23 Recipes Inspired by Our Favorite Old-School Songs

Updated: Feb. 18, 2024

American Pie, Rock Lobster... some songs just make you hungry!

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All-American Pie

With apples, cherries and blueberries, this patriotic slab pie even tastes American. If the day doesn't call for stars and stripes, feel free to use any shaped cookie cutters you like for this awe-inspiring potluck dessert. —James Schend, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

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Inspired By: Chicken Every Sunday by Dolly Parton

If you haven’t heard this Dolly Parton classic about good eating, hard working and clean living, take a listen now!
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Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

My family is always happy to see this fruit and veggie salad on the table. If strawberries aren’t available, substitute mandarin oranges and dried cranberries. —Irene Keller, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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Blueberry Lemon Trifle

A refreshing lemon filling and fresh blueberries give this sunny dessert sensation plenty of color. Don't worry about heating up the oven—this trifle doesn't require baking. —Ellen Peden, Houston, Texas
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Air-Fryer Coconut Shrimp and Apricot Sauce

Coconut flakes and panko crumbs give my spicy air-fryer coconut shrimp recipe its crunch. It’s perfect for an appetizer or for your main meal. —Debi Mitchell, Flower Mound, Texas

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New Orleans Beignets

These sweet French doughnuts, inspired by the ones found in Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, are square instead of round and have no hole in the middle. They're a traditional part of breakfast in New Orleans. —Beth Dawson, Jackson, Louisiana
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Slow-Cooker Bananas Foster

The flavors of caramel, rum and walnut naturally complement fresh bananas in this version of a dessert classic. It's my go-to choice for any family get-together. —Crystal Bruns, Iliff, Colorado
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Broiled Lobster Tail

No matter where you live, these succulent, buttery lobster tails are just a few minutes away. Here in Iowa, we use frozen lobster with delicious results, but if you're near the ocean, by all means use fresh! —Lauren McAnelly, Des Moines, Iowa
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Sugar Cream Pie

I absolutely love Indiana sugar cream pie; especially the one that my grandma made for me. Here, we serve it warm or chilled and call it "Hoosier" sugar cream pie. —Laura Kipper, Westfield, Indiana
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Southern Fried Chicken with Gravy

Fried chicken may have been perfected in the South, but it is loved everywhere! Seasonings add a little something extra to this recipe, as does a rich gravy. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Truffle Cherries

Chocolate is popular at our house, especially during the holidays, so these double chocolate gems never last long! —Anne Drouin, Dunnville, Ontario
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Inspired By: I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

This is a unique appetizer that’s perfect for get-togethers. Snack on these grapes while sharing what you heard through the grapevine.
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Honey Chicken Stir-Fry

I'm a new mom, and my schedule is very dependent upon our young son, so I like meals that can be ready in as little time as possible. This all-in-one chicken stir fry recipe with a hint of sweetness from honey is a big time-saver. —Caroline Sperry, Allentown, Michigan
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Inspired By: Raspberry Beret by Prince

There was never a catchier song about berries! This sweet-tart raspberry sorbet has just three ingredients and is so delicious.
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Inspired By: That's Amore by Dean Martin

Thanks to Dean, we all know what amore is. With this easy recipes for a homemade crust, you can make a big pizza pie anytime you like!

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Rocky Road Grilled Banana Splits

There's no wrong turn when you travel down this rocky road. Toasty-warm bananas filled with gooey goodness and topped with heaping scoops of (pause for drool) creamy perfection are a new cookout must-have. —Loretta Ouellette, Pompano Beach, Florida
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Tequila-Lime Fruit Salad

Looking for a fast, colorful side to round out any meal? This refreshing fruit salad is pure perfection! —Angela Howland, Haynesville, Maine
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Coconut Key Lime Thumbprints

This is the cookie recipe I created for the Las Vegas World Food Championships in 2013. It's similar to a shortbread thumbprint cookie, but with lots more personality. —Amy Freeze, Avon Park, Florida
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Favorite Bread & Butter Pickles

I made these pickles while growing up and love them because you can eat them with just about anything. Now, both of my children love these pickles too. I think you'll enjoy them as much as we do! —Linda Weger, Robinson, Illinois
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Topsy-Turvy Sangria

I got this recipe from a friend a few years ago. Perfect for relaxed get-togethers. it’s even better if you make it the night before and let the flavors steep. But watch out—it goes down easy. —Tracy Field, Bremerton, Washington
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Inspired By: Green Onions by Booker T and the M.G.'s

We love this cool and funky song, and these savory rolls, too. They’re full of diced green onion and Parmesan cheese.
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Inspired By: Cheeseburger In Paradise by Jimmy Buffett

These mini cheeseburgers will definitely make you feel like you’ve found paradise. There are enough to share with friends in paradise, too!