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Our 15 Favorite Food Storage Containers

We took a look at the best food storage containers on the market and picked our favorites. Don't worry, we tested the one that holds cake (for science).

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Pyrex Food Container Setvia

Pyrex Food Container Set

When it comes to food storage, Pyrex is king. This rectangular set is dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe, making it perfect for layered desserts—like tiramisu or trifles—that need to be kept refrigerated. We also love them for making and storing our favorite casseroles (and lasagna—is lasagna a casserole?).

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Potato Container

To keep your potatoes fresh, you’ll need to store them in a cool, dark place. This sleek Tupperware container fits the bill, plus it can hold several pounds of spuds at once.

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Produce Savervia

Produce Saver

Sick of plastic bags clouding your produce drawers? Try a produce saver, which is essentially a mini produce drawer ideal for your leafy greens, like lettuce or kale. Let’s be honest—we’re open to trying any storage tool that will help us remember what we bought this week.

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SALT™ Clear 5-Piece Canister Setvia

Canister Set for Dry Goods

Glass canisters look great on your counters and provide a slightly less messy way to cook with dry goods like pasta and powdered sugar. Say goodbye to four half-opened bags of flour and hello to spiffy canisters with built-in spoons and airtight lids. Need more storage inspiration? Check out kitchen storage ideas that will free up lots of space.

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Coffee Pod Holdervia

Coffee Pod Holder

This is our favorite pod holder for single-serve coffee machines, like the Keurig. Instead of displaying the individual pods loosely in their cardboard box, this set of drawers lives under your machine and neatly stores the pods. While you’re reorganizing, check out items under $30 that will make living in your home much better.

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OXO Good Grips® POP 10-Piece Food Storage Container Setvia

Catch-All Containers

While we’re still dreaming of the day that cereal and crackers get packaged in resealable bags, storing our favorite brands in airtight containers is a fabulous alternative. This 10-piece set is beloved by the Taste of Home Test Kitchen, and it makes storing almost as much fun as eating.

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1.18 oz. Dressing To Go Pkg/4via

Dressing Containers

If you bring salads for work lunch, you know all too well the struggle of bringing your dressing from home. We love these screw-top containers because they’re compact, spill-proof, and durable. Looking forward to not having to write “THIS ISN’T YOURS, DAVE” on my bottle of ranch dressing anymore.

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Oggi™ 62 fl. oz. Stainless Steel "Coffee" Canistervia

Stainless Steel Coffee Container

We are obsessed with this sleek coffee ground container. The air-tight seal keeps beans and grounds fresh, while the labeled canister makes it easy to grab what you need every morning. Are you brewing your coffee wrong? Read about mistakes everyone makes while brewing coffee.

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Lunch Containersvia

Lunch Containers

Resealable baggies were cool during grade school, but we prefer something sturdier for our work lunches. Medium-sized containers—like these 1.25 cup dishes from Rubbermaid—are perfect for the job. These are ideal for casseroles, veggies, pasta and sandwiches.

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Fresh Fruit Keepervia

Fresh Fruit Keeper

What’s better than a container with breathable holes specifically made to keep fruits and vegetables fresher for longer? One that also comes with guide printed on the plastic that lets you know exactly how to store the foods to reach maximum storage potential. This dish from Amazon also comes with a built-in strainer and bottom lid to catch water.

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Saver Lidsvia

Saver Lids

Ever feel wasteful for buying a can of tomato paste when your recipe just calls for one tablespoon? You’re not alone—canned items are great for keeping foods fresh, but once they’re open, you’re stuck with wasting the extra or forcing yourself to scarf down the rest. These saver lids are your storage savior—they’re stretchy and form an airtight seal, meaning the contents of your can may live to see a few more days.

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Meal Prep Containersvia

Meal Prep Containers

We are eternally envious of those who were made to meal prep. These glass bento boxes come with three sections, perfect for two sides and a main. The set comes with three containers, meaning you can store three days’ worth of lunch or snacks. To get started, see our greatest meal prep recipes.

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Food Storage Bagsvia

Food Storage Bags

These are not your ordinary zip-top plastic bags. We love the flexibility provided by the reusable silicone food storage bags, which can snuggle their way into tight spaces in our already-jam-packed fridges. They’re also great choices for transporting fresh fruit, trail mix and cut-up veggies.

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Antique Copper Canistersvia

Antique Copper Canisters

These copper canisters are absolutely gorgeous—we love everything from the rustic finish to the bubble texture. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts. You can store your favorite baking ingredients, like flour and sugar, or keep the products of your most recent bake tucked away from the elements. Love farmhouse decor like we do? Check out farmhouse finds to transform your kitchen.

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Cake Holdervia

Cake Holder

I can’t stress this enough—we love our cakes. And when it comes to cake, we don’t mess around with storage. We love this cake and cupcake holder, which comes with removable tiers and trays that can accommodate various baked goods. No more placing inverted bowls over perfectly iced cakes only to wake up with messy frosting and one hardened side (like seriously, how does that happen overnight?).

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