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Our Favorite Finds from the December 2018 Issue

From fun tote bags to clever casserole carriers and beyond, here are the kitchen tools, cookware and just plain fun stuff featured in Taste of Home's December 2018 issue.

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4-Sided Copper Box Grater

Copper’s super on-trend right now, and it’s quickly making its way back into the kitchen. This copper box grater ($8) grates and slices cheese, veggies, spices and more with ease, and includes an acacia wood handle and silicone base to keep it from slipping.

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Fancy Panz Portable Casserole Serveware

This handy casserole carrier protects potluck goodies on the go. Fancy Panz Portable Casserole Serveware ($20) keeps casseroles from getting crushed en route, and when it’s time to serve, just pop out the clear plastic lid so guests can dig in to their delight.

And if you’re looking for anything to serve it in, these 35 Tried-and-True 13×9 Casseroles would perk up any potlucker.

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Que Collapsible Water Bottle

Make hydration on-the-go easier than ever with this genius collapsable water bottle. The 20-ounce bottle ($26) has a unique spiral design to help it easily collapse down, so once you’ve quenched your thirst, you can tuck it into your bag without adding bulk.

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Bando Grapefruit Cooler Bag

Tote drinks to the beach or stash your workout gear in style with this sweet insulated cooler bag ($32). Even on an overcast day, you can’t help but feel sunny just looking at it.

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Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet

This does-it-all seasoned carbon steel skillet ($40) cooks just like cast-iron, but it so much lighter weight. It’s your go-to pan for stir-frys, searing steaks, sizzling up the best grilled cheese and so much more.

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Spice Grinder

Fresh-ground spices take tonight’s dinner to the next level. And this pretty-in-pink spice grinder ($35) makes creating your own blends a breeze. Try using it with these 10 essential spices every cook should have.

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Le Petit Chef Complete Box Set

For pint-sized chefs who are just getting started in the kitchen, this three-piece kids’ knifeware set ($49) is the perfect bet. The sized-right chef’s knife and peeler are fit right into small hands, and the handy finger guards ensure they stay safe as they slice.

Get children excited about cooking with these easy recipes that kids can help make.

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5-Quart Ceramic Bowl

Give your favorite stand mixer a chic companion with this sturdy KitchenAid patterned ceramic bowl ($110). Aside from being just plain pretty, the bowl is freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven -safe. Not to mention, it’s pretty handy for whipping up some of these 100 amazing contest-winning desserts.

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Cedar Grilling Wraps

These cedar grilling wraps ($14) make infusing meats and veggies with smoky, cedar-y flavor a whole lot easier than using planks. You can use them on the grill or in the oven, so give them in a try when you make these Cedar Plank Stuffed Portobellos.

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Walnut Wood Ladle

Yes, soup for you! Scoop it in style with this gorgeous walnut wood ladle from Williams Sonoma ($36). And use it to serve up any of these deliciously easy soup recipes.

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Juice Bruce Lemon Squeezer

You won’t want to stash this happy little citrus reamer ($14) away—it’s too cute! Use it to make homemade lemonade or squeeze fresh lime juice onto tasty fish tacos.

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Better Than Everything Bagel Spice

Made with sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onion, rosemary, smoked sea salt, brown mustard seed, dill seed and fennel seed, this irresistible spice blend ($8) tastes just like an everything bagel! Sprinkle it on anything from grilled meat to roasted veggies to eggs and fresh-baked bread.

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Brunch Candle

With notes of warm citrus, fresh roses and a splash of chardonnay, this lovely Wax Cabin candle ($20) smells just like your favorite weekend get-together with the girls.

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Mini Round Cocotte

This itsy bitsy bakeware is almost too cute to cook with! But once you load the mini round cocotte ($25) with perfectly portioned sizes of mac and cheese, French onion soup or shepherd’s pie, you’ll dig right in—and still have room for dessert!

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Stovetop Popcorn Popper

This matte black popcorn popper ($30) is the perfect gift for your binge-watching buddy who knows there’s no better movie-night snack than fresh popcorn made on the stovetop.

Never had it the old-fashioned way? Here’s how to make popcorn on the stovetop.

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Striped Tray

The versatility of this coated-linen tray ($38) makes it perfect for entertainers. Use it to stylishly corral cocktails and serve up snacks, and after the party’s over, it helps make cleanup a snap.

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Cork Trivets

These thick IKEA cork trivets ($6) are thick enough to save surfaces from scorching under hot pots and pans. Plus, they’re a real steal, so stock up for everyone on your list!

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Three-In-One Coffeemaker

This versatile manual coffeemaker ($140) brews up three styles of coffee with a simple snap of hardware. It’s perfect for java junkies who constantly switch between a smooth mug of French press and a cold brew on a hot day.

Brew up a fresh pot, then use it to make any of these coffee-kissed desserts.

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Monin Gourmet Flavoring Collection

Speaking of coffee, if you like yours with a boost of flavor, this gourmet flavored syrup set will amp up your cup of joe any way you like! With flavors like amaretto, toasted hazelnut, Irish cream and caramel, it’s stocked with gourmet classics to give your coffee some kick.

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Tatu Gold Tray Set

Display sauces, nuts, spices and more in this gorgeous olive wood tray trio. It’s got just a touch of gold to glam up any dinner party.

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Covington Basket

Corral your cookbook or magazine collection in this oversized mango wood basket. It’s also great for bundling up blankets, rounding up toys or keeping odds and ends from spilling all over the house.

Don’t have a collection yet? Subscribe to Taste of Home magazine and get yours started today.

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Slow Feed Dog Bowl

The built-in ceramic bone in this sleek dog bowl ($32) doesn’t just look cute—it promotes slower eating. That’s a great thing for Fido’s digestion!

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Coco the Elephant Chew Toy

Keep your pup happy and healthy. As your pal nibbles away on the adorable elephant chew toy ($13), the vegetable-dyed rope acts as doggie dental floss!

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Let’s Make Some Great Placemat Art

Keep kids (and fidgety adults) busy at the dinner table with these fun activity-filled placemats ($14) that double as doodle pads. But before you give the go-ahead to start creating, fill ’em up with any of these 100 kid-approved meals.

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Hand-Dipped Serving Spoons

These gold-dipped serving spoons give even simple salads like these the Midas touch. They instantly make any dinner feel more elegant.

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Fattoria Grey Medium Rectangular Baker

This lovely oven-to-table baker ($65) is perfect for those who are drawn to farmhouse-chic style. It makes any dish feel fancy, including these comforting casseroles that would be perfect for Sunday dinners.

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6.5-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet

This mini cast-iron skillet ($8) makes scaled-down servings of your favorite recipes, like just-for-you chocolate chunk blondies, perfect-portioned deep dish pizza and a bitty-sized Dutch baby.

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Triple Rivet Collection 2-Piece Knife Set

This set with a 5.5″ utility knife and a 3.5″ paring knife ($15) makes the perfect do-it-all duo. Use the utility knife to cut through a big, juicy steak, and the paring knife to segment citrus for a showstopping salad.

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Staub Ceramic 13×9” Rectangular Baking Dish

This heavy-duty baking dish ($70) is as hardworking as it is beautiful. It’s ready to bring your best-ever lasagna from the oven to the table in a breeze.

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Heirloom Blush B&B Dinner Plate

Give your table a touch of blush with these simply chic dinner plates ($58). The twice-fired premium china is perfect for elegant dinner parties, but simple enough to  mix and match with everyday dishware.

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Hand Knit Organic Cotton Scrub Cloths

These simple hand-knit cotton scrub cloths ($15 for 3) let you scrub deep without scratching counters, leather, stainless steal or even textured walls. 

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Natural Mango Wood Board with Round Handles

Meal prep never felt prettier than when you’re slicing and dicing on this mango wood board ($60). Make it do double duty and use it as a stunning cheese board at your next party.

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General Store Milk Shake Glasses

Throw an ice cream social and give it an adorably retro feel with these vintage-style milk shake glasses ($20 for 4). From ice cream sundaes to Strawberry-Cream Floats, anything seems even sweeter in these nostalgic glasses.

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Goldtouch Nonstick Mini Loaf Pans

Make little loaves for gifting—or just for you—with these marvelous mini loaf pans ($29 for 4). They’re designed to promote even baking and browning of quick breads and mini cakes, plus they release baked goods with ease and clean up in seconds.

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Pink Marble Cutting Board

We admit—this pink marble cutting board ($38) is almost too pretty to use. You can keep it out in your kitchen for decorative purposes, but it would help make a stunning cheeseboard presentation, too.

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Placemat Spezzato—Quarso Rosa

This two-toned placemat ($14) is made of waxed paper, which is both water and stain resistant. It’s an easy way to add just a touch of femininity to your table setting.

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Small Ceramic Bowl

These beautiful ceramic pinch bowls ($25) work in the kitchen or as storage for small items around the house. They’re the perfect size for holding measured ingredients as you prep your meal.

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Cherry & Walnut End Grain Board

Handmade in Arizona, this stunning end-grain cutting board ($150) is more than just a looker. The end-grain style helps hides knife marks between the wood fibers, keeping the board looking new for longer then long-grain cutting boards.

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