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10 Kitchen Wedding Gifts That Couples Are Still Using Years Later

Here are the kitchen wedding gifts our Community Cooks are still using years after their wedding. In other words—here's what newlyweds truly need!

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Long-Lasting Cookwarevia

Long-Lasting Cookware

Whether couples are equipping their kitchen for the first time or upgrading a set of old pots and pans, a complete set of durable, well-constructed cookware ($899) is a welcome addition. It should be built to last in order to get the family through years of everyday meals.

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Set of wine glassesvia

A Set of Wine Glasses

If the duo likes to host family and friends, then this is a perfect gift. It’s also a nice way to upgrade that mismatched set in the cupboard. Just choose a classic set of wine glasses ($30) that will never go out of style.

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Mastering the Art of French Cookingvia

Starter Cookbooks

The couple will be making meals together, so cookbooks are a must-have. The Joy of Cooking ($25) is a staple that home cooks will reference for years to come; Mastering the Art of French Cooking ($23) will keep them on a years-long culinary adventure.

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Italian Whiteware Oval Plattervia

Serving Dishes

For any newly married folks, there’s likely a lot of entertaining on the horizon. But few people come into a marriage with serving bowls and platters. You can gift a durable, good-looking dish ($50) that will show off salads, pastas or roast chicken for years to come.

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Solid Cutting Boardvia

Solid Cutting Board

With the right kind of care, a natural wood cutting board ($115) can last for decades. It’s meant to be used, so look for a board made from Hard Rock Maple that will be both gorgeous and long-lasting.

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See more of the cutting boards from Amazon we recommend.

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Good Quality Knivesvia

Good Quality Knives

There’s no doubt that well-made knives are a valued part of the newlyweds’ kitchen. Instead of a bulky wood block full of blades they’ll rarely use, start them off with a beautiful set of the three basic sizes ($211) that every home cook needs: a chef’s knife, prep knife and paring knife.

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Digital Thermometer

This is a kitchen tool that every couple will use, but don’t know that they need. We’ve found a digital thermometer ($79) that’s indispensable when cooking roasts, baking bread, grilling meats or making a luscious caramel sauce.

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Dutch Ovenvia

Dutch Oven

This beautiful Dutch oven ($94) is much more than a pretty face. It’s a durable piece of enameled cast iron cookware the couple will have and use for decades.

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See how enameled cast iron stacks up against other cookware.

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Glass Mixing Bowlsvia

Glass Mixing Bowls

For many couples, mixing bowls get a lot of use in the years after a wedding making Sunday pancakes, tossing salads for parties and more. Gift the couple a quality set of nested bowls ($39). Be sure to choose a finish that will look great no matter what the kitchen decor!

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Pressure Cookervia

Pressure Cooker

One gift that couples married years ago say they wished they had asked for is a pressure cooker. This is now one of the most popular appliances, specifically an Instant Pot ($149). It’s multi-functional as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, egg cooker and a half-dozen other uses.

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