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The Craziest New Year’s Eve Food Drops Across the Country

Sure, New York has the ball drop in Times Square, but you've probably never heard of these food drops across America.

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Happy New Year champagne toast couple in Times Square New York CityShutterstock / lazyllama

Ringing in the New Year has become synonymous with watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and waiting for the ball to drop in New York City. The rest of the country has taken this time-honored tradition and brought it to the next level with some of the most outrageous “food drops” you’ve never heard of. While there’s no denying that the dropping of the giant crystal ball in New York beckons the country to celebrate, we love the quirky twists on this New Year’s Eve tradition. Check out some of these can’t-miss celebrations on Dec. 31. A giant potato drop? The potato-lover in me says yes, please. (Then check out our favorite spud dishes!)

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Slices of fresh watermelon on bamboo board, from above. Top view. Copy space.; Shutterstock ID 1129654364; Job (TFH, TOH, RD, BNB, CWM, CM): Taste of HomeLiudmyla Chuhunova/Shutterstock

Watermelon Drop

Vincennes, Indiana

Instead of a platform for the ball to drop, the good people of Indiana have aptly named the pedestal for the watermelon drop the “splatform.” Watermelons fall at midnight to mark the beginning of a new year, but why this fruit? Vincennes is a major player in national watermelon production, so we suppose this is more appropriate to drop than a crystal ball!

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Carly Erickson/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

MoonPie Drop

Mobile, Indiana

Don’t get too excited all you moon pie lovers, this is not a real moon pie but a 600-pound electronic version. We have to admit, however, that 600 pounds of this dessert would certainly make everyone happy on New Year’s Day.

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Four glass jars with pickled cucumbersShutterstock / Tanechka

Pickle Drop

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

The name of this town is deceiving: The location actually doesn’t have any special association with pickles. But we can’t deny that this is a fun place to have a ceremonial dunking of a pickle into a barrel (see which pickle brand was a slam dunk for us). Followed by some incredible fireworks, this food drop is certainly on our list of New Year’s Eve destinations.

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LI Cook/Shutterstock

Giant Idaho Potato Drop

Boise, Idaho

A beloved 400-pound GlowTato is dropped ceremoniously on New Year’s Eve in, contain your shock, Idaho. Spuddy Buddy, the electronic potato that signals the end of the year, is the main event. But we wouldn’t be opposed to copious amounts of fries being served as well.

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Shutterstock / Julie Clopper

Giant Peep Drop

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Home to Peeps, the marshmallow candy we all know and love (and, in our case, make cake from!), Bethlehem doesn’t just drop a 4-foot-tall glowing Peep. The Peeps drop is the highlight of a two-day event known as Peepsfest. This is a food drop you can turn into a family vacation, with plenty of activities for the kids.

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Wild common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Wild life animal.Shutterstock / Vladimir Wrangel

A (Real) Carp Drop

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

For several years, Prairie du Chien drops a dead carp to ring in the New Year. The weeklong celebration known as Carp Fest takes this city’s love for fish to new heights. The drop is one of the strangest to grace our list.

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Martini cocktail in glass with olives at the bottom on dark wooden background top view.9dream studio/Shutterstock

Olive Drop

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

The lowering of a huge olive into a martini glass at midnight is a celebration we can all get behind. Oklahomans take a 1920s theme approach to celebrating New Year’s Eve, complete with flapper attire, music and, of course, specialty cocktails (don’t worry—we have you covered with our favorites).

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Ripe peaches in basket on wooden backgroundAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

Peach Drop

Atlanta, Georgia

Boasted as the largest New Year’s celebration in the Southeast, Atlanta welcomes tens of thousands of patrons to watch the giant peach drop. At more than 800 pounds, this (fake) peach is certainly a sight to behold on New Year’s Eve. We’re sure that it’ll have you craving peaches, so we’ll start you off with some mouthwatering recipes.

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Shutterstock / HandmadePictures

200 Pounds Of Bologna Drop

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a knack for choosing strange food drops, but 200 pounds of bologna? That has to be the strangest in the state! Don’t fret, though. All of this lunch meat will not go to waste. Once the bologna has been dropped at the celebration, it’s donated to help feed those in need.

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Shutterstock / Nopporn Yanyong

Bunch of Grapes Drop

Temecula, California

What else did you expect the heart of wine country to drop? Consisting of 36 spheres and measuring 8 feet long, this foodie drop has special significance to California.

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