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The Top 10 Kitchen Trends, According to Google

If you're planning a kitchen remodel anytime soon, read up on these top trends.

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front view banner of a kitchen table in a fancy bright kitchenAnna Andersson Fotografi/Shutterstock

Looking to spruce up your kitchen? You’re not the only one. Data from Google Images identified the top kitchen trends people are searching for this season. We took a look at the numbers and identified the styles worth paying attention to. Here are the most popular picks. (Psst! These design ideas make cooking easier.)

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In-cabinet KitchenAid grill at the ShedTaste of Home

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

+5000% more searches than last year

What homeowner doesn’t dream of a big outdoor kitchen? These backyard additions make prep work, grilling and even bartending a breeze. We love these modern wooden cabinets ($939) available at Home Depot. Learn more tips on how to style your outdoor space.

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white tiles wall modern kitchen with chopping board;united photo studio/Shutterstock

Floating Shelves in Kitchen

+4,150% more searches than last year

Style, meet function. These trendy shelves are popping up in kitchens as a means for displaying servingware, glasses, plates and more. And if you need more storage, try these ideas that free up space.

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white kitchen with red components, cosy tiny home after the reconstruction in panel houseMichaela Klenkova/Shutterstock

Bohemian Kitchen

+300% more searches than last year

Get ready to break a few rules—Bohemian style is known for its nontraditional, eclectic look. You’ll find vibrant colors, pretty patterns, fresh plants and more. Not to mention, we know you’ll love cooking up these old-world recipes in your Bohemian space.

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Scandinavian interior design. White grey kitchen room organizationtartanparty/Shutterstock

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets

+140% more searches than last year

Light grey is the new white. This fun-loving neutral comes in more than fifty shades (sorry) and matches just about anything. And if you’re thinking of giving your cabinets a DIY makeover, read this handy guide first. 

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Apartment interiorMarko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Kitchen Wallpaper

+130% more searches than last year

The kitchen is a gathering space, so its walls should make you feel welcome. Whether you opt for a classic pattern throughout the entire space, a backsplash or a bold statement wall, know that you’re on-trend.

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Modern kitchen with white brick tiles and wooden ceilingDariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

+110% more searches than last year

Say goodbye to the days of matchy-matchy decor. Two-tone kitchen cabinets bring an extra design element to any space. Paint or stain your bottom cabinets in a different (usually darker) hue than the upper ones. If you need some inspo, we’re obsessed with these dark kitchen cabinet ideas.

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Beautiful Kitchen in New Luxury Home. Features Black Counters and Island, with White Woodwork and Cabinetry.Breadmaker/Shutterstock

Black and White Kitchen

+90% more searches than last year

If you only want to remodel your kitchen once, pick a timeless color scheme. Black and white never go out of style, and these opposite neutrals keep your space balanced.

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Beautiful white kitchen in new luxury home. Features large island,pendant lights, and hardwood floorsBreadmaker/Shutterstock

Kitchen Pendant Lights

+70% more searches than last year

Looking to update your kitchen’s lighting? Pendant lights are pretty and popular. (No wonder they’re an easy DIY idea for transforming your space!) Opt for one big pendant or line ‘em up in a row. They look beautiful over an island or dining area.

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New stylish kitchen with small dining room;

Small Farmhouse Kitchen

+350% more searches than last year

You can thank Chip and Joanna Gaines for the popularity of this search. Farmhouse style (hello, shiplap and farmhouse sinks) has taken over kitchen’s both big and small. Psst! Here’s what Joanna loves to eat in her own kitchen.

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Small kitchen with classic white furniture and modern tilesDariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock

Tiny Kitchen Ideas

+350% more searches than last year

A small space can still have style. Whether you live in a studio apartment or one of those trendy tiny homes, you’ll find ideas for adding color, maximizing storage and making the most of your space.

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