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How to Make a Lattice Pie Crust That Looks Perfect

Let our lattice how-to turn you into a pie-making pro, with step-by-step instructions and lattice pie recipes.

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Step 1: Create a Great Pie Crust

A good crust is the foundation for any pie lattice-topped or otherwise. Our Test Kitchen loves this basic butter pie pastry recipe. Be sure to follow our step-by-step guide if you’re new to pie crust.

Once your pastry is chilled, roll out just as you would for the base layer of the pie. You’ll want to work with those same dimensions.

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Step 2: Cut Strips of Pastry

The next step is to cut out your strips of pastry. You can use a pizza cutter for this job or you can try a pastry cutter to get those neat zig-zag edges. (This pastry cutter is just one of a few of our favorite pie-baking tools.) To prevent these blades from sticking, dust the edges with flour.

You can cut these strips thick or thin (though we’d advise no wider than an inch). The thinner the strips, the more weaving you’ll have to do, so we recommend wider strips for beginners.

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Step 3: Place Your First Layer of Lattice

Next, lay out your first layer of lattice going in one direction. Leave at least a half-inch space between each pastry strip. This will help give you some definition and will allow steam to escape from the pie.

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Step 4: Fold Back Every Other Strip

With that first layer of pastry down, you’ll want to fold back a few strips. Fold every other piece back about halfway. This lays the foundation for your first crossways piece of lattice.

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Step 6: Lay the First Perpendicular Strip

With those initial pieces of pastry pulled back, lay the next strip perpendicular. Fold the other pieces back and you’ve got your first woven section!

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Step 7: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Now that you’ve got the hang of folding over and weaving, you’ll just keep repeating this process, alternating strips as you go. Eventually, you’ll fill the entire pie.

And if you find your strips break or crack—don’t worry. You can patch them up using a bit of water as glue (or hid any cracks under the weave—we won’t tell).

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Step 8: Trim the Edges

Once your lattice is complete, you can trim. Leave about an inch of pastry around the perimeter and trim any excess.

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Step 9: Crimp

Finish up the pie by crimping or pinching the edge. You can try other methods, too, like a rope finish or braiding. We’ve got all the details on these techniques right here.

Once the edges are finished, you’re ready to pop the pie in the oven! Now check out some amazing lattice-topped pie recipes to get you excited about trying this technique out at home.

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Citrus Cranberry Pie Exps Bw19 29181 E08 22 2b 3

Citrus Cranberry Pie

To showcase abundant fall cranberries, make this beautiful lattice-topped cranberry pie. A dollop of orange cream complements the slightly tart flavor. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen
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Golden Peach Pie Exps Thjj19 12509 E02 14 8b 2

Golden Peach Pie

Years ago, I entered this pie in the Park County Fair in Livingston. It won a first-place blue ribbon plus a purple ribbon for best all around! Family and friends agree with the judges—it's a perfectly peachy pie. —Shirley Olson, Polson, Montana
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Mixed Berry Pie Exps Diyd19 170770 E05 15 1b 15

Mixed Berry Pie

Here's a delightful way to enjoy summertime fruits. If you're short on one of the berries, just make up the amount with one of the other fruits in the pie. —Elaine Moody, Clever, Missouri
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Tart Cherry Lattice Pie Recipe

Whenever my mom is invited to a party or potluck, everyone requests her homemade double-crust fruit pies. In the summer, she uses fresh tart cherries for this recipe. I love a slice topped with vanilla ice cream. —Pamela Eaton, Monclova, Ohio
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Exps180549 Th153340c09 26 2b 17

Apple Cranberry Slab Pie

My husband loves pie, so I made one with apples, raspberries and cranberries. It’s so good, I bend the rules and let the grandkids have it for breakfast. —Brenda Smith, Curran, Michigan
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Orange Chocolate Ricotta Pie Exps144688 Th2379797c11 15 2bc Rms 3

Orange Chocolate Ricotta Pie

A traditional Italian dessert served during the holidays and for special occasions, this pie features the classic pairing of orange and chocolate. The result is rich and tangy—a perfect finale to a Mediterranean-style dinner. —Trisha Kruse, Eagle, Idaho
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Mango Pie With Coconut Crust Exps168868 Th133086a07 24 10bc Rms 3

Mango Pie with Coconut Crust

This was the first pie I created myself. Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits, and they deserve to be represented in a pie. Of course, everything is better with coconut. —Jennifer Worrell, Niles, Illinois
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Cranberry Apple Lattice Pie Exps Thca19 161463 B01 31 4b 12

Cranberry-Apple Lattice Pie Recipe

Two favorite fall fruits bring out the best in each other — and rum works its own mellow magic. Few people pass up a piece of this pie. — Adri Barr Crocetti, Sherman Oaks, California
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Autumn Surprise Pie Exps Hca18 33845 D09 29 2b 7

Autumn Surprise Pie

What better way to welcome fall than with a homemade pie? This one calls for apples, pears and raisins flavored with rum extract. —Karen Gauvreau, Portage, Michigan

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