6 Low-Carb Ice Creams You Need on Your Radar

There's no need to put ice cream on the chopping block when you're cutting down on carbs. We rounded up six low-carb ice creams so you don't have to hesitate before picking up a pint.

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low carb ice creams Rebel Ice Cream Cookie Dough 2
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Rebel Ice Cream

Since a ketogenic diet is centered around eating fewer carbs and more fat, anything labeled “keto” is going to be a great bet when looking for low-carb ice creams.

Luckily, every product that Rebel Ice Cream creates is keto, so you don’t have to check the label every time you purchase a pint from them. Each of the 21 flavors is sweetened with monk fruit, chicory root and erythritol, including butter pecan, orange cream and cookie dough.

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low carb ice creams Halo Top Keto Banana Cream Pie Frozen Dessert Pint 16 Fl Oz
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Halo Top Keto Series

One of the most popular low-calorie ice cream brands also offers a line of keto pints. So far, every flavor besides vanilla bean is new to Halo Top, so even if you aren’t looking specifically for low-carb ice creams, you may want to place an order to try flavors like jelly donut or banana cream pie just for kicks. With each pint being high in protein, low in carbs and low in calories, I’d even consider eating this as a post-workout treat.

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low carb ice creams Breyers Carb Smart Vanilla Frozen Dairy Dessert 48oz
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Breyers Carb Smart

Available at many retailers and grocery stores across the country, this reliable ice cream brand can also be counted on for low-carb ice creams. The Breyers Carb Smart line has six flavors and is available in tubs, pints and bars, so you can choose to enjoy your low-carb treat on a spoon or a stick.

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Low Carb Ice Creams
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N!ck’s Swedish Ice Cream

This Swedish brand of light ice cream prides itself on no added sugars by leaning on sweet corn fibers, birch sugar (xylitol), monk fruit, and erythritol for sweetness. Amazon offers N!ck’s in variety packs only, so you get to try flavors like Peanöt Butter Cup, Sälta Karamell and Cookies and Kräm all at once.

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low carb ice creams Enlightened Ice Cream Velvet Ounce
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Enlightened Keto Ice Cream

With a base of cream and eggs, you can count on a rich and velvety texture in each of Enlightened’s Keto Ice Cream pints. A few of the 10 flavors include coffee and cream, chocolate-glazed doughnut and ice cream cake—but most impressive is red velvet, coming in at 1 gram of net carbs per serving.

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low carb ice creams Arctic Zero Non Dairy Desserts Classic
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Arctic Zero

Frozen desserts from Arctic Zero cover most of the dietary bases: vegan (and therefore dairy-free), gluten-free and nut-free. But Arctic Zero also has the lowest calories per pint I’ve ever seen: The vanilla favor has just 160 per container, thanks to its faba bean and water base. Not surprisingly, the carb count is low too.

Find more vegan ice creams here.

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