9 Cool Ice Cube Trays to Stock in Your Freezer

Happy hour (and beyond!) gets that much happier with these novelty ice cube trays that come in all shapes and sizes.

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Reinvented Ultra Portable Ice Maker

Sanitary Ice Cube Tray

This innovative ice cube tray is space-saving and germ-reducing. After the receptacle has been filled with water and its contents are frozen, push in the sides to dislodge the ice and shake. Then simply pour the cubes through the nozzle at the top for hands-free serving.

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Silicone Ice Tray

Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Take the hassle out of hydrating with this slim ice cube tray. The capsule-shaped ice cubes slip seamlessly into any water bottle, regardless of neck size. Plus, it’s made of silicone for easy ice-cube removal and even easier cleaning.

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Citrus Ice Tray

Citrus Ice Cube Tray

This lidded citrus ice cube tray certainly doesn’t sour happy hour. Quite the opposite! These adorable wedges add character to each cup of tea, lemonade or rosé you serve up.

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Houdini Crushed Ice Tray

Crushed Ice Cube Tray

To emulate beloved crushed ice while waiting for your fancy ice maker to arrive, give this miniature ice cube tray a try. Each dishwasher-safe silicone set creates 160 itty bitty ice cubes at once. The small squares are ideal for mules, juleps and soda.

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Faceted Etched Ice Cubes

Large Etched Ice Cube Tray

Perfect for your at-home bar setup, this giant ice cube tray, with four compartments, creates pure class in a glass. Homemade cocktails and spirits have a sophisticated feel (without much dilution) thanks to the inclusion of this cut-crystal lookalike.

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Freezer Container Chilling Cocktail

Round Ice Cube Tray

Ice cubes needn’t be, well, cubes! Presenting: ice spheres. This circular ice cube tray comes with a complete set, including two trays, one ice bin/lid and a scoop. The rounded accoutrements lend a pretty look to your sippers.

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Webake Silicone Reusable Heart Cubes

Heart Ice Cube Tray

We have major heart eyes for this oh-so-sweet ice cube tray. It’s especially cute for Valentine’s Day or as an anniversary gift. Fill each shaped compartment with muddled berries or a rosy pre-made beverage, such as pink lemonade, for a themed addition to your drinks.

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Silicone Bakeware Chocolate Pudding Dessert

Star Ice Cube Tray

This novel ice cube tray is your freezer’s rising star! Out of the hot-pink silicone, pop three-dimensional ice cubes, as well as chocolate, candies, jellies and even baked goods. (Yes, this product is oven-safe!) The multi-purpose item puts the “fun” in functional.

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Truezoo Silicone Mold Tray

U.S. Ice Cube Tray

Have the most patriotic ice on the block with this country-shaped tray that’s perfect for Labor Day, Independence Day or any day. Feel even more spirited with a few of our favorite red, white and blue desserts.

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Additional research contributed by Caroline Stanko, Taste of Home Editor

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