What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

Here's what she really wants for Mother's Day—as picked by real mommas, aunties and grandmas. We've got ideas for kids of any age to gift their mom.

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Mother´s Day Two Children Surprise Their Mother With Breakfast In Modern Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Wake mom up to a plate piled high with melt-in-your-mouth French toast. She won’t need an alarm to start the day when there’s bacon sizzling on the stove! (Or any of these extra-special recipes for the perfect breakfast-in-bed spread.) The make-ahead Mother’s Day brunch recipes are perfect for the mama bird who’s an early riser.

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mothers day gifts they actually want Kwanwa Recordable Picture Seconds Recording
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Recordable Picture Frame

We all know that kids grow up too fast, and sometimes, a picture just doesn’t cut it. Cherish their little voices forever with a recordable picture frame.

If you’re sending your gift this year, check out our guide to Mother’s Day gifts that ship directly to her.

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Diy Spa Day Decor
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Spa Day

Treat her like the queen she is on her special day. Pamper mom head to toe with one of these relaxing spa gifts. Or better yet, make one of these DIY bath products for her! Most of which you can make with pantry items. (For more thoughtful ideas, consider personalized Mother’s Day gifts.)

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Mother with daughter hiking
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A Hike

After spending the winter bundled up indoors, mom just really wants to go out and enjoy the fresh air. And if the weather permits, lay down a gingham blanket and snack on some picnic foods.

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mothers day gifts they actually want Mr Coffee Warmer Office
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Coffee Mug Warmer

Moms are busy gals (and busy gals certainly need their cup of coffee in the morning). This mug warmer will be her saving grace when she’s dashing out the door to drive the kids to school in the morning or when she needs to keep her mug warm for a long meeting at work.

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Maskot/Getty Images

A Clean House

You know what they say, “A clean home is a happy home.” And for busy moms, it’s really as simple as that. Have the kids pitch in and make it a family affair. This age-appropriate kid’s chore chart is a good place to start with little ones. If you’re hoping to find some gifts to wrap, check out our guide to kitchen gifts for mom.

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Girl Hugging Her Dog

Pet Adoption Gift Certificate

Perfect for empty nesters! Pitch in a couple of bucks to help your mom get a new furry friend. Your dad will thank you, too.

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Paper Plate Sun Craft
TMB studio

Homemade Gifts

Whip out the markers and construction paper! Moms everywhere still can’t get enough of homemade crafts and cards. I know I still stumble upon the watercolor paintings and crayon scribble drawings I made my mom. If she’s a foodie, these Mother’s Day food gifts will melt her heart, too.

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The Museum Of Flight

Trip to the Museum

Spend the day exploring a local museum, zoo or aquarium. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll learn something along the way. If you can’t make it out to a museum this year, try one of these virtual tours instead.

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African American family watching television together - new years activities for kids
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Uninterrupted Time

No phones, no distractions. Just family time spent doing something she loves. Because at the end of the day, mom just wants to spend her day with the people she loves most: you! (Although, a bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers never hurt.)

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