12 Pancakes from Around the World

A world tour of pancakes?! Count us in. Here are a dozen delicious and unique pancakes from around the world that you need to serve up for breakfast (or lunch) tomorrow.

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Chinese Pancakes

Cong you bing, or Chinese scallion pancakes, are made from dough instead of a batter. They’re considered a dim sum or a Chinese small plate that’s served during breakfast or lunch. You’ll likely see them served as appetizers as well.

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Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes, also known as pannkakor, are very thin and delicate, similar to a crepe. Back in the Middle Ages, they were served as a treat on Thursday nights after a bowl of pea soup before a Friday fast. Today, some still continue the tradition, but you’ll usually find them served up as dessert or breakfast with lingonberries on top. This Swedish pancake recipe from True North Kitchen even shows you how to make your own lingonberry butter!

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American Pancakes

The pancakes you know and love. Fluffy, light and thick. Usually topped with butter and maple syrup. American pancakes are a staple among breakfast restaurants across the nation—both big and small—and right in your own home kitchen, I’m sure. Once you’ve mastered the classic, try your hand at one of these takes on the American pancake.

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Japanese Pancakes

Japanese pancakes, also known as souffle pancakes, are known for their fluffy, pillow-like texture. This texture is mainly achieved by whipping together egg whites into a meringue. In recent years, souffle pancakes have caught the eye of countries around the world, especially in the United States.

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Nailing down the fluffiness can be tricky. Make sure you’re not making any of these pancake mistakes either.

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Hungarian Pancakes

The word for pancake in Hungarian is palacsinta. Hungarian pancakes, similar to Swedish pancakes, are very thin and crepe-like. There are both sweet and savory options, but this recipe from My Gourmet Connection features a lemon cottage cheese filling and topped with a raspberry sauce. When dining in Hungary, you’re most likely to see pancakes served as a dessert.

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Korean Kimchi Pancakes

Korean Pancakes

Kimchi pancakes, a type of Korean pancake, are very crispy and made up of mild or spicy kimchi, water, egg and just a handful of other ingredients. Because of their savory nature, kimchi pancakes are usually served as a side, appetizer or snack. Top with scallions and dip in spicy garlic-ginger sauce or soy sauce for the full experience.

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You’ll love these other Korean recipes!

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Austrian Pancakes

Austrian pancakes are named after the Austrian word kaiser, or emperor in English. Kaiserschmarrn is traditionally served with a plum compote or apple sauce to add extra sweetness, like in this recipe from Plated Cravings. You could also serve plums right on top, like in our kaiserschmarrn recipe. What makes them stand out among the rest is that this fluffy pancake is broken into smaller pieces. There are many theories on why this is, but many believe that’s how Austrian Kaiser Franz Josef liked them prepared!

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Matcha Pancakes

Matcha pancakes are the wildly popular spin-off of traditional Japanese souffle pancakes. Just One Cookbook‘s matcha pancake recipe gives you all the fluffy goodness of Japanese pancakes but with a hint of earthy, bitter matcha powder.

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Greek Pancakes

Similar to Greek doughnuts, Greek pancakes, or tiganites, are round and fried. Many Greeks believe that Greek pancakes were the first documented pancake recipe in the world! Mia Kouppa recommends serving her recipe with either honey drizzled on top, with mizithra cheese or just as is.

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Dutch Pancakes

In Holland, savory pancakes are all the rage. You’ll find many pannenkoekenhuis, or pancake houses, throughout the country that serve them. This Dutch pancake recipe from Cooking My Dreams is heavenly with its melted cheese, sauteed onions and smoky bacon flavors.

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Don’t get them confused with Dutch baby pancakes!

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English Pancakes

English pancakes are enjoyed all throughout the year, but especially on Shrove Tuesday (or Fat Tuesday in the United States). As it’s the start of the Lenten season, pancakes are usually made to use up any extra eggs and butter. Easy Cheesy Vegetarian recommends serving these pancakes the traditional way: With a generous squeeze of lemon juice.

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German Pancakes

In pfannkuchen (Geman pancakes) you’ll find a surprising ingredient: carbonated water! This gives the pancakes their fluffy texture and light acidic taste. If you’re out of carbonated water, My German Table recommends adding more milk to his recipe instead. German pancakes are served in both sweet and savory variations. A common savory dish that uses up German pancakes is fladlesuppe, or German pancake soup.

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