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13 Grocery Stores Open Thanksgiving Day

If you have a cooking emergency on Thanksgiving Day, these grocery stores will be open to help you out!

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H-E-BPhilip Lange/Shutterstock


Don’t worry, Texans, H-E-B is keeping their doors open during Thanksgiving—but not for long. Get into H-E-B between 6 a.m. and noon local time to stock up on those last-minute Turkey Day buys. It’s just not Thanksgiving if you’re missing a box of stuffing!

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Safeway, Inc.Shutterstock / Sheila Fitzgerald


Need to grab one more can of pumpkin for your famous pumpkin pie? Head over to Safeway and pick it up—just check your local store hours before you do, as they may vary by location.

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Vons grocery store entrance and parking lot with pharmacy and USA Bank inside.Shutterstock / Tim Gray


If you need to re-stock (or if you just need some breathing room from your crowded kitchen), make a trip over to Vons during normal business hours on Thanksgiving Day. Your guests will thank you when you can keep the spiked cider flowing even when the leftovers are all packed away.

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Whole Foods Market Arbor Trails on a sunny morning in AustinPhilip Arno Photography/Shutterstock

Whole Foods

Oh, no! You don’t have enough broth for your foolproof gravy recipe! Run over to Whole Foods and grab some—or any of their prepped meal items—to save the day. Got Amazon Prime? You can save a little extra at Whole Foods when you shop.

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Kroger grocery store exterior and logo.Shutterstock / Ken Wolter


Between a plan to eliminate plastic bags by 2025 and rolling out self-scan technology to make shopping even easier,  Plus they’re open on Turkey Day 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. (check your local 24-hour stores, too) for any of your last-minute needs.

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Albertsons grocery store entrance with a Starbucks and Savon Pharmacy inside the store.Shutterstock / Tim Gray


Make a quick trip over to Albertsons if there’s anything you forgot. They’re open normal business hours. And while you’re there, check out their best value items.

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Ralphs grocery store sign. Shutterstock / Juan Llauro


Last minute guests have you running low on the cheese and crackers? Head over to Ralphs during their usual business hours to save the day! Plus, here’s how you can save even more with these smart deals during your next trip to the store.

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This is the newest Sprouts to open in northeast Mesa, AZShutterstock / Fred Young


In need of some extra Brussels sprouts and garlic for an easy roasted side dish? Stop at Sprouts for anything you’re missing for the feast.

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Wegmans Grocery Store.tarheel1776/Shutterstock


Wegmans can definitely come in handy for Thanksgiving emergencies. On the big day, they’re open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to help you out.

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Stop & Shop supermarket on a sunny day with a clear blue sky.Shutterstock / photobyphm

Stop & Shop

Stop! You forgot something major, like green beans for green bean casserole! It happens, so don’t sweat it. Head in during Stop & Shop’s usual business hours for anything that didn’t make your shopping list.

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Exterior of Shaw's SupermarketFacebook / Shaw's Supermarket


Northeast friends, you can count on Shaws to be open on the big day if there’s anything that’s in need of re-stocking before dinnertime rolls around!

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Acme Markets Inc.Shutterstock / Helen89


Yikes! Your lucky rustic apple tart didn’t turn out exactly how you planned, and now you’re out of apples. Head over to Acme to replenish your ingredients and get back into the kitchen.

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Cub Foods retail store exterior.Shutterstock / Ken Wolter

Cub Foods

Cub Foods will be open during usual business hours so your feast will be just as grand as you planned.

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