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12 Amazing German Foods You Can Buy Online

There’s more to German food than bratwurst and sauerkraut. A trip to Munich showed me just how much more. I’m thrilled a few of my favorite German foods can now be ordered here in the States.

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Potato Dumplings

You’ll often see potato dumplings served alongside a pork roast or sauerbraten. You’ll find these throughout southern Germany and Bavaria.

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Deutschländer Sausages

If you can say you’re Germany’s favorite sausages, that’s sure saying a lot in a country renowned for its sausages.

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Curry Ketchup

Curry isn’t a flavor most people associate with German food, but curry ketchup may just be the most popular topping for bratwurst in the entire country. You gotta try it!

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Dark Chocolate Marzipan

Located in northern Germany, the city of Lübeck has turned marzipan into an art form. This sophisticated confection is packed full of ground almonds covered in a rich dark chocolate.

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Bee Sting Cake Mix

There are many stories behind the name Bienenstich or Bee Sting Cake. My favorite has to do with German bakers throwing beehives at invading raiders. When they were repelled, they celebrated by making this cake. If you don’t want to wait for this to ship, make this homemade Bee Sting Cake recipe.

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Herring Fillets In Tomato Sauce

Whether you add it to a salad, heat it up for dinner or eat it straight out of the tin, herring fillets are enjoyed in Germany and around the globe.

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Ritter Sport Chocolate With Hazelnuts

The iconic square shape of Ritter Sport Chocolates is well known throughout Germany. With dozens of flavors it’s hard to choose a favorite, but you can’t go wrong with hazelnuts.

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German Pretzel Mix

Go to any beer garden and you’re sure to find warm, soft and often giant pretzels. This mix is an easy way to get an authentic touch of Bavaria. Great with a little mustard!

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Alstertor Dusseldorf Mustard

Just like the mustard from Dijon France, Dusseldorf mustard has a distinct style Germans have come to love. More pungent than Dijon, it can range from mild to pretty intense.

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Kinder Riegel Milk Chocolate Sticks

Since 1968, Kinder has been one of Germany’s favorite candy makers. These milk chocolate sticks are made with real milk and a delicious creamy milk chocolate. If you feel like baking, try these German desserts to make from home.

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Nurnberger Lebkuchen

Similar to a gingerbread, lebkuchen is one of those treats Germans enjoy plain or chocolate covered. Popular during the holidays, you’ll still find people eating them throughout the year.

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Maggi Würze Liquid Seasoningvia

Maggi Würze Liquid Seasoning

This umami-rich seasoning has been Oma’s secret ingredient since 1887. A couple of dashes in your favorite sauce, soup or sauté adds a complex savory flavor you’re sure to love.

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