20 Golden Corral Copycat Recipes

Updated: Dec. 06, 2023

Skip the crowds by bringing your favorite buffet foods home with these Golden Corral copycat recipes.

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Inspired By Golden Corral Yeast Rolls

A yummy honey-garlic topping turns these easy dinner rolls into something extra special. Try ’em with soups and chili. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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Inspired By Golden Corral Fried Chicken

This crispy fried chicken recipe uses a batter instead of a flour coating. That helps the flour adhere to the chicken so it won’t fall off after cooking!
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Inspired By Golden Corral Apple Pie

Baking apple pie from scratch is a fall baking tradition we treasure. Perfect your technique with our apple pie recipe, full of all the tips and tricks you’ll need.
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Inspired By Golden Corral Mashed Potatoes

With minimal effort, Crockpot mashed potatoes guarantee fluffy, bright, and creamy bites. This recipe takes it a step further by sprinkling in ranch seasoning for a boost in flavor.
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Inspired By Golden Corral Bread Pudding

I always make this bread pudding recipe for my dad on his birthday and on holidays. He says it tastes exactly like the bread pudding with nutmeg he enjoyed as a child. —Donna Powell, Montgomery City, Missouri
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Inspired By Golden Corral Country Chicken Fried Steak

This chicken-fried steak and gravy combination is absolute comfort food. Cube steak gets a lightly seasoned coating, making this dish perfect for those nights when you want something filling but don't have a lot of time to prep dinner.  
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Inspired By Golden Corral Brownies

I love to use this fudgy brownie recipe when bringing treats to work. When I was growing up, I helped my mother make delicious, hearty meals and these fudgy brownies for our farm family of eight. —Judy Cunningham, Max, North Dakota
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Inspired By Golden Corral Macaroni and Cheese

I remember my mother sending me to the store for 15 cents worth of cheese. The butcher would cut off a slice from a gigantic wheel covered with a wax-coated cloth. Mother would then blend that cheese into this tasty dish. Today, the memory of her cooking is like food for my soul. —Phyllis Burkland, Portland, Oregon
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Inspired By Golden Corral Endless Baby Back Ribs

My husband grills up his luscious ribs recipe for our family of five at least once a month in the summer. The sweet-and-sour barbecue sauce is the perfect condiment for the moist tender meat. Serve it with other finger-licking foods like corn on the cob. —Kim Braley, Dunedin, Florida
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Inspired By Golden Corral Carrot Cake

I entered this yummy, moist cake in a Colorado Outfitters Association dessert contest. My carrot cake with pineapple earned first place! —Cheri Eby, Gunnison, Colorado
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Inspired By Golden Corral Chicken Potpie

Why look for potpie in the frozen food aisle when this easy version tastes much better? The chicken pot pie's crust is so tender and flaky, and underneath you'll find the ultimate comfort food for kids and adults. —Amy Briggs, Gove, Kansas
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Inspired By Golden Corral Rolls

These rolls melt in your mouth. I loved them as a child, and I'm happy to make them for my kids because I know I am creating those same wonderful memories my mom made for me! —Gayleen Grote, Battle View, North Dakota
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Inspired By Golden Corral Banana Pudding

This banana pudding layered with vanilla wafers tastes just like Grandma's: creamy, simple, comforting and filled with sweet banana flavor.
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Inspired By Golden Corral Chocolate Wonderfall

It's easy to keep the ingredients for this rich fondue on hand in case company drops by. I serve it in punch cups, so guests can carry it on a dessert plate alongside whatever fruit, pretzels and other dippers they like. —Cheryl Arnold, Lake Zurich, Illinois
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Inspired By Golden Corral Sweet Corn Pudding

This sweetheart of a side is delicious, rich and perfect on a weeknight table or as part of a holiday spread. If you want to step up your side dish game, this triple-corn pudding is an excellent choice.
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Inspired By Golden Corral Beer Battered Fish

A local restaurant made a similar breading for shrimp po' boys, but we think this version's better. I serve the beer battered fish with a ranch dressing and hot sauce mixture as a dip. —Jenny Wenzel, Gulfport, Mississippi
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Inspired By Golden Corral Pot Roast

On hectic days, this is so quick and easy to prep! Convenient packages of dressing and gravy combine to create a sauce worthy of a fall-apart roast. For a filling meal-in-one, serve with mashed potatoes and ladle the juices over top. —Arlene Butler, Ogden, Utah
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Inspired By Golden Corral Crab Salad

Wanda, a lady at work, made this for a party and boy, did it catch on fast! It's especially good for summer picnics and barbecues. —Cheryl Seweryn, Lemont, Illinois
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Inspired By Golden Corral Garlic Cheese Biscuits

My biscuits won the prize for best quick bread at my county fair. One of the judges liked them so much, she asked for the recipe! These buttery, savory biscuits go with just about anything. —Gloria Jarrett, Loveland, Ohio

Inspired By Golden Corral