9 Ways That Kimchi Benefits Your Health

You may know and love kimchi as one of your favorite spicy Korean pickled treats. But is kimchi good for you? Learn more about kimchi benefits below.

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Aids Digestion

Kimchi is a fermented food, meaning that it is loaded with healthy bacteria, including lactobacilli. When eaten, these bacteria help develop a healthy gut microbiome, essential to having healthy digestion. Plus, kimchi is loaded with fiber, which also supports good digestion. Learn more about the health benefits of fermentation.

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Boosts Immunity

The probiotics in kimchi also help with immunity which, according to this 2014 study, can help you fight off anything from the common cold to cancer. The ingredients in kimchi also help boost your immune system; red pepper and garlic are full of antioxidants helping your body to stay on defense when it comes to fighting disease.

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Improves Heart Health

Kimchi has also been found to help support a healthy heart. This study of young adults found that after seven days of eating kimchi, total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) had both decreased. See what other heart-smart foods you should always keep on hand.

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Reduces Inflammation

Given the antioxidant power of kimchi, it’s not surprising that a bite or two will help reduce inflammation throughout the body. Reducing inflammation is vital for supporting your immune system and keeping chronic illnesses, like heart disease and diabetes, at bay. Learn more about inflammation.

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Regulates Blood Sugar

The chemicals produced during the fermentation process combined with the antioxidant power of kimchi can have significant impact on blood sugar levels, regulation and insulin sensitivity. This can make a huge difference in symptoms for those with diabetes, as stated in this 2016 study. If you’re managing diabetes, check out these quick and easy diabetic-friendly recipes.

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Could Help with Weight Loss

Kimchi may also help in your weight loss journey. The diverse amount of healthy bacteria and fiber content can help curb food cravings. Plus, kimchi itself is a low-calorie food, helping to meet your daily goals.

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Keeps You Young

The huge antioxidant load kimchi carries makes a big difference when it comes to signs of aging. Antioxidants help slow the aging process and keeps you looking and feeling your most vibrant.

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Helps with Brain Health

By eating kimchi regularly and maintaining healthy gut bacteria, you may actually be helping to keep your brain in tiptop shape. Good gut health is associated with reduced inflammation in the brain and other parts of the nervous system.

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Could Reduce Allergy Symptoms

As if kimchi didn’t already have enough health benefits, it may even help with your allergy symptoms! Some of the strains of lactobacilli found in kimchi may help suppress an overactive respiratory response that many of us who suffer from allergies experience. This kimchi grilled cheese recipe can help you get started on enjoying all of the health benefits kimchi offers. Plus, see what other foods can help fight allergies.

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