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8 Easy Ways to Turn Your Favorite Breads into Holiday Showstoppers

These surprisingly simple tricks put an impressive twist on your holiday breads. Don't expect leftovers!

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Homemade "Roscon de reyes" , Spanish typical dessert of Epiphany, in the oven platePhoto: Shutterstock/asife

At my house, we start each holiday meal with rolls and a salad before digging into the main course. Any other day, I can devour a restaurant bread basket with the best of them, but on holidays, I tend to reserve my appetite in anticipation of specialty dishes. When did bread become a pit stop to the turkey and stuffing? After all, quality rolls are an essential component to leftover sandwiches.

This holiday season, give bread a lead role. Spruce up your favorite recipes and add some new methods to the mix for holiday breads that can’t be ignored.

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1. Sprinkle with Holiday Herbs

Traditional flavors like rosemary and sage encapsulate the very essence of the holidays. Have you considered using aromatic herbs typically reserved for a roasted turkey in your favorite bread recipe? Try Grandma’s Rosemary Dinner Rolls or Sage & Gruyere Sourdough for a scrumptious twist on a classic recipe that will leave your kitchen smelling divine.

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2. Add a Touch of Color

You know the old saying, first we eat with our eyes and then our stomachs. Tempt your guests’ appetites with bold-colored breads. Red, orange and yellow are known to subconsciously induce hunger or excitement. Everyone will be begging for more of this garlic bread studded with sun-dried tomatoes and these golden Butternut Squash Dinner Rolls.

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Photo: Taste of Home

3. Come Together, Pull Apart

Feed a crowd at your next get-together by creating an easy-to-share pull-apart bread. This Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Monkey Bread is sure to wow at breakfast or brunch. Go savory at cocktail hour with a cheesy party bread or this Pull-Apart Bacon Bread (yes, I said bacon!).

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4. Top It Off

Delicious bread is made all the better with a slather of something decadent. Sweet and simple Honey Cinnamon Butter makes a great spread for dinner rolls, french toast, waffles and more!

In the mood for something sophisticated? Serve a herb-infused dipping oil with warm bread for a special touch.

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5. Twist It, Twirl It

Break away from the classic, round dinner roll with a unique shape. The extra effort is sure to impress! This star bread is nothing short of stunning. For something small, try these knotted Freeze-and-Bake Rolls or twirly Icebox Butterhorns. Both recipes can be made ahead, saving you precious holiday cooking time.

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6. Have Your Bread, and Eat What’s in It, Too!

Bread, while absolutely delicious, can also be part of a great presentation. Bread bowls are part serveware, part utensil. Hollow out the center and tear up the unused bread for dippers. Fill with your favorite soup, stew or dip and guests can munch away on the contents and the bowl, saving you from clean-up duty! Baking your own bread bowls is easy with this quick tutorial.

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7. Get in the Holiday Spirit(s)

Make your festivities all the merrier by adding some spirits, like the rum-soaked fruit in this stollen. If you’re not into the hard stuff, try a beer bread, which might just be the easiest thing you’ll ever bake! Learn how to make it here. Bonus points if you serve it with Beer Cheese Fondue.

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8. Cheese, Please!

From grilled cheese to pizza, cheese and bread simply belong together. Make mouths water with a Swiss cheese-stuffed loaf. This method works with your favorite variety of bread and cheese! I recommend using easy-melting Colby Jack or brie for a creamy, dreamy treat.

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