19 Festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies

Make the most of your holidays by baking up gluten-free Christmas cookies that everyone can enjoy!

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French Macarons

If you’re looking for gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes, macarons are an Insta-worthy must. Here, homemade buttercream is sandwiched between light almond cookies for this stylish holiday showstopper. Play with the cookie coloring and filling flavor to make a version all your own.

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Next, try our top gluten-free recipes for the holidays and every day.

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Amaretti CookiesTMB Studio


Thanks to their crackly, sugar-dusted tops, amaretti look especially wintry—a shoo-in for your cookie platter. Plus, these Italian Christmas cookies are traditionally made with almond flour, so they’re naturally gluten free. No flour substitutions needed!

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Sparkly Meringue Snowmen

Sparkly Meringue Snowmen

These sweet little snowmen are made with four simple ingredients—no flour in sight. They’re crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and super-duper cute!
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Gluten-Free Fig Cookies

Thanks to flaky crust and a rich filling, these special cookies don’t taste gluten-free. Plan ahead for this recipe—the figs need to be soaked overnight, but the results are worth the wait.
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Gluten Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies Exps Hcbz21 254026 E06 15 7b 5

Gluten-Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Ground almonds give these classic crinkle cookies a nutty flavor and a tender bite. They take just 30 minutes to make!
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Gluten Free Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies Exps46220 Cw143039d09 11  14b Rms 2

Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Our Test Kitchen and community reviewers love that these chocolate kiss cookies taste just like the classic gluten-filled version. They’re so good, in fact, we named them among our top 10 gluten-free recipes.
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Gluten-Free Spritz Delights

A cross between a sugar and a shortbread cookie, these light, melt-in-your-mouth treats are a holiday must. Even without frosting, they’ll demand attention on a gluten-free Christmas cookie tray. (We tested spritz cookie presses so you’ll know the best one for the job.)
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Chocolate Meringue Stars Exps Ft20 7757 F 1014 1 16

Chocolate Meringue Stars

These chocolate meringues have a delicate texture but big cocoa flavor. We love the star shape—a whimsical wink to the holiday season.
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Gluten Free Snowballs Exps Hcbz21 150706 E07 01 4b Stackedimage 7

Gluten-Free Snowballs

Buttery, nutty and sweet, these snowball cookies crumble in your mouth. Make them for Christmas or any time the snow flies. Snowed in? Try these other gluten-free baking recipes.
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Peppermint Kisses

Crushed candy canes give classic meringue kisses a dash of holiday flair. And at just 16 calories a piece, this is one of the skinniest gluten-free Christmas desserts we know.
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Cathedral Cookies

Filled with pastel marshmallows, these soft no-bake cookies look like stained glass when sliced. Make a batch of these for Christmas; then, for New Year’s Eve, whip up a chic black-and-white version with white marshmallows and dark chocolate. Word to the wise: These must be made ahead, so plan accordingly.
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Cherry No Bake Cookies Exps Ucsbz17 90682 C05 16 5b 4

Cherry No-Bake Cookies

Because these gluten-free cookie balls don’t need an oven, you can roll up a batch while another treat bakes. Cherries lend sweetness (and a touch of holiday color!) to these easy chocolate-peanut butter bites.
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Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Meringue Roses Exps157081 Sd143204d12 04 1bc Rms 12

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Meringue Roses

With only five ingredients, these gorgeous, glossy meringues are easier to make than they look. They taste like chocolate-covered strawberries—unlike any other Christmas cookie you’ll try.
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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Cookies Exps Hccbz19 137623 B05 22 2b 11

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Cookies

These nutty, sugar-dusted cookies taste like a grown-up version of chocolate cake! Kahlua delivers an extra pop of flavor.
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Meringue Kisses

Meringue Kisses

You’ll find a chocolaty surprise tucked inside each of these gluten-free cookies. Make them red and green for Christmas, or stick to white to highlight that dusting of cocoa.
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Flourless Peanut Butter Thumbprints

Rejoice: These flourless peanut butter cookies are naturally gluten-free. Nutella filling and a shower of sea salt make them an upscale option for a Christmas cookie platter.
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Winter Fruit Macaroons

Jammy dried fruit adds loads of flavor to this holiday spin on coconut macaroons. The recipe has a secret ingredient, too: Sweetened condensed milk makes them extra rich!
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Gluten-Free Sugarplums

The deeply fruity flavor makes us think of gumdrops when we eat these sweet and spicy bites. Sneak one early—they’ll be gone before you can lick the sugar off your fingers!
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Gluten-Free Almond Cookies

Quick and easy almond cookies are a simple addition to your Christmas cookie suite, but they work beautifully at any time of year. These gluten-free chocolate chip cookies do, too.

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