8 Marzipan Candy Recipes

There are lots of marzipan candy recipes out there—but we've gathered only the best ones for your holiday sweet-making.

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Marzipan Almond Paste

The Daring Gourmet starts at the beginning with her recipe for marzipan almond paste. You’ll want to master the basics—then move on to her easy marzipan candy recipes (like Chocolate Marzipan Truffles).

Need the basics? Read our guide on Marzipan 101 here.

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Marzipan Fruits and Vegetables

Who says it’s impossible to get your fruits and vegetables in during the holidays? What a Girl Eats has recipes for adorable garden veggies to use as a colorful “healthy” garnish.

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“Almond Joy”

Smitten Kitchen’s version of “Almond Joy” has nothing to do with coconut, but everything to do with almond. These li’l marzipan nuggets are dipped in chocolate for the perfect mouthful.

Psst… Thinking about real Almond Joys now? Here’s how to make our copycat version.

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Chocolate Truffles

How can you improve on the flavor of marzipan? Add chocolate! A Sweet Spoonful’s Marzipan Dark chocolate truffles add a sophisticated touch to a marzipan treat. Serve with an extravagant holiday platter full of truffles.

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Orchard Fruit

Hilah Cooking’s marzipan fruit looks like it’s fresh-picked from a mini orchard. Her directions will help you perfect the colors for apples and pears.

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Marzipan Carrots

The adorable marzipan carrots from Kudos Kitchen are a prefect treat to leave for reindeer with a sweet tooth. (I’m looking at you, Blitzen!) To really spoil Santa’s team, use the carrots to garnish one of our carrot cake-inspired desserts.

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Clean Eating Marzipan

If you’re trying to stick to clean eating, don’t despair—there’s a marzipan for you, too. The Gracious Pantry uses blanched almonds, powdered coconut sugar, almond extract and water to create a low-carb treat.

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Honey Marzipan

Masala Herb adds honey to the mix with its marzipan candy recipe. Helene Dsouza also uses whole almonds (with peel!) and a drop of rosewater in her marzipan for a subtle twist on the classic treat. (Helene offers a classic marzipan recipe, too.)

P.S. Here’s the difference between marzipan, fondant and almond paste.

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