14 Kids’ Charcuterie Boards Your Littles Will Love

Updated: Aug. 17, 2023

You'll have as much fun building these kids' charcuterie boards as your kiddos will have eating them.

We’ve got kids’ charcuterie boards for slumber parties, taco night, birthdays, after-school snack time and more! Get ready to own your title as the best parent ever.

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slumber party themed charcuterie board
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Slumber Party Board

Sleeping Bag Blondies are the stars of this kids’ charcuterie board. If you have the extra time to bake them, they’re perfectly on theme for a sleepover—but you could easily replace them with store-bought bars that match the rest of the sweet spread. Besides the blondies, this slumber party board has every pink, purple and blue candy you can think of from rock candy to gummy sharks to saltwater taffy. Looking for more snack ideas? Here’s our list of homemade sleepover snacks and treats.

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after school snack charcuterie board
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After-School Snack Board

Even the pickiest kiddo will go for this board. It begins with snackable fruits and veggies like grapes, carrots, celery, blueberries and clementines. Load it up with crunchy animal crackers, Goldfish, Teddy Grahams and pretzels, plus sliced cheese that’s more playful when shaped by cookie cutters. Provide a little protein by prepping our Ham Pickle Pinwheels ahead of time or include beef sticks instead.

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movie night themed charcuterie board
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Movie Night Board

Nothing says “cozy movie marathon” like a movie night snack board. Popcorn’s a must, so include three different kinds: cheddar popcorn, caramel corn and classic buttery kernels. Then load up on concession-stand classics like Twizzlers, Raisinets, M&M’s and Sour Patch Kids.

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make your own Ice cream sundae board
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Ice Cream Sundae Board

There’s nothing better than a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar. Our board includes classic toppings like hot fudge, sliced bananas, maraschino cherries, peanuts, whipped cream and sprinkles, but also more inventive options like mini pretzels and peanut butter cups, Oreos, pecan praline sauce, Sour Patch Kids and more. Serve several different kinds of ice cream, so kids can go for a different flavor with each scoop.

You could make your own homemade ice cream if you’ve got some extra time on your hands—or you need a reason to break out the ice cream maker.

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Smores Board
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S’mores Board

Fluffy marshmallows, Hershey’s chocolate and sturdy graham crackers are technically the only ingredients you need for a s’more—but why stop there? Go for the upgrade with a s’mores board. Along with grahams, offer chocolate chip cookies or Oreos; and give other chocolaty options like Reese’s cups. Provide peanut butter or Nutella to slather on the cracker (or cookie) for over-the-top decadence. Just don’t forget the skewers for ‘mallow roasting!

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breakfast charcuterie board with pancakes, fruit, and eggs
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Pancake Board

The perfect stack of flapjacks is different for everyone—whether it’s chock-full of chocolate chips, sprinkled with blueberries or simply topped with a slab of butter. By making this breakfast charcuterie board, each one of your kids can build their perfect plate of pancakes.

The only food you need to whip up ahead is your favorite pancake recipe. From there, you can choose what toppings, spreads and syrups to include.

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birthday dessert charcuterie board
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Birthday Board

If the birthday kid doesn’t like cake, a birthday charcuterie board is the perfect replacement. No one will miss the cake when you provide a slew of rainbow- and sprinkle-covered sweets like mini cupcakes, frosted animal crackers, birthday cake fudge and sugar cookies. Just make sure you write “Happy Birthday” on one of the cookies to drive the message home.

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French fries and dip board
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French Fry Board

How often do you get to enjoy not one, not two, but six kinds of french fries all at once? This french fry charcuterie board gives you and your kids the excuse (ahem, opportunity). You can include your favorite cuts of fries, but we went with waffle, curly, shoestring, crinkle, and sweet potato fries, plus Tater Tots. A healthy selection of dips and even a few toppings like shredded cheese, green onions and bacon bits are welcome additions to the starchy spread.

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Taco night board
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Taco Board

Take Taco Tuesday to new heights with a taco charcuterie board. Pile on the most basic taco fixin’s, like seasoned ground beef, shredded cheddar, chopped tomatoes and more, as well as fillings like carnitas and Cotija for grown-ups (or kids with more sophisticated taste).

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hot chocolate charcuterie board
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Hot Chocolate Board

Make a snow day even more magical for your littles by putting together a hot chocolate board full of out-of-the-ordinary toppings and pairings. They’ll love pouring warm milk over hot chocolate bombs to make them “explode” in their cups, but you can always pick up your favorite hot chocolate brand if you’d prefer to keep it simple. Finish the board with snowflake-shaped marshmallows, chocolate-covered Oreos, Pirouette cookies, gingersnaps and more wintry desserts to turn a simple cup of hot chocolate into a sweet treat.

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make your own pizza themed charcuterie board
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Pizza Board

Shake up pizza night with a pizza charcuterie board that lets everyone load their very own pie with favorite toppings. Include whatever ingredients your family will appreciate, whether that’s classic sausage and mozzarella or fixin’s for Hawaiian pizza. Make homemade pizza dough or pick up store-bought crusts to save time. 

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make your own caramel apple board
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Caramel Apple Board

While you can’t go wrong with a classic caramel apple, slicing up the fruit and providing several dips and toppings on a caramel apple board makes it not just a treat, but an experience. We included peanut butter and fluffy caramel apple dip with marshmallow creme in addition to regular caramel for dipping. Toppings span everything from mini chocolate chips to M&M’s, shredded coconut and Craisins. In addition, we’d recommend serving a few whole apples and providing some skewers just in case someone wants to dip a whole apple. However, if kids aren’t fans of apples altogether, they can create their dream dipped graham cracker or pretzel rod instead.

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Bento Box Charcuterie Boards
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Individual Charcuterie Boards

Whether you call them individual charcuterie boards or Lunchables copycats, these snacks are perfectly portioned and take mere minutes to put together. Consider including meat, crackers, fruits and veggies and cheese. Depending on how you serve them—in a bento box, or on a small plate or mini cutting board—you can take them on the go, too. 

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make your own sandwich board for kids
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Sandwich Board

Level up lunchtime with this sandwich board, a heartier version of the traditional charcuterie board. Load it with people’s favorite sandwich toppings, plus a few condiments like sun-dried tomato mayo and honey mustard. Don’t forget the pickles and the potato chips!