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10 Recipes Inspired By Famous TV Grandmas

We may not love them as much as our own grandmas, but these grannies are pretty great!

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Marie Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond

Marie was used to cooking Italian dinners, like this traditional lasagna, practically every night of the week for husband, Frank, and son, Robert. Of course, she’d make sure Ray got an extra piece and omit the secret ingredient when sharing the recipe with Debra.
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Sophia Petrillo, Golden Girls

Do you remember the episode of Golden Girls where Sophia made an amaretto ricotta cheesecake because she thought she was losing weight? If only we all had that problem…

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Blueberry Scones Exps Bmz17 18468 D10 25 4b 1

Violet Crawley the Dowager Countess, Downton Abbey

With her wit and sharp one-liners, we can’t help but love the Dowager Countess. We bet you could find her enjoying some blueberry scones with her granddaughters at an afternoon tea.
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Blackened Catfish With Mango Avocado Salsa Exps Cimz17 121843 B07 18 5b 9

Granny, Beverly Hillbillies

Granny sure made some wacky dinners in her day, from roast possum to catfish and apricot gumbo soup. Our blackened catfish might be a bit more appetizing.
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Spicy Chunky Salsa Exps Thjj17 48255 D02 01 6b 4

Gloria Pritchett, Modern Family

Gloria is proud of her Columbian heritage and has a collection of treasured family recipes. Perhaps most famous is her salsa, which was passed down from her great aunt. It’s so good, she decides to start selling it at the farmers market. While we don’t have her recipe, we’d totally buy this spicy salsa at a farmers market.

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Peppercorn Beef Top Loin Roast Exps Gbhrhbz18 43183 E07 18 2b 2

Emily Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Prim and proper Emily Gilmore has hosted many Friday night dinners for her daughter and granddaughter, Lorelai and Rory, serving elegant roasts similar to this peppercorn beef roast.
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Edith Bunker, All in the Family

Cozy comfort food like swiss steak is what Edith used to make for husband, Archie. Mmm…wish we could have a bite right now.
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Grandmama, The Addams Family

Grandmama is no stranger to spells and potions. We’re not sure if we’d try any of her homemade concoctions, but our magic potion punch is delightful.
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Witches Fingers Exps Thso18 226380 D04 25 3b 12

Endora, Bewitched

Endora is another bewitching grandma, though perhaps not to son-in-law, Darrin. She may not have green fingers like these witches’ fingers, but they remind us of her all the same.
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Comforting Potato Casserole Exps35603 Omrr2777383a06 04 1bc Rms 2

Aunt Bee, The Andy Griffith Show

Technically Opie’s great aunt, Aunt Bee acts as a surrogate grandmother after his mother dies. She makes sure little Opie and his dad are well-fed, cooking up Mayberry-famous dishes like pancakes, biscuits and potato casseroles.

Emily Racette Parulski
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