Kate Middleton’s Favorite Foods

Find out what the Duchess of Cambridge actually eats (and totally loves!). Her faves are downright delicious.

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Kate Middleton
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She may live in a palace and have her own personal chef, but when the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t attending royal galas or dining on fancy feasts with Heads of State, she is likely doing what the rest of us do—enjoying her favorite foods in the comfort of her own kitchen. From healthy veggie-packed salads to timeless homemade chutney, here are a few super easy, make-at-home recipes that will give you a glimpse into Kate’s foodie side.

Psst! You’ll never guess which foods the Queen insists on eating.

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The Daily Mail reported the Duchess has a fondness for the South American dish ceviche—raw fish marinated in citrus juices and spices. Try this tasty version when warm weather strikes.
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There’s plenty of garden goodness in every bowl of this refreshing cold soup. It may be one of the ways Kate maintains her super slim size-6 figure and radiant complexion.
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Another one of Kate’s favorite culinary delights is tabbouleh, a traditional Mediterranean dish with bulgur. This cool salad gets a lean protein boost from chickpeas and is nicely seasoned with fresh mint and lemon juice.
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Kate’s been known to struggle with bouts of morning sickness during her pregnancies. For a healthy remedy, she turns to a breakfast of hot oatmeal mixed with berries. In addition to taming her tummy, the oats offer up fiber, B vitamins and iron.
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Plenty of Fruit

Kate champions nutritious dishes, especially those that call for a rainbow of fruits. This watermelon salad will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.
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Roast Chicken with Vegetables

The royal family has an occasion hankering for a seemingly ordinary meal—roast chicken. Kate often makes the traditional bird for family dinners at home, and it was revealed during a BBC interview that Prince Harry proposed to American actress Meghan Markle over a cozy meal of roast chicken. There you have it, girls: the aroma of this savory dish wafting from the oven may just get your boyfriend down on one knee!
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Shrimp Risotto

The royal family’s chef Enrico Derflingher often serves a risotto made with shrimp and Italian sparkling wine. This creamy dish features a similarly delicious flavor that’s impossible to resist.
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Kate never met a homemade curry she didn’t like. A fan of spicy foods, we think she would love this meatless vegetable green curry that serves up a little kaboom in every bite. Give it a try if you’re feeling adventurous tonight.
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Vegetarian Dishes

While Kate does occasionally eat meat, it’s been reported that the Duchess often favors meat-free options, especially when traveling. These tomato and cheese kabobs are a tasty twist on the classic salad.
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What to give the Queen at Christmas? Chutney, of course! Kate whipped up a batch of her grandmother’s famous chutney to give her future grandmother-in-law at her first royal family Christmas. We think this tangy apple version with a burst of ginger would impress the monarch, too.
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Just like any mom, Kate loves to prepare homemade meals for her family. It would come as no surprise if she reached for a recipe like this one to satisfy hubby Will’s penchant for medium-rare steak.
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Sticky Toffee Pudding

Kate Middleton doesn’t eat a lot sweets, but there’s one classic British dessert that has her royal seal of approval: sticky toffee pudding. More of a cake than a pudding, this treat is smothered in a buttery, gooey sauce that makes it over-the-top indulgent. Just try to say no.

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