A Feast Fit for Your Game of Thrones Viewing Party

Whether you're rooting for house Stark, Targaryen, Lannister or the White Walkers, these apps, mains and sweets will leave you feeling like you're on the Iron Throne. Dinner is coming.

Hodor's 'Froggy' Stew

You’ll have to hold the door open for your guests as they chase down this satisfying stew. (Don’t worry, there aren’t any frogs in our version!)

Trial by Combat Champion Chicken Puffs

These tender bites will go down just as easily as your fiercest competitor.

Sansa's Lemon Cakes

Sansa is obsessed with lemon cakes for good reason; they’re really tasty.

Cup of Jon Snow

This dessert has a refreshing, icy texture, just like the snow north of the Wall. You’ll be brought to life with it’s punchy lemon flavor.

Cersei's Spiced Wine

It wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones party if someone didn’t shout, ‘More wine!’

Song of Fire and Icing

These petite red velvet whoopie pies are almost as good as the series.

The Mountains

These yummy bundles will tower over your taste buds.

Highgarden Cookies

These dainty cookies have a sweet floral flavor that will make you feel like a Tyrell.

Game of Scones

We bet Arya could have used these sweet, yet hearty treats on her painstaking travels across Westeros.

Dothraki Nibblers

Rumor has it, the Dothraki would ride a wooden horse across the sea for these crispy fried cheese bites.

Bran's Barley Soup

This warm and filling soup is reminds us of cozy days at Winterfell. The North remembers its mouthwatering flavor.

Three Rye Raven Puffs

Even a White Walker couldn’t hold us back from these fabulous puffs. They’ll guide your taste buds on a yummy journey.

King's Landing Brandy

You’ll feel like your the leader of the Seven Kingdoms while sipping on this brandy-based drink.

Westeros Wellingtons

Your guests will be dueling over these pastry-wrapped apps almost as much as your favorite characters fight over the Iron Throne.

Wildlings' Biscuits

These cherry-studded cookies are the perfect way to brighten up Beyond the Wall.

House of Bolton Crostini

You’ll love this appetizer (almost) as much as you despise the Boltons.

Olenna Tyrell's Baked Brie

Tea at court wouldn’t be complete without this brandy-infused baked brie. A perfect fit for the Queen of Thorns.


The Mad King’s got nothing on you while you sip on this killer martini.

Direwolves' Treats

Like a direwolf, you’ll be pawing for more of these bone-shaped cookies and dip. Fight nicely over them-no biting!

Red Wedding Sorbet

We still haven’t gotten over what happened at the Red Wedding. The only thing that can dull the pain is a heaping bowl of this fruit sorbet.

Hot Pie Beef Pies

Arya’s friend Hot Pie loves to bake, and you’ll love his pies. Especially when they’re filled with ooey-gooey cheddar and beef.

Margaery's Rose Honey

This floral honey might look sweet, but it has a zesty kick-just like Margaery Tyrell.

Night's Watch Mulled Wine

Try your best to stay warm at the Wall with this hot and spicy beverage-for this night and all nights to come.

King Robert's Boar

Who could forget about the boar that (kind of) started it all? You won’t have to hunt for flavor in these saucy, slow-cooked ribs.

Dornish Pie

Be sure to get a bite of this pie before the Sand Snakes steal it.

Eye of the Night King

You might just feel yourself becoming a White Walker after a few of these blue margaritas.

Former Favorite Characters

Mourn the loss of your favorite fictional characters with these bone-shaped salted pretzels.

Guest Right Bread

Give your guests a proper Westeros welcome with a slice of this hearty bread.

Dragon Fire Delight

You won’t need help from Daenerys’s fire-breathing dragons to make this grilled beef. (Just watch out for your own dragon-breath afterwards!)

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