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The Game Day Recipe You Need to Make, Based on Your Favorite MLB Team

These snacks are sure to be a home run with your fellow fans.

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Baseball party food with balls and mizuno on a wood tableShutterstock/Arina P Habich

Step aside, peanuts and Cracker Jack. There are new baseball snacks in town. These game day recipes were inspired by your favorite Major League Baseball team and each snack is guaranteed to please—whether you’re watching the game from the stands or the comfort of your own couch.

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Arizona Diamondbacks

Like any of our favorite jalapeno recipes, these grilled peppers pack in the heat. They’re reminiscent of rattlesnake bites, making it the perfect snack for supporters of this snake-inspired team.
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Atlanta Braves

Fans voted to give the 2013 Atlanta Braves lineup a nickname. The winner? Peach Clobbers. Whether you liked the name or not, show your support by indulging in some sweet Georgia peach ice cream. Or, try one of our other juicy peach recipes.
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Baltimore Orioles

Display your team spirit with these black-and-orange cookies that match the Orioles’ uniforms. For added flair, add a drop of orange food coloring to half of the dough before baking.
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Zesty Salsa Verde Exps174827 Fm143298d03 07 6bc Rms 2

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox play at Fenway Park, home to the “Green Monster” wall. Pay homage to the Boston landmark by whipping up some salsa verde that gets its vibrant green color from tomatillos.

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Chicago Cubs

To celebrate Chicago’s most popular baseball team, bake up a batch of bear claws. It’s an aptly named snack all Cubs fans will appreciate.
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Chicago White Sox

It’s easy to cheer for the White Sox when chowing down on these easy-to-make dessert bars. The festive black-and-white treats are reminiscent of the team’s colors.
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Honey Cinnamon Bars Exps Cwas19 28879 B04 05 4b 8

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds have been known to get hot—like in the 1970s when they won six divisional titles and two World Series. Fans will be transported back to the glory days with these spicy-sweet cinnamon bars.

For more spicy game day fare, try these hot appetizer recipes.

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All American Sausage And Pepper Sliders Exps130976 Th2377560a02 29 1b Rms 4

Cleveland Indians

The Indians’ mascot is named Slider, so he’ll appreciate this yummy appetizer. The classic combo of peppers and sausage makes this (or any of our delicious slider recipes) the perfect snack to enjoy while watching America’s pastime.
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Beer Dip Exps Thso18 33049 D01 25 8b 4

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies play at Coors Field. Show your support for the brew (Coors, of course!) with this delicious beer dip.

We found the best craft beer in every state. (Yup…tough job.)

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Detroit Tigers

Everyone’s a Detroit fan when they indulge in this butter bark reminiscent of tiger stripes. The four-ingredient recipe is also super easy to make, so you won’t have to miss a second of the game.
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Houston Astros

Recreate the star in the Astros’ logo with these easy brownies. For added fun, use melted white chocolate to pipe jersey numbers on each brownie to represent the team’s star players.
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Kansas City Royals

Royals fans deserve a royal recipe, like these lavish King Burgers. Each bite is stuffed with flavorful butter.

Butter lovers, these recipes are for you.

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Lemon Angel Cake Bars Exps142776 Sd132779d06 11 5bc Rms 14

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

These lemon cake bars are the perfect treat to eat while watching the Angels play ball. Angel food cake mix keeps the treats light, while puckery citrus flavor represents California’s abundant lemon crop.

You know you’re from California if you’ve had these foods.

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Blueberry Cream Pops Exps Cwmjj21 192911 B02 14 1b 5

Los Angeles Dodgers

Honor the Blue Crew with these fun blueberry pops. They’ll keep you cool while enjoying a game under the hot California sun.
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Miami Marlins

Take advantage of Miami’s abundant fresh seafood (Yum, fresh seafood!) and make these delicious fish tacos. Don’t worry—no marlins were harmed in the making of this dish.
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Exps89835 Th2236620c06 13 2b Web 5

Milwaukee Brewers

Any member of the Brew Crew knows how sacred beer, brats and cheese are to the state of Wisconsin. These nachos team up all three. Just don’t let the racing sausages see you chowing down!

Calling all cheeseheads—these are best recipes from Wisconsin.

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Minnesota Twins

T.C. Bear is one of the cutest MLB mascots. Delight kids and adults alike with these adorable peanut butter bears. Use the icing to pipe ball caps and the Twins’ logo onto each cookie.
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Everything Bagel Chicken Strips Exps Sdam18 183419 B12 01 1b 7

New York Mets

Honor one of New York’s teams with a snack reminiscent of the Big Apple. These chicken strips honor the classic New York bagel with their salty seasoning. (P.S. You can use bagel seasoning a TON of different ways.)
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Exps173930 Bb153698b06 26 5b 7

New York Yankees

You’ll want to fuel up for an afternoon game with this hearty breakfast. Any Yankees fan will appreciate the filling blend of potatoes, pastrami and eggs found in this aptly named hash.
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Exps116224  Snd163615b04 08 8b 2

Oakland Athletics

Stomper—the Oakland A’s elephant mascot—will appreciate that you made this special treat in honor of him. For extra flair, rub some green or gold food coloring onto the puff pastry before baking.
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Philly Cheese Sandwiches Exps Sddj18 173655 D08 02 4b 5

Philadelphia Phillies

Nothing beats a Philly cheesesteak—except for maybe a World Series win. Enjoy this decadent sandwich while watching your Phillies play ball—it’s a dish even the Phanatic would approve of.
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Pittsburgh Pirates

One sip of this refreshing punch and you could get even a Phillies fan to root for the Pirates! The drink’s tropical green color is also a sweet nod to their mascot, the Pirate Parrot.

Argh! A pirate would definitely approve of these tropical recipes.

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Crispy Beer Battered Fish Exps134025 Sd2401785b12 01 6bc Rms 6

San Diego Padres

Padres fans will be praying for a homer—and for more of this beer-battered fish. Make it super local and use Ballast Point beer in the batter.
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Soft Giant Pretzels Exps Fbmz16 15761 A05 19 4b 18

San Francisco Giants

Curb your hunger with a snack as giant as your favorite team! These enormous baked pretzels will whet any appetite.
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Striped Chocolate Popcorn Exps Cmz18 26151 C10 27 3b 4

Seattle Mariners

Similar to the moose munch sold in stores (or one of our gourmet popcorn recipes) this striped chocolate snack is a treat fans of all ages can get behind. It’s Mariner Moose approved.
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St. Louis Cardinals

Use a can of Busch—the Cards’ stadium namesake—in this delicious brisket recipe. Fans of all teams will be asking you for the recipe.
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Tampa Bay Rays

Go heavy on the orange juice with these refreshing sunrise pops. After all, the Rays play at Tropicana Field.

Extra OJ? Try one of these sweet cocktail recipes.

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Exps734 Mc163887d03 08 10b 15

Texas Rangers

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this taco dip platter is no exception. The delicious blend of beef, beans and your favorite taco fixins’ will satisfy even the hungriest Rangers fan.

Can you name the 50 most famous Texan foods?

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Toronto Blue Jays

Honor our friends in the North with this easy poutine recipe. Fries, cheese curds and gravy combine for the ultimate game-day snack.
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Exps189146 Thca163696b08 25 6b 3

Washington Nationals

Enjoy these candies named after our first president’s wife, Martha Washington, when the Nationals’ Racing Presidents take to the field during the fourth inning.

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