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15 Pinterest Kitchen Trends You’re Going to Regret

They may look appealing in your feed, but these kitchen trends will date your renovation quicker than you can say “rose gold.”

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ShelvingShutterstock / ArchiVIZ

Open Shelving

Open shelving may at first feel like a hip shift from typical cabinets, but it requires you to have meticulous organization and displaying skills. This means no mess or mismatched anything! Furthermore, you’ll have to dust regularly and wash your dishes all the time. The bottom line is, open shelving just isn’t that practical.

Is a kitchen renovation in your future? Here are kitchen cabinetry trends to embrace (or avoid).

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Subway tileShutterstock / Jodie Johnson

Subway Tile

Grout line upon grout line not only adds a very busy aesthetic, but subway tile is difficult to keep clean. You’ll spend far too much time scrubbing and less time enjoying the chic look you were going for. If you’re looking for a sleek backsplash, stick to one large piece of metal or marble.

Check out these home trends to avoid at all costs.

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Farmhouse sinkShutterstock / alabn

Farmhouse Sink

The farmhouse sink has been on-trend for a while now, but think twice before following the herd. From installation to use, these sinks can prove pesky. For instance, some models will affect your countertops when installed, while the cabinet it sits on may need to be retrofitted as well. Furthermore, some materials, like fire clay, are notoriously tough on dishes.

The experts at Pinterest say these are the hottest home design trends across the board.

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Bold Cement Tile FlooringShutterstock / Dariusz Jarzabek

Bold Cement Tile Flooring

This kitchen trend certainly adds uniqueness in a world of ceramic tile, however there’s a reason the latter has remained popular throughout the years. While ceramic tile is almost impenetrable after being fired in a kiln, cement tile, which is cured at room temperature, is porous, which means pretty much everything that lands on it shows.

When trends get overdone too quickly, they lose their charm just as fast. Here are the trends we’re ready to be done with.

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Man-Made CountertopsThe Family Handyman

Man-Made Countertops

Faux finishes like man-made quartz for countertops are trending right now, but you might want to avoid them. Granite can almost always be repaired, but there’s typically no repairing damaged man-made stone.

Here are exterior home trends you can forget about.

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Double-Stacked CabinetsTerraCotta Design Build

Double-Stacked Cabinets

Stacked cabinets make for extra storage, but at what cost? The height of double-stacked cabinets makes them extremely inconvenient. Prepare to get out a step stool every time you need your platters, a vase, your fancy glasses and more.

We opened Family Handyman’s vault to bring you these fantastically vintage home trends of decades past.

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Oversized Island PendantsShutterstock / Jodie Johnson

Oversized Island Pendants

A row of oversized island pendants can come off as cheap and crowded instead of what you’re likely going for: a sleek statement. You should also be sure you don’t try and mix and match those light fixtures either! It will look indecisive. These vintage staples have made a comeback, and they’re better than ever!

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Bright appliancesShutterstock /

Bright Appliances

That mint refrigerator sure looks cool in your white kitchen, but are you going to be in love with that pop of color down the line? Appliances are costly, and playing around with colors is a big risk.

A kitchen renovation isn’t typically inexpensive—but it can less costly be with these creative ideas.

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Zero-Radius CornersShutterstock / Raisa Suprun

Zero-Radius Corners

Zero radius kitchen sinks may be visually chic, but the sharp 90-degree corners on the sides and bottom of the sink can be difficult to clean. In fact, failing to regularly scrub the corner-crevices can lead to hardened gunk that’s difficult to remove down the road. Furthermore, the ultra-flat bottoms of the sink can hinder drainage.

Build these handy under sink storage trays in a weekend. You can tackle this project with simple carpentry tools and some careful measuring.

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Minimal BacksplashesShutterstock / Dariusz Jarzabek

Minimal Backsplashes

Minimal backsplashes simply show a lack of commitment. Furthermore, they make it difficult to seamlessly clean spills and splatters, unlike fulll backsplashes that go full length and from counter to cabinets. Tiling a DIY backsplash above the counter is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old, tired kitchen on a tight budget.

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Pot RacksShutterstock / Photo Spirit

Pot Racks

Considering most kitchens have drawers or cabinets large enough to fit bulky items like pots and pans, a pot rack is just a nuisance. It may look “industrial” at first, but with all the dusting you’ll have to do, you’ll likely regret adding this trendy item to your kitchen.

Here are creative ways to store your kitchen pots and pans.

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Too Much Cold WhiteShutterstock / ArchiVIZ

Too Much Cold White

A clean look doesn’t have to be a cold look. Avoid all-white everything in a space that is meant to invite comfort and a little mess. If your kitchen is already ultra-modern, it’s best to add in some creamy whites to warm things up.

Here are kitchen color schemes for your inner gourmet.

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Industrial KitchenOmega-Pure

Industrial Kitchen

Exposed everything—refrigerator, oven and dishwasher—may seem chic in theory, but can create a very cold, restaurant-y look. Pick and choose just a few industrial pieces to make the trend work.

Stick to small industrial accents, like this gorgeous DIY serving tray.

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French countryShutterstock / Alexey Lesik

French Country

Despite the fact that French country is a mixture of simple textures coming together, like brick and wood, the trend has been given so much leeway it’s totally unraveled! Giant vent hoods mixed with cluttered walls and patterned granite countertops is far too busy!

If you want your kitchen renovation to go smoothly, avoid these mistakes.

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Oversized Hardware and FixturesStudio 41

Oversized Hardware and Fixtures

Sure, small updates can make a big difference in your kitchen, but only if they make sense. That oversized kitchen faucet may look pretty online, but does it make your current sink look tiny and dated?

Check out these kitchen renovation fails that will make you cringe.

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