Our Picks for the Best Amazon Halloween Decorations

Boo! These Amazon Halloween decorations are perfect for spooky season—and they won't break the bank!

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Halloween House

Deck out your home this Halloween with this so-cute-it’s-spooky Department 56 house. It’s as nostalgic as your annual Christmas village, and it’s the homey way to pull together classic and creepy. How cute! Know someone who loves spooky season? Check out these amazing Halloween gift ideas.

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Ceramic Halloween Tree

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with ceramic trees. And this Halloween version—decked out in black, purple and orange—is the cutest way to bring retro flair to your home. Try it as an eerie addition to a coffee table, mantle or shelf. Find more Halloween tree inspiration.

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Festive Pumpkin Lights

Instead of the usual plain twinkle lights, these fun pumpkin lights are ready to be strung up around your home. Choose from a variety of flashing modes and brightness levels—all of which you can control with the included remote. Creep out your guests in the most delicious way possible with these Halloween cookie recipes.

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Haunted House Pop-Up Card

Displaying greeting cards is a cute and affordable way to add seasonal spirit to your home. And this pop-up haunted house card is a work of art. It’s loaded with intricate details, mischievous characters and all-around fun. Plus, this card makes a great Halloween gift for kids!

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Black Cat Lawn Signs

If you’re going for extra-spooky decor, these black cat signs are a bad omen. The set includes three prowling cat silhouettes, plus six stakes. If no trick-or-treaters knock on your door, you’ll know why. Find more epic Halloween decorations.

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3D Bats
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3-D Bats

Pop these easy-to-apply 3-D bats on any surface for a fun and textured decal. These “flying” PVC bats come in four sizes and styles that are easy to arrange, and would look amazing behind a dessert buffet featuring this bat cake.

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Spiderweb Doormat

Enter—if you dare. This subtle coir spiderweb doormat is a great addition to your front porch, especially when paired with an oversized spider or two. Complete the look with faux webs. Check out our recipe for Brownie Spiders, too!

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Posable Skeletons Set

These two spell trouble. You’ll have so much fun posing, hanging and even dressing up this skeleton set year after year. They’re a timeless addition to your Halloween collection!

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Spooky Mantle Scarf

Amazon Halloween decorations don’t get much more versatile than this spiderweb scarf. Drape it across your mantle…or a buffet table…or your front door—the options are endless!

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Flickering Candles

Capture the eerie glow of candles without worrying about a live flame. This battery-operated 3-pack features three sinister scenes, and each candle includes a built-in timer.

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Coffin-Shaped Letterboard

Swap your everyday letterboard for this coffin-shaped version. You’ll receive 500 characters for spelling out your favorite spooky phrases, like “Something wicked this way comes” or “Hocus Pocus! I need candy to focus.”

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Halloween Pillowcases

One of our favorite space-saving holiday hacks? Use pillow covers! The cases are much easier to store than standalone holiday pillows. And for Halloween, we’re smitten with this four-pack that includes references to Salem, Sleepy Hollow and other spooky stories.

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Vintage Skull Art Prints

‘Til death do us part! We love this dapper skull artwork set printed on vintage dictionary pages. It’s the perfect blend of classic and creepy.

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