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7 Beautiful Starbucks Locations That Don’t Look Like a Traditional Cafe

You might think all Starbucks stores look the same—but that's not the case. The company has designed some truly beautiful Starbucks cafes around the world.

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery in TokyoCourtesy Starbucks

Tokyo, Japan

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo fits perfectly into its location, with glass windows and terraced floors. It’s even situated in a way that lets visitors see nearby cherry trees with ease. Inside, you’ll find uniquely Japanese touches, like an origami ceiling. FYI: Starbucks Japan sells special merch for cherry blossom season.

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Starbucks Boulevard Des Capucines Paris Courtesy Starbucks

Paris, France: Boulevard des Capucines

This Paris Starbucks is located in a building that dates back to the 17th century. The brass balustrades, the timber flooring and the bespoke furniture might make you think you’re in a high-end French eatery. Don’t forget to check out the original ceiling murals!

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Starbucks in Amsterdam Courtesy Starbucks

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: The Bank

This beautiful Starbucks is built on the site of a historic bank. It shows off Amsterdam’s history, with frescoes of Holland in the 18th century. The space isn’t stuck in the past, though. It has stages and podiums on several levels ready to host literary salons, poetry readings and gatherings.

Speaking of history, this is how the Starbucks logo developed over the years.

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Starbucks at The University of Washington’s Suzzallo LibraryCourtesy Starbucks

Seattle, Washington: The University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library

The Suzzallo Library dates back to 1926, so Starbucks made sure to preserve the building’s original elements. The ornate stained glass windows and doors with mesmerizing iron scrollwork can’t be missed. But the highlight of the whole space is a 40-foot sculpture that shows the journey of the many hands involved in making your coffee, from bean to cup.

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Starbucks in Washington Dc Capitol HillCourtesy Starbucks

Washington, D.C: Capitol Hill

You can’t have a store in the beating heart of America’s political system without adding elements of history to it. The Starbucks at Capitol Hill features locally sourced wood and exposed red brick walls, inspired by the row houses found around the neighborhood. It plays host to plenty of staffers, lobbyists and even politicians. It’s also near the one Starbucks where a barista will never ask for your name.

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Starbucks in Guadalajara Courtesy Starbucks

Guadalajara, Mexico: Andares

This store brings the region’s local crafts to life, adding vibrant textures and colors to the otherwise soft interior of the store. The design aims to replicate the brightly colored storefronts of the city of Guadalajara—and it definitely delivers. The crowning glory of the most beautiful Starbucks in Mexico? The handcrafted borlas (hanging threads) created by local artisans.

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Starbucks in MaltaCourtesy Starbucks

Valletta, Malta

Starbucks’ first store on the island of Malta features bright lime green doors, echoing the colorful doors found around the capital city of Valletta. The doors were well-known by sailors who crossed the Mediterranean and are now beloved by locals and tourists alike. Learn how the name “Starbucks” is inspired by a seafaring character.

Amrita Thakkar
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