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Field Editor Favorite Recipes

We asked Taste of Home Field Editors to share their all-time favorite Taste of Home recipes. Check out this slideshow of their top picks, plus learn tips and advice for how they made the recipes their own.

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Pina Colada Zucchini BreadTaste of Home

Pina Colada Zucchini Bread

I have been a subscriber since the “get-go” in 1993, so there are so many Taste of Home recipes that are family favorites! This is the first one that always comes to my mind, especially in the summer. I’ve made hundreds of loaves of this quick bread, which never fails to get rave reviews! —Field Editor Debbie Johnson (Grammy Debbie)

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Chocolate Chip DipTaste of Home

Chocolate Chip Dip

This is very easy to make, and I always get asked for the recipe wherever I take it! I think it tastes best served with animal crackers. —Field Editor Heather Biedler (HeatherHH)

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Flavorful Pot RoastTaste of Home

Flavorful Pot Roast

I can put this recipe together in 5 minutes in the morning and the house smells amazing when we get home. Put the frozen roast and the rest of the ingredients in the slow cooker and cook on low. Add a little extra water for more gravy. —Field Editor Michele Hester (Michele.Hester)

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Parmesan-Crusted ChickenTaste of Home

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken

It’s hard to pick just one favorite! But I will go with this recipe. The first time I fixed it, my husband said that it was a keeper and to please fix it again. It is easy to prepare and tastes like something you’d get in a restaurant. I may thaw out some chicken breasts for dinner tonight! —Field Editor Joan Hallford (MarineMom_texas)

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Camper's Breakfast Hash

Camper's Breakfast Hash

My husband belongs to a group of men that cook for each other every Saturday morning. He is the first to grab the new magazine when it comes to see if there are any “good” breakfast club recipes. This recipe has been a favorite. It is so easy and the taste is fabulous. —Field Editor Bonnie Hawkins (Bonito)

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Verde SauceTaste of Home

Verde Sauce

This recipe I submitted is our family’s favorite! A whole batch of the sauce makes enough for three pounds of pasta, so you can portion and freeze it. You can have summer goodness all year long! I throw in quartered cherry tomatoes, cucumber and red onion to make a pasta salad. Or I serve it hot and add it to rice or a twice-baked potato. —Field Editor Ann Sheehy (annrms)

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Luau Chicken SandwichesTaste of Home

Luau Chicken Sandwiches

This is one of the few recipes we’ve found for grilled boneless chicken breasts that leaves the chicken moist and delicious. It’s great as a sandwich or sliced over a crisp green salad or served as a main dish. Don’t forget some extra grilled pineapple—everyone always likes that! —Field Editor Barb Szyszkiewicz (sofmom)

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Cranberry-Mustard Pork MedallionsTaste of Home

Cranberry-Mustard Pork Medallions

I use this recipe with chicken and turkey, as well as pork. When I look in my freezer and wonder what to thaw for the next day, I always see at least one meal I can make because of this recipe! —Field Editor Kathy Allen (Cook_aholic)

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French DipTaste of Home

French Dip

I don’t think I have ever made these for company and they haven’t asked me for the recipe! It was the first recipe my new daughter-in-law asked me for! Cooked in the crockpot, they are ready when you are. I usually make a big batch and freeze the meat and broth in separate containers for a really quick but great meal! —Field Editor Joyce Moynihan (joycerm53)

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Plantation GingerbreadTaste of Home

Plantation Gingerbread

As I was browsing through hundreds of Taste of Home recipes that I love, this one just waved a big flag and said, “choose me.” (Three-Chocolate Fudge came in a close second.) We make this every year for the holidays and it is the very best gingerbread I have ever had. I give it as a gift for any occasion and it freezes well for a quick treat. —Field Editor Mickey Turner (blessedwoman__SoOregon)

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Rave Review Coconut CakeTaste of Home

Rave Review Coconut Cake

Hands down my absolute favorite recipe is this cake! It’s a recipe my mom cut out YEARS and YEARS ago, and she made it often. Now I make it every Easter and for special occasions and company. It is always a hit! I have the original clipping that my Mom cut out in a journal. It’s the only coconut cake I will eat! —Field Editor Ellen Folkman (buffetfan)

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Honey Whole Wheat Rolls Exps Sddj17 7334 D08 05 4b 2

Honey Whole Wheat Rolls

One of my favorite recipes is the Honey Whole Wheat Rolls. I made them years ago for Thanksgiving, and now they are a “must have.” They are simple to make and always turn out so nice! —Field Editor Lori Thompson (lorith)

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Marbled Orange FudgeTaste of Home

Marbled Orange Fudge

I absolutely love the flavor in this Marbled Orange Fudge, which is so reminiscent of the orange Dreamsicle bars I indulged in as a child. It’s also easy to make. I like the faces folks make when they take the first bite, ignoring warnings of the sweetness and that this is NOT cheese! After that, they can’t seem to get enough of it. —Field Editor Beverly Nichols (red_savage1)

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Broccoli Ham QuicheTaste of Home

Broccoli Ham Quiche

This recipe is great in the fall and winter but also in the cool spring. For Christmas, we bake a ham and this dish is great to use up some of the ham. Even my youngest, who hates broccoli, eats this quiche. —Field Editor Rachelle Stratton (rachellestratton)

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Lemon Supreme Pie

Lemon Supreme Pie

This wonderful, cheery lemon recipe gets my vote! It is one of my lemon favorites. I love the fact that a dash of lemon is also included in the cream cheese layer. It’s a double dose. Just a mouthful of sunshine! —Field Editor Janie Zirbser (Appy_Girl)

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Cheeseburger Soup Exps Sbz17 2832 B10 21 1b 19

Cheeseburger Soup

This soup has been a staple at our house ever since the October/November 1996 issue of Taste of Home. My son was five years old then, and now he still requests the recipe when he comes over. It makes a hearty meal all on its own. I usually make a big batch and store leftovers in the refrigerator, which we eat for several days afterward. —Field Editor Becky Ruff (becky66)

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Frosted Banana Bars

Frosted Banana Bars

I have a number of favorite recipes from Taste of Home, but this is a “huge favorite.” It is one of the most moist banana bar recipes I have ever made, and the icing enhances it tremendously. I make the icing for other things as well. (I do like to decrease the icing sugar to 2-1/2 cups.) Big favorite of my husband’s, too. —Field Editor Susan Kieboam (Alliea)

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Snappy Cocktail MeatballsTaste of Home

Snappy Cocktail Meatballs

My all-time favorite recipe is from the Country Ground Beef cookbook that was published back in 1993. It’s my favorite recipe because it never fails to conjure up HUGE smiles! I’ve never met a person who doesn’t love them, and I never seem to be able to make enough! —Field Editor Gina Dolieslager (WisconsinG)

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Spiced Apple Pork RoastTaste of Home

Spiced Apple Pork Roast

I was a charter subscriber to Taste of Home and still have every single issue. This is a recipe I go to time and again. I don’t even have to read the recipe I make it so often! The apple mixture bakes to a kind of crust. One of the best things is the smell of this cooking. YUM!!! —Field Editor Holly Balzer-Harz (Nightskystar)

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Peanut Butter S'mores BarsTaste of Home

Peanut Butter S'mores Bars

These bars were a huge family hit. My youngest daughter brought a pan back to the college dorms with her and they are now a standard request from her dorm mates! The recipe is so quick and easy and can be made on the fly! —Field Editor Faith Ford (MidwestFoodie)

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Deluxe German Potato SaladTaste of Home

Deluxe German Potato Salad

This recipe is by far my most-requested. I can put it together rather quickly because it doesn’t involve peeling the potatoes. The delicious sauce is a breeze to make. The presentation is so colorful, and it certainly makes a lot. —Field Editor Linda Vogel (linsvin)

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Swiss Mushroom ChickenTaste of Home

Swiss Mushroom Chicken

This tasty recipe is so easy yet looks fancy! This is one of my “go to” recipes for workday meals because it goes together so quickly with a salad and buttered noodles for a delicious meal. I have even served this to company and they have raved about it. —Field Editor Lynne German (avidcookGA)

Sue Stetzel
Sue has been part of the Taste of Home family for over 16 years. Her collection of magazines dates back to the premier issue in 1993. When she isn’t writing, she’s answering your burning cooking questions and working with our team of Volunteer Field Editors.

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