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5 Little Tricks That Make Housework Way Easier

Chores can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to start. But it doesn't have to be a giant undertaking if you get into the groove. Here's how to hit your stride.

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Between housework, working and getting food on the table (how ’bout these quick dinners?), dealing with all your chores can be extremely overwhelming. Keep things under control by following these five tips that will ensure you won’t be stressed out to the point of no return ever again.

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Don’t Wait

Procrastination helps no one, and your house certainly doesn’t clean itself (boo!). If your mental checklist seems too large to even tackle, start by setting out to finish at least one thing, even if it’s the easiest item. You may find one small success motivates you to move on to the next chore, and even if it doesn’t, you still accomplished something!

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Make an Actual List

Writing down everything you need to do can make it seem like a lot less work overall. Break this list down by room (bedroom, kitchen, living room) or by type of cleaning (organizing, vacuuming, etc), and do it by hand instead of on your phone. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing off a completed item when you’re done!

Psst: Bonus points if you add one of these often-neglected chores.

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Timer on kitchen worktop with cooling rack in the backgroundPhoto: Shutterstock / Christopher Elwell

Set Timers

So you don’t end up spending hours organizing just one junk drawer or scrubbing at one stubborn stain, set timers on your phone for various increments to force yourself to get as much as you can done in the allotted time you set for yourself. Or you could turn on some music and clean like crazy till it ends.

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Reward Yourself

Similarly, set a reward system for yourself. For instance, for every dedicated hour spent doing chores, you get to watch 30 minutes of TV, bake a batch of cookies, or browse social media. (Just make sure you’re not making more messes for yourself in your down time!)

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Happy family cleans the room. Mother and daughter do the cleaning in the house. A young woman and a little child girl dustingShutterstock/Yuganov Konstantin

Involve Your Family

Why should you be the only one cleaning on the weekends? Involve your family (this cleaning trick works wonders on kids) and implement the same timer and reward system to give them more incentive. Two or more sets of hands will definitely get the job done faster than just one!

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