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10 Fast Food Items Coming to Your Favorite Restaurant This Year

Smothered fries, maple bacon burgers, and vegan chicken and tacos? Fast food is going fast gourmet with these new options.

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Fast food goes gourmet

Fast food restaurants have been upping the ante when it comes to offerings and quality lately and 2019 looks to be no different. Additionally, they are also catering to the changing consumer taste. From global flavors, creative offerings, and even vegan options, there has been a push to give consumers the best tasting and most authentic food possible, without having to wait. Check out some of the items that may end up at your favorite fast food joint sooner rather than later. Check out these secret menu items you’ll want to order the next time you’re hitting the drive-thru.

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A newly constructed Wendy's fast food restaurantMilesbeforeIsleep/Shutterstock

Wendy’s Bacon Maple Chicken Sandwich

While this is rolling out now, the new bacon maple chicken sandwich from Wendy’s is expected to be available nationwide in 2019, the company announced. It consists of a crispy-fried chicken breast filet with a maple glaze, Swiss cheese and three strips of applewood-smoked bacon on a toasted croissant bun. According to the company, Wendy’s spent more than three years testing the new product in order to get it right. “The first time I tried the Bacon Maple Chicken sandwich, it honestly blew me away,” said Kurt Kane, Wendy’s executive vice president, chief concept and marketing officer. “I highly recommend treating yourself to one, or two, to see just how good our homestyle chicken fillet is when you add bacon and our new maple glaze to it.” These are the 8 things you never knew about Wendy’s Frosty.

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Subway exteriorWozzie/Shutterstock

Subway’s Sriracha Melts

Made with chicken or steak, Subway is spicing things up with its new Sriracha melts. Rolling out this year, reports Nation’s Restaurant News, the sandwiches will be topped with creamy Sriracha sauce, pepper Jack cheese and a choice of vegetables. Did you know that Subway is the world’s largest restaurant chain? Here’s how they did it.

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Taco BellPhilip Lange/Shutterstock

Taco Bell’s Midnight Melt Taco

While this may only be a rumor, Taco Bell has been testing the Midnight Melt taco—and it’s blue corn taco shell—in the Minneapolis area. The taco shell is lined along the bottom with a layer of a melted three-cheese blend, said Brand Eating. Look for the Triplelupa as well, which is currently being tested in California. Taco Bell tested several new items in 2018, including the popular nacho fries and naked chicken chips, which both made the menu for a limited time. These are the 8 things you should know about Taco Bell.

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Burger King Restaurants logoVytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock

Burger King’s Big King Sandwich

Burger King will be bringing its Big King sandwich back permanently. The sandwich, which was tested last year, is made of two beef patties topped with proprietary King Sauce, lettuce, American cheese, pickles and white onions all served on a sesame seed bun. Like the Big Mac, this sandwich will also have a middle bun, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. Do you know which fast-food restaurant has the fastest drive-thru?

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Sign above an Arby's restaurant in Manhattan.Roman Tiraspolsky/Shutterstock

Arby’s Beer Can Chicken Sandwich

Arby’s has been testing a beer can sandwich throughout Minnesota with hopes to add it to the menu in 2019, according to Delish. The sandwich, which uses Miller High Life as its beer-can base, also contains melted cheddar cheese, crispy onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato on marinated chicken. The sandwich is served with garlic aioli on a toasted roll.

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Sign Starbucks Coffee.Grand Warszawski/Shutterstock

New Starbucks food

While the company has been tight-lipped about which specific menu items will be hitting the market in 2019, reports suggest that new food items will be top-of-mind for the brand. The coffee house is attempting to capture customers that aren’t necessarily coffee drinkers in order to grow their business. Here are some ways to make your next Starbucks order a little healthier.

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KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken retail restaurant store front with Colonel Harland David Sanders logo portrait sign Saint Augustine, Florida USAPeter L. Gould/Shutterstock

KFC’s Vegan Chicken

According to Newsweek, KFC will jump into 2019 by offering vegan fried chicken. The chain is currently testing the recipe, which will still use the same 11 herbs and spices that it’s regular fried chicken uses—the chain is still mum on what will make up the “meat”—though a likely guess is the wheat-based protein substitute seitan. Here is how to make KFC’s famous chicken recipe at home.

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Del TacoJonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

Del Taco’s Vegan Taco

In September, Del Taco announced it was partnering with Beyond Meat to bring vegan options to the chain. The fast-food restaurant is currently serving up the meat substitute at two locations in California but may expand depending on the demand. Check out these healthy fast-food options at your favorite restaurants.

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Dunkin’ Nitro-Infused Cold Brew

Going into 2019, Dunkin’ Donuts will be known only as Dunkin’, however, that’s not the only change. The company recently opened a new store in New York City which is aimed at giving customers a look at the rebranding efforts. One of the new items that should be hitting the rest of Dunkin’s outlets in 2019 is nitro-infused cold brew, reports Business Insider. These are the things that Dunkin’ employees wish you knew.

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Jack in the Box fast food hamburger restaurantQualityHD/Shutterstock

Jack In The Box Sauced and Loaded Fries

According to the company, they will be looking to add more “culturally relevant” items to the menu in 2019. Food Business News recently reported that big changes will be coming for the company, including adding menu items that are “uniquely flavorful, culturally relevant and affordable,” said Leonard Comma, chairman and chief executive officer. These may include teriyaki bowls along with the continuation of items like the Sauced and Loaded Fries (cheese sauce, guacamole and other options served over fries). Next, find out the most popular fast food chain the year you were born.

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