Ree Drummond Shares Her Signature Fourth of July Dishes

Thanks to Ree, you're about to have the perfect Fourth of July cookout!

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Fourth of July is all about celebrating the birth of our country with immense pride and joy…but it’s also about eating a lot of delicious food (especially with these 100 Fourth of July recipes for a crowd). Ree Drummond, TV personality and author of the blog The Pioneer Woman, knows exactly what to throw together for the occasion. When it comes to having family and friends over for grub, Ree doesn’t hold back. According to one of her blog entries, these are the foods she likes to serve up at her Fourth of July cookout.

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Is it truly an American cookout without a burger? Burgers are made for outdoor grill days, especially this delicious Barbecued Burger. At the beginning of her blog entry, Ree says she will be grilling up burgers like these, along with…
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Hot Dogs

Ree is also grilling up some hot dogs as an entrée for this cookout. We decided to step it up a notch with these delicious Chili Dogs.
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Grilled Tenderloin

Burgers and hot dogs are classic dishes for Fourth of July cookouts, but Ree took it a step further and also threw some tenderloin on the grill. If you’re looking for a unique dish to serve at the cookout this year, this grilled tenderloin will certainly wow the crowd.
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Pulled Pork Sandwiches

If you’re feeding a crowd, pulled pork is always a good idea. Ree likes to make her pork spicy and sweet by using soda as one of the marinades! Crazy, right? Well, we have a Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe that will also blow your mind.
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Fresh guacamole and chips to start off the cookout? Yes, please! Ree’s recipe actually has some fresh corn in the mix for some extra crunch, which we are very tempted to try this Fourth of July.
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Macaroni Salad

Ree finds macaroni salad to be a personal experience. Depending on the amount of mayonnaise, types of pickles, or any other mix-ins, macaroni salad really does look different for everyone who makes it. If you’re a fan of summer vegetables, our Summer Macaroni Salad is the perfect fit for you.
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You can’t have a pulled pork sandwich without a little coleslaw! Since Ree’s pulled pork recipe is a bit spicy, this Zesty Coleslaw will give that spicy effect to your deliciously sweet pulled pork sandwich.
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Tomato & Mozzarella Salad

With so many heavy foods at a cookout, something light on the side is always a welcome addition to a cookout spread. According to Ree, if she could, she would eat a caprese salad for lunch every single day. If only those ingredients were available 365 days a year…
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Spicy Pasta Salad

After the sweetness of the peach crisp, it’s time to enjoy something spicy and savory. Ree likes to serve a spicy pasta salad. Our California Pasta Salad will give you a kick of spicy and savory with a delicious medley of vegetables, spices, and crunchy seeds.
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Pico de Gallo

Ree likes to make her pico de gallo with watermelon, which certainly makes it a sweeter take on a classic savory topping. Here’s our version, which has cucumber in it, too!
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Potato Salad

Another classic cookout dish! Just like macaroni salad, potato salad is always made with a personal preference. Ree loves to make a creamy lemon basil potato salad. We like ours with a light, lemony vinaigrette.
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Homemade Lemonade

You’re going to want to top off all of these delicious eats with something cool to drink! Ree is spot-on by serving homemade lemonade at her cookout. Because let’s be honest, a cookout always needs lemonade.
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The kids will probably steal all of that delicious homemade lemonade, so why not a fun drink for the adults as well? Ree likes to serve a mango margarita at her cookout, but we will certainly settle for a classic lime one to complement all of this delicious food.
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Strawberry Shortcake

Ree’s recipe is slightly different than ours (she makes a delicious looking strawberry sparkle cake), but we are advocates for a good strawberry shortcake. Especially after a full meal from the grill!
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Peach Crisp

Ree says that crisp is an “absolute summer staple” for her. She wrote that her warm crisp and the cold, creamy maple sauce that she adds on top will “make your skirt fly up in the most profound way.” That’s exactly how we feel about this Peach Crisp with vanilla ice cream.
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Key Lime Pie

A cookout needs an array of desserts, right? Between fruit crisps and strawberry shortcake, this Key lime pie will also be a great addition to your Fourth of July festivities.
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Raspberry Crisp

And since Ree’s all about crisp, we couldn’t resist throwing in this one, made with handpicked raspberries.