39 First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

Updated: May 27, 2024

Spring is the season for showering the new mom in your life with love—and presents. From the sentimental to the splurge-worthy, these are the best first Mother's Day gift ideas to remind her how well she's doing.

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16 First Mother's Day Gift Ideas For New MamasVIA MERCHANT

The seasoned moms on your list might have it all (that’s where these Mother’s Day gift baskets come in). But for the new mamas, they’ve just been initiated into the club of motherhood. And now they need the merch to go along with it.

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 12 this year. Like baby shower gifts, these thoughtful presents let them shout their new role loud and proud, while also helping them transition into this new phase of life with ease. Including both the necessary (we’re looking at you, Nespresso machine) and the cutesy (expect lots of jewelry), this list of first Mother’s Day gift ideas has it all.

First Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be baby-related. Sometimes, all a new mom wants to do is kick back and enjoy a pint of ice cream while she watches her favorite streaming services (and someone else takes care of Junior). She’ll love digging into this ice cream variety pack that includes mint chocolate cookie, double chocolate chunk, cupcake and cookies ‘n cream

Birth Announcement Sign

For the Memento Mom

Birth Stats Sign

This birth stats sign honors the newest addition while giving mom a way to remember their first measurements, birth city, time and weight. Each handmade sign comes in multiple sizes and color options, making it a truly personalized gift for new moms.

February Birth Flower Necklace

For the Boho Mom

Custom Birth Flower Necklace

Birthstones are a cool first Mother’s Day gift, but birth flowers are even cooler. Whether it’s a violet for February, a rose for June, or a marigold for October, each of the floral designs available for this Made by Mary necklace are hand-drawn by artists and shipped directly to mom. The necklace comes in sterling silver, gold or rose gold with different size pendants ranging from a dainty 1/4-inch circle to a larger statement-making 1/2-inch style.

Woodland Milestone Cards

For the Picture Taker

Milestone Markers

Does it even count if you don’t take perfectly posed pictures of your baby with a trendy sign every month? If she wants to document her little one’s first year, she’ll want this set of custom milestone markers. It’s the perfect first Mother’s Day gift. They’re made of eco-friendly birch wood and come in a set for 12 months. With a whimsical woodland theme, each disc features an adorable hand-painted forest animal, like fawns, raccoons and bears.

Sleep? What’s that?! Although mom might not be spending too much time snoozing, she probably is prioritizing comfy clothes while caring for her little one. She’ll love slipping into these super-soft pajamas, which have garnered a cult following on social media. This first Mother’s Day gift has thousands of reviews and comes in solid colors and fun prints. It also makes a great comfort gift for friends.

For the Baby Wearer

Solly Baby Wrap

Baby-wearing is mom’s chance to get quality bonding time with her newborn and get stuff done around the house. This Solly baby wrap is one of the most popular wraps out there thanks to its buttery soft, stretchy material and versatility. Wrap it any number of ways and it fits every body. This trendy first Mother’s Day gift comes in 20 gorgeous colors and prints, including blush pink, basil green and neutral stripes. Add it to a gift basket with chocolate and flowers for an even bigger impact.

Custom Family Portrait

For the Pet-Mama-Turned-Baby-Mama

Custom Family Portrait

Let’s be honest: Personalized Mother’s Day gifts are on a whole different level. Take this custom family portrait. Include up to 10 people (and pets!) and customize everything down to their hairstyle and outfit. Mom will love hanging it on the wall to show off her perfect fam.

If she likes the idea of journaling but an open-ended notebook feels daunting, gift her this beautiful diary. It gives her space to write just one line a day for up to the first five years of her baby’s life. She’ll jot down a quick memory while she’s up in the middle of the night nursing or in the rare moments when she gets a second to herself. Little effort for a lot of reward—an excellent way to let her know you’re thinking of her.

Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box

For the New-New Mom

Postpartum Recovery Box

The mom that just gave birth deserves a little RnR. This postpartum recovery box comes with an assortment of goodies, including sitz bath spray, mesh underwear, herbal-infused postpartum pads, witch hazel wet pads, perineal hot and cool pack, sitz bath pads, perineal cleansing bottle, stretch mark/scar balm, candle, signature Mama Affirmation card and tips for each product. It’s a Mother’s Day gift that’s practical and thoughtful!

If you’re looking for captivating gifts to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day, consider these delightful Mother’s Day basket suggestions.

Ultrasound pictures, hair clippings, hospital bracelets—mom has a lot of bits and baubles from her baby’s first year that she wants to hold on to as cherished memories. While she could use a plain old plastic bin, the Savor the Vault keepsake box is a much more special storage option. It has drawers and folders galore for her to stash everything. Have it personalized with her baby’s name for an extra touch of personalization.

The Baby Brezza is like a Keurig but for formula. With just the press of a button, she’ll have a perfectly mixed bottle ready for baby. Easily adjust the ounces and temperature, including cold, room temperature and warm. Most importantly, this first Mother’s Day gift works with any bottle size. She’ll never have to mix up another bottle by hand again—and for that, she’ll thank you.

You can never have too many nursing bras. Between spit-up, milk spills and leaking, you’ll likely have to go through a few a day. Give the new mom on your list this cult-favorite Kindred Bravely nursing bra to add to her rotation. The racerback design offers enough support, while the soft, stretchy fabric and wireless construction keep her comfortable for hours. Available in six colors, it comes in sizes S to XXL in regular and busty fits.

Gourmet Coffee

For the Tired Mom

Gourmet Coffee

We’d go so far as to guess that almost every new mom fits this category (unless she’s one of the lucky ones with a baby who sleeps through the night). This pair of gourmet coffees from Harry and David gives her a little boost in the morning—or whenever she needs it. Made from high-quality Arabica beans, the coffee comes in various mouthwatering flavors, including caramel moose munch, vanilla creme brulee and dark chocolate candy cane. Know she likes treats? Check out more gifts for foodies!

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

For the One Who's Sick of Dishes

Lawn Bottle Drying Rack

Between bottles, nipples, pump parts and pacifiers, there is no shortage of things that need to be washed and sterilized on a regular basis. This cute lawn bottle drying rack will make the endless dishwashing a little more manageable, with plenty of room for all the bottle-feeding accessories she has. This first Mother’s Day gift is designed to hold bottles of all shapes and sizes and even comes with a “tree” for drying out the smaller pieces.

Zyllion Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

For the Stressed Mama

Back and Neck Massager

She might not have time to book a facial, let alone a whole day at the spa. Bring a little of that rest and relaxation to her living room instead with this top-rated back and neck massager. With heated deep tissue massage capabilities and a contoured design, it releases even the tightest of knots. It has nearly 50,000 reviews, with many people raving about its effectiveness in relieving aches and pains.

Flower Delivery

For the Romantic

Flower Delivery

Even if her days are full of feeding, diaper changing and tummy time, she still romanticizes her everyday routine. And what better way to do that than with a gorgeous bouquet of blooms? Bouqs will deliver fresh flowers right to her doorstep. Choose a subscription that gives her a new bunch of blossoms every week or month, or go with a one-time bouquet of your choice, from wildflowers to roses.

For the Meal Prepper

Breastmilk Freezer Tray

Meal prep looks a little different these days, in that she has another mouth to feed. And she might want to stash away some “meals” (a.k.a. milk) for her newborn. Nursing moms use this BPA-free silicone mold to freeze breastmilk for later in perfect portion sizes. Even better, it doubles as a fruit popsicle mold or teether mold for when the new mom’s baby is a little bit older.

Itzy Ritzy Boss Changing Clutch Diaper Bags

For the Minimalist

Changing Pad Clutch

Diaper bags are necessary, but they can be overkill when you’re just heading out for a quick walk or errand. Enter this changing pad clutch, which is just what it sounds like: a diaper-changing pad that folds into a wristlet. It is made of vegan leather and has three pockets with just enough room for a diaper and wipes. The pad slips neatly inside for a no-fuss, easy-to-carry kit. Add it to a gift basket or gift as-is.

If she’s on board with the whole “nap when the baby naps” advice, she’ll love snuggling up under this Bearaby weighted blanket. It’s made of organic cotton that’s breathable enough for warmer months yet cozy enough for cooler months. The gentle pressure is supposed to help her fall asleep faster. Available in six colors, from cloud white to midnight blue, it comes in 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-pound weights.

Whether taking her baby out for a daily walk at the park or running errands at the nearest shopping center, she’ll need a way to keep her hands warm when the temperatures drop. These genius stroller hand muffs are like gloves, but even better. They stay attached to her stroller handlebar and are lined with an incredibly soft fleece for warmth. Plus, this first Mother’s Day gift is wind- and waterproof—perfect for rain or shine.

For the Tech-Savvy One

Hatch Rest Sound Machine

If this wasn’t one of her baby shower gifts, she needs it as a Mother’s Day gift. There’s a reason the Hatch Rest sound machine is the number one best-selling night light on Amazon. It has a huge library of soothing white noise, nature sounds, and a rainbow of soft colors. But the real highlight is that mom controls everything from her phone in the easy-to-use Hatch app. She can even program the lights and sounds to turn on and off at set times.

Waffle Weave Rectangular Diaper Caddy With Handles

For the Organizer

Diaper Caddy

Having a baby comes with so much stuff. Give her a place to put it all—and keep it somewhat organized—with this cute diaper caddy from Target. Available in cream, blush pink and charcoal gray, it features a cozy waffle weave design that’s right at home in any nursery. It has three compartments perfect for holding diapers, wipes and other accessories, plus handles for easy carrying from room to room.

Modern Boho Personalized Color Blanket

For the Snuggler

Caden Lane Blanket

Caden Lane is famous for its incredibly soft baby blankets. While there are a bunch of styles to choose from, this modern boho personalized blanket is one of the most popular, with more than 5,000 reviews. Get it personalized in block or script font with her little one’s name. Made of fleecy bamboo material, it comes in nine pretty colors, including cantaloupe, mint and citrus.

If she doesn’t yet own a Boppy, now is the perfect time to gift her one. The popular nursing pillow is designed to hold her baby in an ergonomic position while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding to save mom’s back and arms. The unique C-shape allows her to use it in almost any position, from the classic cradle to the football hold. Bonus: The removable cover—which comes in various colors and prints—is machine-washable.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

For the Runner

Jogging Stroller

If her idea of stress relief is lacing up and pounding the pavement, this Baby Trend jogging stroller will allow her to rack up some miles with her little one in tow. Along with all-terrain tires that make for a smooth ride, it has many thoughtful features, including cup holders for both mom and baby, an adjustable canopy to keep out the elements and covered storage for essentials. It comes in a range of colors, too.

Personalized Ruler Growth Charts

For the Data Tracker

Personalized Growth Chart

Meet the modern-day version of putting pencil marks on the door frame to watch your child grow month after month and year after year. This adorable Pottery Barn Kids growth chart looks like an oversized ruler and is lightweight enough to hang on the wall. It’s 6 feet tall, so she’ll use it until her little one is not so little anymore. It comes in 14 colors and has monogram or personalization options.

Baby's Brew Portable Bottle Warmer Pro

For the Mom-On-The-Go

Portable Bottle Warmer

Should her little one be the type who only likes their bottle at the perfect temperature, she will more than appreciate the parent-favorite Baby’s Brew portable bottle warmer. The cordless gadget runs for up to 12 hours on a single charge and heats milk up to the right temperature in under three minutes, so it’s ready in an instant. Plus, it’s leakproof—great for tossing in a bag—and fits almost any bottle shape and size.

Itomoro Baby Car Mirror

For the Traveler

Car Video Monitor

It doesn’t matter if she’s just running to the grocery store or embarking on an 8-hour road trip—mom needs a way to keep an eye on her little one in the backseat. And while mirrors work, they can be finicky. Instead, gift her this snazzy video monitor for the car. It’s easy to install and allows her to watch her baby in real time without craning around trying to see in the rearview mirror.

Personalized Round Plaque

For the Decorator

Custom Nursery Sign

Ask any mom influencer and they’ll tell you that no nursery is complete without a custom sign over the crib announcing who sleeps there. While there are plenty of gorgeous personalized wall signs on Etsy, this vintage floral wood one comes highly recommended. It comes in sizes ranging from 12 to 30 inches with a bunch of customization options, including font, font color and wood stain color.

Give her some light reading for when she’s pumping in the wee hours of the morning or lying down for a few minutes while the baby naps. This book is packed with “I had no idea” postpartum tips and tricks, from home remedies for post-birth healing to how to improve your relationship with your partner as a new parent. It’s also just a very encouraging and empowering read for a new mom—just what her mental health could use.

For The Instamom Mama Necklace
via merchant VIA MERCHANT

For the Instamom

Mama Necklace

The cool mom in your life will love this dainty necklace all the influencers with kiddos wear. This pretty first Mother’s Day gift is available in gold, rose gold or silver and it has an adjustable chain that’s tarnish-resistant, so she can wear it for years to come.

Mom Life Mama Bear Pink Large

For the Caffeinated Friend

Coffee Mug

If mom can’t survive without her morning cup of joe, she’ll love sipping it from this adorable mug, which is hand-painted and big enough to hold all her java. Pair it with one of these must-have coffee products and she’ll be doubling as mom and barista. (It goes great with a Mother’s Day cake delivery, too!)

Custom Embroidered Sweatshirt For Mom

For the Athleisure Lover

Mama Sweatshirt

Nothing says “I’m proud to be a mom, ” like a sweatshirt emblazoned with her new status across the front. This comfy sweatshirt comes in various sizes, colors and monogram options. Add her little one’s name on the sleeve for an extra “aww.”

For the iPhone Photographer

Wireless Photo Printer

Behind every baby is a mom frantically taking pictures of every milestone (and every smile). Now she just needs a way to print out all those special photos. With this Bluetooth photo printer, she’ll do it right from home and her phone. Portable and lightweight, it prints clear, high-quality pictures anytime, anywhere.

Being a mom is exhausting between the sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. Help her stay fueled with a brand new Nespresso Vertuo, which is like a pod coffeemaker but for espresso. She’ll be able to brew up delicious copycat Starbucks drinks in seconds.

Her baby’s hands will never be as tiny as they are now. Immortalize those adorable fingers with this hand-casting kit. It is highly recommended by over 3,000 Amazon shoppers who say it’s easy to use and very detailed. Hang the finished mold as a Christmas ornament or display it on the mantel.

Signature Layflat Photo Album

For the Traveler

Custom Photo Album

The company Artifact Uprising is beloved for its elegant custom photo albums. It’s perfect for a new mom to capture her baby’s first few months, future family vacations and childhood milestones. Gift her the book itself—which comes with either a luxe leather or linen cover and a personalized engraving. Or send a gift card so she can make her own. (See more sendable Mother’s Day gifts.)

Esme Personalised Birthstone Name Bangle

For the Accessory Queen

Personalized Name Bracelet

A charm bracelet—but for moms. That’s what this personalized bangle is. Available in champagne, silver and rose gold, the dainty bracelet is adorned with a Swarovski crystal birthstone charm and an engraved disk with the name of mom’s precious babe. It’s the quintessential first Mother’s Day gift!

First day home, bath, word, even food. There are so many things to record and remember during a baby’s first year, so give mom a spot to do so with this memory book. Not only does it have plenty of guided journal pages for all the important milestones, but it also has space for photos (like that oh-so-important sonogram!).