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9 Kitchen Tools Every Vegetarian Needs

Whether you're following a plant-based diet or simply trying out #MeatlessMonday, these vegetarian kitchen tools will make meal prep so much easier.

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Kale, Chard and Herb Strippervia

Kale, Chard and Herb Stripper

PSA: Kale can taste good (if you follow this step-by-step guide, that is). To help prep your greens, slide this herb stripper ($8) along the stems to effortlessly separate the leaves before washing and cutting them.

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Tofu Pressvia

Tofu Press

Every vegetarian (and vegan) knows the struggle that is getting enough protein. And tofu, when cooked correctly, is a nutritious way to do that. Use this press ($22) to squeeze out any excess water before whipping up one of these tasty tofu dishes.

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Mueller Spiralizervia

Mueller Spiralizer

Think spiralizers like this one ($24) are just for making zoodles? Think again. Here are all of the vegetables you didn’t know you can spiralize—and turn any meal into a low-carb dish filled with healthy antioxidants.

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OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicervia

OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

There are so many ways to get your avocado fix, whether it’s smeared on toast for brunch or mashed into your favorite guacamole. All you need is this multi-purpose gadget ($10), which can split, pit and slice the good-for-you green fruit.

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Vegetable Steamer Basketvia

Vegetable Steamer Basket

One of the easiest—and healthiest—ways to prepare vegetables is by steaming them. To do that, snag this stainless steel basket ($17) which sits right in your pot, then follow these directions to steam vegetables the right way.

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Hamilton Beach Juicervia

Hamilton Beach Juicer

Juicing is very trendy right now, and for good reason. Get a boost of antioxidants and vitamins by making a tasty beverage with this easy-to-use juice extractor ($55). Psst: Did you know that you can press your own juice without a juicer, too?

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Rocking Vegetable Choppervia

Rocking Vegetable Chopper

Make one of these vegetarian salads in half the time with this chef-approved chopper ($7). Simply place the leafy greens and veggies of your choosing on a cutting board, then rock the blade side-to-side to easily chop it all up.

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Ninja Food Chopper Express Chopvia

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop

The only thing standing between you and these healthy vegetarian recipes? Hours of painstakingly dicing and slicing your veggies by hand—until now, thanks to this chopper from Ninja ($20). You can mince, chop and even blend with the press of a button.

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Vegetable Peelervia

Vegetable Peeler

There are some fruits and veggies that you shouldn’t peel—but there are also some that you should. For those, you’ll want this best-selling peeler ($10) which has super sharp stainless steel blades and also doubles as a julienne tool for shredding.

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