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Happy Pi Day! Try These Pies Inspired by Our Favorite Scientists

Every year, science geeks all over the world over bake up their favorite pie recipes for Pi Day. Here's our list, inspired by some of the scientists we love most.

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On March 14 (or 3.14), science lovers honor one of the universe’s essential constants: pi. Typically written as 3.14 (it’s been calculated to more than 1 trillion digits!), it’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and it’s found everywhere in nature. We, of course, celebrate the day by eating pie. Inspired by some of the world’s great scientists, we pulled together this collection of amazing pies for pi day. Enjoy!

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Star Studded Blueberry Pie Exps Bdsmz17 33915 B03 09 4b 3

Star-Studded Blueberry Pie

This celestial pie is a nod to one of our favorite astrophysicists of all time:
Carl Sagan. For countless fans, the host of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage has jet-fueled a love affair with our universe.
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Exps120866 Th153340b10 01 9b 2

Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Pie

A pioneer in plant biology, George Washington Carver championed planting peanuts in the American South to help restore the depleted soil. And he developed hundreds of products that could be made from the legumes.
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Exps6086 Hb133235c07 19 4b Web 4

Apple Pie

If you learned how to cook and bake in school, you have Ellen Swallow Richards to thank. Ellen pioneered the field of home economics as a field of study back in the 1800s. She was also a chemist and industrial engineer who pioneered food safety techniques and spent much of her time studying nutrition—then a new field. She’d surely appreciate a good apple pie prepared safely and properly at home.
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Banana Cream Pie Exps Fbmz16 1151 B05 18 7b 5

Banana Cream Pie

At the age of 26, Jane Goodall left England to study chimpanzees in what is now Tanzania. There she made the groundbreaking discovery that chimpanzees make and use tools. She’s continued her work and conservation advocacy for nearly 50 years.
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Macaroon Cherry Pie Exps Ppp19 12506 C04 03 6b 12

Macaroon Cherry Pie

One of NASA’s famous “hidden figures” mathemetician Katherine Johnson calculated the mechanics that allowed astronauts to make it to space. She also helped pioneer the use of computers at NASA. As a West Virginia native, she might like this cherry macaroon pie.
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Creamy Coffee Pie

You’ve probably never heard of Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, but you might already be thanking him every morning. He isolated the active ingredient in coffee beans: caffeine. We won’t tell if you have a slice of this pie with your morning cuppa.
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Lemon Chess Pie With Berry Sauce Exps62599 Th2379801a07 25 6bc Rms 1

Cornmeal Chess Pie

Researching corn DNA led Barbara McClintock to a groundbreaking discovery in genetics. In 1983, she became the first woman to win an unshared Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
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German Plum Tart

German-born physicist Albert Einstein just might be the most famous scientist in the world. His work focused on unifying principles of physics. And we’re pretty sure this German plum tart will unify your family and friends.
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Favorite Chicken Potpie

Charles Darwin’s observations aboard the HMS Beagle led to his theory of evolution, which reminds us that it’s not the most intelligent or strongest that survive, but the most adaptable. Remember that next time you realize you’re out of sugar mid-recipe.
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Frozen Grasshopper Pie Exps169145 Th133086a07 24 4bc Rms 2

Frozen Grasshopper Pie

Long before cameras, Maria Sibylla Merian was one of the first entomologists and a pioneer in scientific illustration. In 1699 she traveled to Suriname to study its plants, animals and insects. This frozen grasshopper treat is a great way to celebrate a super cool lady.
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Exps4113 Bhd153762c07 09 2b 4

Buttermilk Pecan Pie

A nice tall glass of milk became safer to drink after Louis Pasteur developed the process of pasteurization, which kills potentially harmful bacteria. Got (butter)milk?
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Cranberry Cherry Nut Pie Exps Sddj18 49823 C08 02 6b 3

Cranberry-Cherry Nut Pie

An astronaut and physician, Mae Jemison was in charge of conducting experiments on weightlessness and motion sickness aboard the space shuttle Endeavour. This pie won’t make you weightless, but it may make your spirits fly.
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Exps130647 Th153343b04 17 7b 2

Scrumptious Sweet Potato Pie

OK so it’s not exactly a double helix, but this braided edge reminds us of the structure of DNA, which James Watson & Francis Crick discovered using X-ray photographs taken by Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins.
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Exps27086 Hck153422a08 26 2b 3

Almond Pear Tart

French mathematician and philosopher Émilie du Châtelet is known not only for translating Newton’s laws of physics into French but furthering the study of physics and mathematics herself. As French native, we’re sure she’d love a galette like this—a type of informal French pie.
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Honey Pecan Pie Exps Fbmz16 35222 C05 19 2b 9

Honey Pecan Pie

Charles H. Turner’s research on animal behavior led him to discover that insects can hear. (What?!) He also found that honeybees can recognize colors and patterns.
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Layered Lemon Pie Exps Wrsm17 30948 D04 13 5b 4

Layered Lemon Pie

We can thank Alexander Graham Bell for the modern miracle of getting to talk to our loved ones across thousands of miles. In addition to inventing the telephone, he also held 18 patents and collaborated on 12 more. This graham cracker crust is for you, Mr. Bell!
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Blue-Ribbon Apple Pie

A falling apple led Isaac Newton to famously “discover” gravity. But he contributed so much more to our scientific understanding. Among other things, he came up with theories that are central to calculus and discovered that light is made up of a spectrum of colors. This pie’s for you, Sir Newton!
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Creamy Pineapple Pie

Isabella Kauakea Yau Yung Aiona Abbott was the first Native Hawaiian woman to get her PhD in science. As an ethnobotanist, she combined her native and scientific knowledge and discovered more than 200 species of Pacific algae.
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Mama Arnold S Honey Pie Exps Ppp18 3253 D05 08 6b 6

Mama Arnold's Honey Pie

You know him as “the Science Guy,” but do you know what really got Bill Nye really interested in science as a kid? Bees! We honor Bill’s inspiration with this honey-filled pie.
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Orange Chocolate Ricotta Pie Exps144688 Th2379797c11 15 2bc Rms 3

Orange Chocolate Ricotta Pie

Rebel-with-a-cause Galileo Galilei is perhaps best known for going to bat for his assertion that the sun is at the center of our solar system. He also made significant contributions to our understanding of math and helped establish the scientific method. Make this ricotta-stuffed pie to celebrate the Italian scientist.
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Blueberry Cloud Pie Exps36430 Hc2847498c05 22 3bc Rms 7

Blueberry Cloud Pie

You can thank Hedy Lamarr for developing the technology that you’re using on your smartphone right now. She’s best know for being a Hollywood starlet, but the frequency-hopping technology she developed with George Antheil led to WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.
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Easy Confetti Pie Exps Thcom16 199536 D06 10 4b 3

Easy Confetti Pie

Nearly everywhere in the world, when it’s time to celebrate big, someone cracks out the fireworks. Here’s to ancient Chinese alchemists who accidentally invented fireworks as long ago as 600 C.E.—you’ve made the night sky the life of the party for centuries!
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Greek Honey Nut Pie Exps45770 Thwr1828495d431 Rms 5

Greek Honey Nut Pie

Last but certainly not least, we celebrate Archimedes, whose method of determining pi was followed by mathmeticians for centuries. From all of us pi(e) lovers, many thanks!

Kristin Sutter
A big fan of homegrown cooking, Kristin has been a writer and editor for nearly 20 years. She has mastered the art of learning from her inexpert riffs on other people's truly good recipes.

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