9 Make-Ahead Cooking Secrets from Joanna Gaines

In her cookbook, Joanna Gaines has a couple tricks that will help us put amazing food on the table—even after a crazy-busy day!

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Cheesy Zucchini Quiche
Taste of Home

Make Pie Crusts Ahead of Time

Our family is a big fan of quiche—and I love that it’s healthy and quick. Magnolia Table has some quiche recipes that are absolutely delicious. The greatest part? You can make your pie crusts ahead of time. Though the quiche itself is best served warm, you freeze crusts beforehand. Give it a spin with these recipes.

Love baking? Try Joanna Gaines’ best recipe for biscuits.

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Overnight Blueberry French Toast
Taste of Home

Make Breakfast the Night Before

The cookbook’s breakfast chapter is chock-full of amazing recipes (that we eat for both breakfast AND dinner in my house). Joanna Gaines has both overnight French toast and casseroles that reheat well the next morning. This is great when you have a busy morning and still want to have a hot breakfast (and it’s even better when you have company!)

Psst… This collection has all our favorite make-ahead breakfast recipes.

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Strawberry poppy seed dressing
Taste of Home

Prepare Your Own Condiments

Joanna Gaines has some phenomenal recipes for condiments, including apple cider vinaigrette, salsa and easy herb mayo. You can make these ahead of time to have on hand for lunch, get-togethers, etc. This has encouraged me to make my own condiments as well, since it’s so easy to do. I’m all about making my own salad dressing!

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Homemade spreadable cheese
Taste of Home

Stock Up on Dips

In the summer, I feel like my family always has a party or company coming over. Even when people come over unannounced, I want to offer a snack. I love having items like Joanna Gaines’ 1919 Pimiento Cheese on hand for such occasions. (Bonus: It’s easy and delicious!)

Make some of these dips ahead of time to snack on all week.

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Homemade bread
Taste of Home

Bake Bread for the Week

Homemade bread is the greatest, but it’s rough to make something from scratch at dinnertime. Baking bread on Sunday is a great way to make yummy sandwiches, French toast or serve with soups. This bread recipe is a great one to start with!

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Oven roasted asparagus
Taste of Home

Have Sides Ready to Go

When I get home from work, my family may be ready for a big meal, but I may not be ready to cook one! I’ve found that dishes like Joanna Gaines’ macaroni and cheese and even roasted asparagus heat up really well the next day.

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stocked kitchen pantry with food - jars and containers of cereals, jam, coffee, sugar, flour, oil, vinegar, rice
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Stock Up on Dry Goods

Joanna Gaines has a lot of recipes that require basic dry goods. Stocking up makes sure you won’t have a last-minute run to the grocery store, and you can make a delicious home-cooked meals on a whim. Not sure what to “stock up” on? This list is a great start!

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Chocolate chip blondies
Taste of Home

Desserts Will Last for Days

There are so many dishes that can be prepped ahead and frozen. I love Joanna Gaines’ after school banana bread and her cookie recipes. (Both can be frozen and thawed out for company during the week).

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Chicken zucchini casserole
Taste of Home

Casseroles Are the BEST

Need a recipe for your kids or spouse to heat up? Casseroles are the greatest! They can be eaten for up to a week, reheat well and are easy and delicious. My new favorite is Joanna Gaines’ Dedication Casserole which I plan to take to a pitch-in or two this summer.

Looking for a new casserole to try? Here are Taste of Home’s Top 10!

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