9 Recipes for Ginger Beer Drinks You Need to Try

The spicy flavor of ginger beer makes it a top-notch mixer. Use the cocktail recipes below to craft a round of ginger beer drinks with a kick!

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Moscow Mule

The Moscow mule is a well-known ginger beer cocktail and a trendy drink order at restaurants and bars. It’s made with three key ingredients—vodka, lime and ginger beer—and served in a cold copper mug.

Read our complete guide about ginger beer to learn more about the mixer. You can find many brands on Amazon to sample, too. Here are our top picks:

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Pineapple Punch With Ginger Beer

Sensationally sweet and fantastically fruity, the delightful pineapple punch from A Beautiful Plate will have your friends begging for the recipe. A medley of sweet pineapple juice, zesty orange juice, tangy lime juice and spicy ginger beer, this ginger beer drink is an instant hit. Pair it with our greatest pineapple recipes ever.

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Bourbon Ginger Beer Cocktail
Nerds with Knives

Bourbon Ginger Beer Cocktail

Whether you prefer aperitifs or nightcaps (or both), this smooth and smoky variation of the Moscow mule is pure goodness any time of day. The bourbon adds a rich, caramel flavor that’s easy to savor. While you’ve got the bottle open, try these bourbon-spiked recipes.

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Ginger Beer Paloma

Pour a splash of tequila, squeeze in fresh grapefruit juice and top with fizzy ginger beer to create this crowd-pleasing, mouth-puckering Paloma. Mix in some agave syrup, generously salt the rim for extra pizzazz and you’ve got a refreshing ginger beer cocktail.

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Irish Mule

No need to wait until St. Patrick’s Day to fix up this sipper. Just a swig of this whiskey-based Irish ginger beer drink will have you relaxed and happy. Enjoy chilled with a sprig of fresh mint. Sláinte!

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El Diablo

Crafted with crème de cassis, a blackcurrant-flavored liqueur, tequila, lime juice and ginger beer, this El Diablo is an iconic cocktail. Its reddish-caramel hue is enough to lure your friends over to your house for a classy-but-cozy party.

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Ginger Beer Party Punch

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade… then add some ginger beer and Bud Light Lime! The result is a tangy and effervescent party punch. It’s an acceptable excuse to throw a party for any occasion and can be concocted in less than one minute.

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Spicy Apricot Sangria With Ginger Beer

A pitcher of spicy apricot sangria has the perfect blend of apricot nectar and ginger beer to make a fruit-infused party punch. Every drink’s balanced flavor makes a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage that’s sophisticated enough for adults.
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The mojito is a chic and lively drink that’s a sipable indulgence. This lovely pear ginger mojito calls for muddled pear slices for subtle sweetness, maple syrup for smooth texture, cinnamon and allspice for piquancy and, of course, ginger beer for spicy fizz. Cheers!

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