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11 Products Every Chocolate Chip Cookie Lover Needs

Do you have a chocolate chip cookie lover in your life?

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, cookie shot glass mold Amazon

Cookie cup mold

Dunking your fave cookie in a glass of milk is for amateurs. Cookie pros know that these edible shot glasses are the way to go. The mold effortlessly turns cookie dough into a cup that holds milk, liqueur or ice cream. Yum!

Need a new cookie recipe? Check out these trusted favorites we borrowed from Mom’s recipe box.

Buy the cookie shot glass mold here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, cookie jar Amazon

Clear cookie jar

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a cookie only to find that the jar is empty! Keep a close eye on your cookie stash with this clear jar. You’ll be able to see exactly how many cookies you have left, making it easy to know when it’s time to whip up another batch.

Buy the glass storage canister here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, chocolate chip mold Amazon

Chocolate chip mold

Take your homemade cookies to a whole new level of homemade. This adorable silicone mold lets you make your own chocolate chips!

Buy the chocolate chip mold here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, cookie candle Amazon

Cookie-scented candle

Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly baked cookies? Capture the scent around-the-clock with this delicious soy candle—no oven required.

Buy the scented candle here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, silicone baking mats Amazon

Silicone baking mats

If you’ve ever had your cookies stick to the pan, then you need a set of these silicone baking mats. They work similarly to parchment paper, but can be reused many times—saving you money and mess!

Buy a two-pack of baking mats here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, cookbook Amazon

Ultimate cookie cookbook

You likely already have a go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe (and if you don’t, check out our favorite here), but sometimes it’s fun to switch things up. This cute cookie cookbook gives you recipe inspiration for every day of the year.

Buy the cookbook here. Or one of our other baking cookbooks here!

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, hand mixer Amazon

Hand mixer

Whipping up a big batch of cookie dough by hand can be exhausting. Lessen your workload with a pretty hand mixer. Multiple attachments make it easy to perfect the batter’s consistency.

Buy the hand mixer here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, milk and cookies dog toy Amazon

Milk and cookies dog toy

Show Fido a little love with this adorable milk and cookies dog toy. You’ll have (almost) as much fun watching your pup dig the cookies out of the plush milk carton as he will playing with the new toy. Be sure not to share any real cookies with your dog, though, as the chocolate (and these other common foods) can make him sick.

Buy the dog toy here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, cookie spatula Amazon

Cookie spatula

Broken cookies are no laughing matter. Easily release your creations from the pan with the help of this cookie spatula. It works great for digging out one of our best dessert bar recipes, too.

Buy the cookie spatula here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, sheet pans Amazon

Sturdy cookie sheets

Few kitchen items are more versatile than the trusty sheet pan. Use this sturdy set to whip up one of our sheet pan dinners. Then, give the pan a quick scrub and drop on your favorite cookie dough. Voila! You’ve got oh-so-easy dinner and dessert.

Buy a 2-pack of cookie sheets here.

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gifts for chocolate cookie lovers, cookie scoop Amazon

Cookie scoop

Bakery-bought cookies always look perfect. Want to know the secret? A cookie scoop. This handy gadget ensures all of your treats bake evenly and spread out to the perfect size.

Get scoopin’! These are the cookies everyone should know how to make.

Buy the cookie scoop here.

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