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15 Comfort Foods Miranda Lambert Loves

Texas-born country singer Miranda Lambert unashamedly loves comfort food! Here are 15 of her favorite things to eat.

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Miranda Lambert in concertShutterstock / Rick Diamond/REX

Country music sensation Miranda Lambert has several go-to dishes she loves. Just like Dolly Parton, it’s all about the comfort food! From easy peanut butter cookies to her mom’s meatloaf, here are 15 of Miranda’s most-requested meals.

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Mac & CheeseTaste of Home

Mac & Cheese

“When in doubt, fry it or add cheese,” Miranda told us. That’s a pretty good motto and proof enough that she must love some macaroni and cheese! (Read our interview with Miranda here.)

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Peanut Butter PieTaste of Home

Peanut Butter Pie

One dessert Ms. Lambert excels at making is peanut butter pie. She opts for an old-fashioned recipe, using cornstarch and egg yolks to thicken the peanut buttery filling. We think she’d love our version, too.

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Fried PicklesTaste of Home

Fried Pickles

Fried dill pickles are an appetizer this Southern gal can’t pass up. That’s one thing she’s got in common with Elvis Presley!

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Meat LoafTaste of Home

Meat Loaf

Miranda has made it known that her favorite dish is her mom’s meat loaf, which includes beef, pork and saltine cracker crumbs. Every year, it’s what she requests as a birthday treat! (Along with this cake, we hope.)

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GameTaste of Home


As an enthusiastic hunter, Miranda probably has no shortage of venison in her freezer. This hearty stew would be a great use for it.

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Corn CasseroleTaste of Home

Corn Casserole

Corn casserole is a Southern classic, and Miranda makes hers uniquely delicious by incorporating macaroni and Velveeta, though she would undoubtedly agree that any cheese would do.

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Ranch DressingTaste of Home

Ranch Dressing

Miranda has said that she really only likes vegetables when there’s ranch dressing on them, so she’s got to have a great recipe for homemade ranch.

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EnchiladasThe musical "Waitress"


Another dish her mother cooks that “can stand up against anybody’s” is enchiladas. It’s no surprise this Texas gal loves such a great Tex-Mex dish.

Tex-Mex might be the best cuisine–here’s our proof!

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Peanut Butter CookiesTaste of Home

Peanut Butter Cookies

Miranda must be a peanut butter fan–her go-to recipe when she needs a quick treat is flourless peanut butter cookies. She calls them Magic, and they certainly are! Just add 1 tsp. vanilla to make her version.

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VenisonTaste of Home


The singer loves venison so much, it was served at her wedding to Blake Shelton in 2011. This is a woefully underused protein.

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Cheese PizzaTaste of Home

Cheese Pizza

Given her love of cheese, it’s no surprise that Miranda’s favorite dish at Winners, a restaurant in Nashville, is cheese pizza. When she’s on the go, these pizza rolls would surely delight her, too!

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Barbecue SauceTaste of Home

Barbecue Sauce

Beer is the secret ingredient in Miranda’s mom’s barbecue sauce. It must be tasty on everything, including grilled steak.

See what beer you should be using in your sauce.

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Cereal TreatsTaste of Home

Cereal Treats

Like many of us, Ms. Lambert still loves cereal treats even as an adult. Though Froot Loops are a favorite, her love of peanut butter leads us to believe she’d be a fan of these treats, too.

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Fluff SaladTaste of Home

Fluff Salad

Cherry salad is an old-school potluck dish that Miranda makes using whipped topping, condensed milk, cherry pie filling and crushed pineapple. This fluff is similar and surely as yummy!

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Chicken-Fried VenisonTaste of Home

Chicken-Fried Venison

Miranda says her father makes a great chicken-fried venison, so he’d probably ace the preparation of a chicken-fried steak too.

Grace Mannon
Grace is a full-time mom with a Master's degree in Food Science. She loves to experiment in the kitchen and writes about her hits (and misses) on her blog, A Southern Grace.

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