie Bandurski
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