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12 Foods That Make Ellen Want to Dance

The talk show host and super-funny comedian cares about what she eats. You won't find any animal products on Ellen's table!

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Ellen DeGeneres 'Lorraine' TV show, London, UK - 12 Jul 2016 Actress, comedian and host of one of the most popular talk shows in the world, Ellen DeGeneres joins Lorraine to talk about reprising her starring role in the long-awaited animation movie, Finding Dory. Ellen - who nearly broke the internet with that Oscars selfie - voices the character of Dory in the sequel to the 2003 film, Finding Nemo, which is out on Friday 29 July in the UK.Shutterstock/Ken McKay/ITV/REX

Ellen DeGeneres does it all—and she’s powered by a plant-based diet! Here are a dozen dishes that she loves or would work perfectly for her, from our spicy pasta to amazingly crispy tofu.

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Garden BurgersTaste of Home

Garden Burgers

The funny lady loves a garden burger, and this one gets its bulk and flavor from beans and oats but also contains carrots for color and extra nutrition.

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Veggies!Taste of Home


Vegetables are certainly a huge component of Ellen’s diet, so it’s a good thing she loves ’em. These roasted roots definitely deserve a place on her table.


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Banana Oatmeal PancakesTaste of Home

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Ellen’s personal chef has formulated several recipes to fit into her vegan lifestyle, including banana oatmeal pancakes. This version couldn’t be easier!

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Pasta ArrabiataTaste of Home

Pasta Arrabiata

Pasta arrabiata (which translates to “angry pasta”) is on Ellen’s list of favorite foods, so we know she’d like this spicy pasta toss.

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TofuTaste of Home


Tofu is a great source of protein for vegans, and Ellen is a fan. To make it even more appealing, this saucy dish is loaded with vegetables, too!

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Especially Crispy TofuTaste of Home

Especially Crispy Tofu

One of the best things you can do to vegan-friendly tofu is pan-fry it until it’s crispy; this dish is extra special thanks to a flavorful black pepper sauce.

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Tomato & Avocado SandwichesTaste of Home

Tomato & Avocado Sandwiches

Ellen’s chef has written a cookbook full of vegan delights! He created an avocado Reuben that must rival this colorful sandwich in tastiness.


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Whole Wheat Veggie PizzaTaste of Home

Whole Wheat Veggie Pizza

Though it may sound outrageous to some, Ellen has found that eating pizza without cheese can be a delicious experience. (This particular veggie-heavy pie does have a bit of cheese on top, but that’s easy to leave off.)

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LentilsTaste of Home


Ellen cleverly uses lentils soaked in caper juice to simulate caviar. (Who knew!) This batch of lentils isn’t quite as fancy as that, but it sounds equally delicious. If Ellen’s coming over, be sure to use a vegan yogurt for garnish.

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Hearty SaladsTaste of Home

Hearty Salads

The Emmy winner would undoubtedly enjoy this veggie-heavy dish. The addition of protein-rich edamame gives it a push toward a complete meal.

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Hearty Chickpea PotpieTaste of Home

Hearty Chickpea Potpie

Chicken pot pie is one of the best comfort foods of all time, and Ellen’s chef serves up a vegan version. This batch, made with chickpeas, would be a hit as well (with a vegan crust, of course).

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Black Beans with Brown RiceTaste of Home

Black Beans with Brown Rice

Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi, says that her favorite dish is red beans and rice. We think she’d love this version made with black beans, too!

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