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14 Foods High in Calcium (Besides Milk)

You’re old enough now that your mom isn’t nagging you at dinner to drink your milk for strong bones—but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get in your daily dose of calcium.

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How Much Calcium Is in a Glass of Milk

Getting your daily dose of calcium isn’t important only when you’re young. Calcium has many health benefits: it helps with muscle function, works to regulate your heartbeat and nerve signals, and aids in preventing blood clots and osteoporosis, all of which are very important as an adult. There are 305 milligrams of calcium in one cup of milk; the average adult should be getting about 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day. Try adding these foods to your diet to hit your daily numbers. And if you’re love milk for its vitamin content, here are 40+ recipes that help boost your vitamin D.

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Flavorful salmonTaste of Home


Fresh and canned salmon both have more calcium than you would expect. A six-ounce serving of fresh salmon has about 340 milligrams of calcium. If you want even more calcium, go for canned salmon since a five-ounce serving has 350 milligrams, about 35% of your daily need. Try grilling fresh salmon or whipping up comforting Spring Salmon Chowder using the canned stuff.

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Ricotta Cheese

If you need more calcium in your diet, just eat more lasagna! One cup of ricotta cheese contains 509 milligrams of calcium and a whopping 28 grams of protein. That’s more than half of your daily calcium needs covered. Try adding fresh berries to a bowl of ricotta cheese for a healthy snack that fills you up.

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Chia Seeds

Looking for a great vegan source of calcium? One ounce of chia seeds contains 179 milligrams of calcium and 10 grams of fiber; a spoonful can be easily added to smoothies or yogurt parfaits. For a quick snack that packs an energy punch, mix up a batch of Chia Seed Protein Bites.

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Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a nutrient-packed milk alternative and a favorite for its rich calcium content. One cup has 45% of your daily calcium and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Use it anywhere you’d use dairy milk like in cereal, smoothies or baking.

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Nuts make the perfect on-the-go snack; they’re quick, filling and pack tons of nutrients. Almonds have the highest calcium content of all nuts with one serving covering 8% of your daily calcium needs. They’re also rich in healthy fats and fiber for an energizing breakfast or snack. Check out more of almonds’ health benefits.

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Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are a great source of calcium, especially dark greens like spinach, mustard leaves, bok choy, turnip greens and kale. Two cups of kale contain 188 milligrams of calcium and more than 100% of your daily vitamin C. Try tossing some in a kale smoothie.

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Citrus Juice

An 8-ounce glass of calcium-fortified orange juice contains 350 milligrams of calcium, about 30% of your daily calcium requirement. Be sure to shake the juice before you drink it, as sometimes the calcium can settle at the bottom. Enjoy a glass on its own or with Orange Cheesecake Breakfast Rolls for a sweet treat that packs the calcium.

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Taste of Home

Dried Figs

If you want a sweet way to get your daily dose of calcium, try dried figs. A small one-ounce serving provides 5% of your daily calcium needs, as well as a rich helping of antioxidants and fiber. Dried figs are great for baking, making jam or a savory dinner like this Casablanca Chutney Chicken.

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Cashew Milk

This yummy nut milk has a naturally sweet taste, making it the perfect companion to cereal, oatmeal and smoothies. One cup provides 45% of your daily calcium needs. Enjoy on its own or in your favorite baked goods. Check out our guide of the best milk alternatives.

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Tofu is a calcium powerhouse with 861 milligrams (86% of your daily need) in just one cup. A cup of tofu also packs 72% of your daily iron needs, perfect for vegetarians and vegans needing more of this vital nutrient. Tofu is a tasty addition to soups and skillet dishes like this Asparagus Tofu Stir-Fry.

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Spiced apple oatmealTaste of Home


Your morning bowl of oatmeal is brimming with healthy fiber and calcium. One cup takes care of 18% of your calcium needs, as well as 16% of your daily fiber. Start with these healthy oatmeal recipes.

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From Quinoa-Stuffed Squash Boats to a savory Mexican White Chili, there are so many ways to love chickpeas. This savory little legume is rich in calcium, fiber and protein. One cup of chickpeas contains 210 milligrams of calcium, 21% of your daily need, as well as over 140% of your daily fiber.

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If you love sardines on Homemade Pizza, I’m not sure we can be friends; you are getting a hefty dose of calcium though! A small serving of two sardines has 98 milligrams of calcium and 2.7 grams of healthy fats. You could use sardines to make your own salad dressing or as a pasta topper.

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Top view of an Homemade coconut milk in a bottle, made after mixing coconut and water in a blender and pressed through a cotton sieve, over a rusty blue backgroundjon11/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Pea Milk

Yes, you heard that right. Pea milk is new to the scene and quickly gaining fans with its nutty taste and rich nutritional profile. An 8-ounce glass packs 464 milligrams of calcium and 8 grams of protein. It’s also lower in sugar than dairy milk. Try it in baking or with a So-Healthy Smoothie.

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