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You Know You’re From the Midwest If You’ve Tried All These Foods

What could be more Midwestern than hot dishes, cheese curds, custard and corn? See how many Midwest dishes and treats you can check off the list!

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Midwestern Runza Pies

Adapted from Russian and German recipes brought to the midwest by immigrants, these cabbage and meat hand pies are incredibly popular in Nebraska and Kansas. This recipe is so good, you’ll think it’s from the Runza Restaurant!

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Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

Chicagoans pride themselves on their deep, cheese-filled pizzas.
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St. Louis Toasted Ravioli

A favorite appetizer in St. Louis, these delectable bites were invented by accident!

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Grilled Beer Brats With Kraut Exps117571 Th2847293c12 12 4bc 3

Grilled Beer Brats with Kraut

Grilled up fresh, these brats and sauerkraut are the perfect snack while tailgating your favorite sports garme.
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Raspberry Custard Kuchen

This German dessert has a tradition of being handed down from generation to generation across the German settlements in Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.
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Kansas City-Style Ribs

Kansas City is infamous for their barbecue, and this recipe bring all the tasty flavor. Just don’t forget the napkins!
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State Fair Subs

State fairs are a staple across the midwest. Particularly for the massive meaty, cheesy sandwiches, like this one.
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Michigan Cherry Pie Exps Ppp18 68210 B04 13  2b 3

Michigan Cherry Pie

Michigan tart cherries are distributed across the country. But in the Great Lake State, cherries are best when baked into a sweet and flaky pie.
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Michigan Dog

Believe it or not, the coney island-style dog is so popular in Michigan, each major city in the state has its own special way to make it.
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Almond Coconut Kringles Exps88061 Thca2449046a01 31 4bc Rms 3

Wisconsin Kringles

It’s impossible to think of kringles without thinking of Racine, Wisconsin. The Danish treat is such a favorite, it is the official dessert of Wisconsin.
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Homemade Polish Pierogi

With a high population of Polish Americans settled in the midwest, traditional dishes like pierogies are common in Midwestern metropolitan areas.
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Grilled Corn on the Cob

The largest producer of corn in the United States is Iowa, where over 30 million acres of land is used to cultivate the veggie.
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Sugar Cream Pie Exps Ghbz18 58705 E08 15 2b 7

Sugar Cream Pie

Regardless of if you call it a sugar cream pie or a Hoosier cream pie, you have to agree, this pie is amazing.
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Walking Tacos Exps101359 Th143192c02 11 3bc Rms 4

Walking Tacos

Watching a little league while eating a walking taco is truly a perfect Midwestern afternoon.
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Sauerkraut Hot Dish

Whether it’s cooked up for a family gathering or just a weeknight dinner, hot dishes are the unofficial mascot of the Midwest.
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Cincinnati-Style Chili

You can’t visit Ohio without a hearty bowl of this spaghetti, onion and cheese chili.
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Chicago Style Hot Giardiniera Exps Ftmz19 168923 E03 05 4b Rms 4

Chicago-Style Hot Giardiniera

This condiment is so popular in Chicago, residents put it on their pizza, beef sandwiches and eggs!
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Old-Time Frozen Custard

Kopp’s, Leon’s or Gilles, Wisconsin is the frozen custard capital of the midwest.
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Midwest Mary

In the Midwest, Bloody Marys decked out with meats, cheeses and veggies are works of art.
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These chocolate covered potato chips are a staple in North Dakota.
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Breaded Pork Tenderloin

Indiana, Iowa and Illinois argue over who has the best breaded pork. Whether you have it as a sandwich, or the tenderloin alone, you can’t go wrong.
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Deep Fried Cheese Bites Exps149794 Th2377560a02 29 3b Rms 7

Cheese Curds

Proper cheese curds should squeak as they’re chewed, but they’re best when deep-fried!
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Stovetop Goulash Exps165379 Sd2856494c12 04 4bc Rms 4

Stovetop Goulash

This quick and easy dish, sometimes called slumgullion, only has 2 ingredients (beef and paprika) in common with its Hungarian namesake.
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Knoephla Soup

This traditional German soup is full of tiny dumplings, and is especially popular in in Minnesota and the Dakotas.
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Stuffed Iowa Chops

Pork and corn; what could be more Iowan?
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Classic Swedish Meatballs

Minnesota holds the title for the highest population of Swedish Americans, making this dish is a staple on many menus.
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Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs

The Wisconsin Bakers Association has been serving these treats at the Wisconsin State Fair since 1924. In recent years, more than 300,000 are sold each year.
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Blue Ribbon Butter Cake Exps Ghbz18 37065 B08 15 1b 33

Gooey Butter Cake

Invented by a baker in the 1930s, this moist cake is found in practically every bakery in St. Louis
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Freezer Sweet Corn Exps1165 Sd132778d04 16 15bc Rms 2

Freezer Sweet Corn

This recipe combines two midwest favorites, corn and canning!
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This peanut butter and chocolate treat is named after the mascot of Ohio State University.

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