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Here’s How to Cook Beef Every Way

Time to 'beef up' your recipe collection! Find the cooking method that's right for you and try one of our favorite beef recipes.

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RoastedTaste of Home


Don’t confuse it with baking! Roasting uses high heat and shallow pans (typically uncovered) to produce golden brown meat with a juicy interior.

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BakedTaste of Home


Using the oven is a method perfect for most of the year. This dry heat method requires minimal fat and moderate cook times.

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SauteedTaste of Home


This direct-heat method is perfect for weeknight meals or when you are short on time! Often the entire meal can be cooked in one skillet.

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StuffedTaste of Home


Anything stuffed is always such a fun and impressive presentation! Leftovers work great to flavor your fillings.

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GrilledTaste of Home


Grilling is perfect for easy cleanup! Direct heat cooks your meal in a snap and gives it tons of flavor.

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Slow CookedTaste of Home

Slow Cooked

This gadget is super popular for it’s walk away convenience. All day cooking for tougher (cheaper) cuts of meat are perfect for the slow cooker.

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Pressure CookedTaste of Home

Pressure Cooked

The Instant Pot is all the rage right now! Utilize it to cook your favorite recipes super fast. As a bonus tougher cuts of meats (like brisket) cook in half the time.

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Stir-FriedTaste of Home


Stir-frying is great, especially when you are short on time! High heat and minimal oil gets you to dinner faster.

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BraisedTaste of Home


Large tough cuts of beef benefits from braising. Longer cook times in flavorful liquid is the perfect tenderizer.

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StewedTaste of Home


When you need a comforting dish stewing is a good go to. Slow simmering in liquid over a long cook time allows flavors to blend well together. It’s a perk that these dishes often taste better the next day.

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SmotheredTaste of Home


No Chicken Fried Steak isn’t ‘chicken’– say what! You probably saw your Grandmother use the smothering technique. It’s normally topped with a tasty sauce (aka white gravy).

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WrappedTaste of Home


‘En croute’ or in crust is a fun way to change things up. Who would complain about meat baked between layers of buttery crust?

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BroiledTaste of Home


Broiling isn’t usually top of mind, but its handy and quick. Food is cooked directly above or below a heat source (depending on the location of your broiler on your oven). Fun fact: broiling is a great substitute for grilling when the weather is wonky.

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