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6 Healthy Eating Mistakes You’re Probably Making

You might be sabotaging your diet without knowing it!

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Chicken egg is half broken among other eggsVastram/Shutterstock

Mistake #1: You don’t eat enough protein at breakfast

One egg may have filled you up when you were a kid, but it only contains 6 grams of protein—and that’s low for an adult-size meal! Instead, whip up a three-egg dish (like this omelet) with 18 grams of protein to start your day.

More high-protein breakfasts: a cup of Greek yogurt sprinkled with ½ cup berries and chia seeds; natural peanut butter swirled into ½ cup of hot oats made with 1 cup milk; a large dollop of ricotta cheese spread on whole grain toast with a dash of cinnamon.

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Loaf of wholegrain bread and slices on wooden cutting board.Nataliya Nazarova/Shutterstock

Mistake #2: You think all wheat bread is healthy

You want to buy whole grain bread, which has way more nutrients. When “enriched wheat flour” is the top ingredient, it’s not a whole grain bread—look for the word “whole” wheat or grain as the top ingredient and aim for at least 5 grams of fiber per slice. (Psst… This is how it compares with white bread.)

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strawberry yogurt in white plastic cup with spoon on wooden white background.Shutterstock / meaofoto

Mistake #3: You buy fruit-flavored yogurt

It’s a sad day when you discover that flavored yogurt cups are loaded with sugar! Plus, you might be missing out on the protein, calcium and probiotics in plain yogurt. Check the label for added sugars and stick with less than 10 grams. Look for active cultures listed, too. (You could also make a tasty rhubarb compote with yogurt.)

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Different types of non-dairy milkShutterstock / Alexander Prokopenko

Mistake #4: You swear by non-dairy milk

Before you ditch dairy, think again! Many non-dairy milks like almond, coconut and rice milk contain less protein, vitamin D and A, potassium and phosphorus than cow’s milk. The sweetened ones can be higher in sugar and calories, too.
If you can’t have dairy, here’s how the non-dairy milks stack up.

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Salmon Salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, corn salad, baby spinach, fresh mint and basil. Home made food. Concept for a tasty and healthy meal.Barbara Dudzinska/Shutterstock

Mistake #5: You eat salads for lunch

Just beware of what’s lurking among those leafy greens! Look out for high-calorie flavor boosters: bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, creamy Italian dressing and crunchy croutons—and even breaded chicken strips or butter-sautéed shrimp. To make a better-for-you salad, grab a recipe from this collection.

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Frozen berries on a black wooden tableShutterstock / 5 second Studio

Mistake #6: You won’t eat frozen fruit

Eating fresh fruit is a great way to get lots of vitamins and minerals, but frozen counterparts may have even more nutrition. Here’s why: Fresh fruit is picked, packed and shipped to grocery stores a thousand miles away. Time and temperature changes can cause nutrients to degrade. Frozen fruit is harvested and flash-frozen at the point of highest nutritional value!
For a real treat, use frozen fruit to make a healthy and refreshing ice pop.

Vicki Shanta Retelny, RDN
A registered dietitian nutritionist, book author and speaker, Vicki has a passion for helping others embrace simple lifestyle habits that lead to health and happiness. When she is not in the kitchen whipping up tasty, nourishing meals for her family: two children, a husband and pet pug named Stella. Vicki enjoys a soothing face mask, Pilates and the occasional trip to their local sushi hotspot.

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