70 Easy Labor Day Recipes

Our easy Labor Day recipes prove 15 minutes (or less!) is more than enough time to pack in the flavor.

Labor Day is celebrated with picnics, parades and parties. And what do these have in common? The food!

This holiday is supposed to be a no-fuss fun time for friends and family, and these recipes are just the place to start. From salads to dips to sandwiches, we want the best food with as little effort as possible.

Make sure your Labor Day party is full of smokey grilled meats and stress-free cooking!

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Pistachio Mallow Salad

This fluffy pistachio salad is creamy while not being overly sweet. You can whip it up quickly for guests and don’t have to worry about it sitting out for too long. Unlike most treats, the flavor gets better the longer it stands.
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Smash Burgers

These quick and easy smash burgers are going to be the star of your next cookout. Coat the meat liberally with salt for the best flavor. You can even experiment with the type of meat and go for a ground brisket or short rib blend.
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Dreamy Fruit Dip

This thick cream cheese dip is made extra sweet with marshmallow creme. It goes great with any fruit, and you can even use the leftovers on toast the next morning.
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Five-Minute Blueberry Pie

This quick pie relies on the taste of fresh blueberries. If you’re in a pinch for your next Labor Day potluck, consider this all-natural summer dessert.
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Kansas Cucumber Salad

This cucumber salad resembles what you typically see in a potato salad, all the way down to the vinegar and dill. The kicker? Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise. This allows it to not only be crunchy and tart, but also sweet and creamy.
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Speedy Shrimp Flatbreads

These five-ingredient flatbreads are a quick and easy Labor Day recipe. Garlic-herb cheese and sun-dried tomatoes mimic a traditional pizza sauce spread that you’ll find yourself repeating in other flatbread experiments.
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Marshmallow Fudge

If you like s’mores, then you’re going to love this marshmallow fudge. The on-the-go treat is great for your next Labor Day party. Kids and adults will love the low-fat snack.
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Dijon-Bacon Dip for Pretzels

Horseradish is the unsung hero of this tangy and smokey dip. While the dip is for pretzels, word on the street is it’s great with corn chips too.
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Taco Pinwheels

If you overestimated how much meat you’d need for Taco Tuesday, these taco pinwheels are the perfect way to use up leftovers. Served with salsa, they’re tangy, creamy and portable!
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Honey-Orange Broccoli Slaw

Honey and citrus light up this coleslaw. It is colorful, sweet and fruity with almonds adding a nice crunch. If you’re tired of creamy coleslaws, this light side dish is the way to go.
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Dilly Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

If you like tuna salad or even egg salad, you’re going to want to save this sandwich recipe. With celery, onion and mayo, this dilly dish is both crunchy and soft.
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Cucumber and Red Onion Salad

This tangy salad is perfect for a picnic. It’s cool and refreshing without being too heavy. You’ll have plenty of room for a nice grilled dinner.
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Garlic Garbanzo Bean Spread

This recipe is essentially a green onion hummus. It’ll brighten any Labor Day party table while tasting amazing. You can serve pita chips, corn chips, or carrots with this recipe.
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Cobb Salad Sub

Whether you make this as a wrap or a sandwich, this quick salad-turned-meal is stocked full of the best flavors. The smokiness from the ham and bacon is cut with fresh tomatoes and balsamic dressing. A cheesy richness in the form of Gorgonzola and hard-boiled eggs tie it all together.
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Pina Colada Fruit Salad

If you like piña coladas…you’ve come to the right fruit salad. Almond and coconut extract combine with piña colada mix to make a light and refreshing course that you won’t want to miss.
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Candy Bar Apple Salad

This candy bar apple salad is as straightforward as it comes. Pudding mix, whipped topping, apples and Snickers bars combine to make a sweet and creamy salad with a satisfying crunch. We recommend Granny Smith apples to balance the sweetness.
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Best Deviled Eggs

What sets this recipe apart, and perhaps what gives it the title of “best”, are the herbs. Parsley, dill weed and chives work overtime to make a tangy and flavorful appetizer.
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Ice Cream Cookie Dessert

Surprise any Oreo lover with this chocolaty, layered treat. Anything goes in terms of the ice cream flavor you use, so switch it up for some amazing combinations!
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Broccoli Raisin Salad

Sweetness is key in a broccoli salad and this dish doesn’t miss. No flavor is overpowered so you can taste it all; the smokiness of the bacon, the crunch from the broccoli and even the fruitiness of the raisins.
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Dill Pickle Dip

With cream cheese, sour cream and pickles, you have a creamy dip that can double as a sandwich spread. To make this recipe your own, test different flavors of pickles.
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Caprese Salad Kabobs

This on-the-go salad snack is perfect for a party. They’re simple, stunning and tasty, with balsamic vinegar dressing giving them some zing.
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Chocolaty S’mores Bars

These s’mores bars are chocolatey and addictive. The perfect way to end a cookout, they’re easy to carry and even easier to customize. Try adding some peanut butter or candies for a whole new experience.
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Blueberry Lemon Trifle

This no-bake dessert is a standout on any table, just look at the colors! The angel food cake makes it light and airy while still having a natural and fresh taste from the blueberries.
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Spectacular Overnight Slaw

This make-ahead coleslaw gets better the longer you let it sit. It’s easy to assemble and is a great tangy side to go along with any smoked meats. With peppers and olives, it even adds a splash of color to the table.
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Homemade Guacamole

You can’t go wrong with homemade guacamole, especially in the presence of foods that bring up the heat. With lime, cilantro and fresh tomato, this recipe is cooling and fresh.
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Broccoli Salad Supreme

Broccoli and grapes are an unlikely flavor combination that brings together two of the best food textures, crunch and crisp. Did we mention it also has bacon?
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Loaded Baked Potato Dip

This cheesy bacon and chive dip tastes just like a baked potato topping, while the waffle fries act as the potato. You can use full-fat products if you’d prefer.
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Chocolate Chip Dip

This cookie dough di is sweet and creamy. It’s great for graham crackers, apple slices, pretzels and even animal crackers.
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Fresh Cucumber Salad

This vinegar and dill salad is sweet and refreshing. Letting it sit overnight really enhances the flavors. With such little preparation time, you can make as much or as little as needed.
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Dill Vegetable Dip

This creamy dill dip goes great with any veggies you have on hand. Serving them together in a cup makes for a cute centerpiece and an herby snack.
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Hot Pizza Dip

Pizza sauce and cream cheese make the foundation of this layered dip. You can top it with any of your favorite pizza toppings, but green peppers give it a nice pop of color.
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Marshmallow Fruit Dip

Cherry yogurt is the star of this light and fluffy fruit dip. It goes great with any fruit, but we recommend apples and strawberries.
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Easy Seafood Salad

This citrus salad is refreshing and healthy. With shrimp and crabmeat, it’s an appetizer that’s hearty enough to act as the main course.
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Brownie Batter Dip

Fruit, cookies or salty snacks are great options for this brownie dip. The smooth and buttery treat is great for kids and chocolate lovers.
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Easy Macaroni Salad

This hearty pasta salad is full of veggies. With celery, peppers, olives and peas, there’s a lot of green! Even kids will love this hidden gem potluck recipe.
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Balsamic Cucumber Salad

This easygoing cucumber salad really showcases summer garden veggies. You can use store-bought balsamic vinaigrette, or try a homemade recipe.
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Mushroom Cheese Bread

This savory grilled bread has a mayo and cheese topping that makes it all the more rich. If you like mushrooms, you’re going to want to give this barbecue appetizer a try.
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Nutella-Stuffed Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries usually come at a steep price. Luckily, this version is inexpensive and easy to make at home. Hazelnut spread makes them an irresistibly nutty Labor Day dessert.
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Savory Cucumber Sandwiches

Italian salad dressing mix really makes these sandwiches something special. You can turn the herby spread into a dip for crackers.
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Strawberry Corn Salsa

This bright and summery salad is a crowd-pleaser that can be served with tortilla or pita chips. It’s sweet, fruity and bursts in your mouth.
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Secret-Ingredient Stuffed Eggs

Can you keep a secret? Mango, goat cheese and pecans make this appetizer shine. The mango doesn’t come on too strong. Rather, it adds a nice subtle touch to the savory dish.
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Swift Strawberry Salad

A caramel, orange juice and maple syrup blend makes this strawberry salad as much of a dessert as it is a side dish. It offers a nice juxtaposition to grilled meats and other savory foods.
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Honey-Pecan Kiwi Salad

Kiwi is an underrated summer fruit, and an even more underrated salad ingredient. With honey, lime and yogurt, this salad is sweet and tart.
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Broccoli and Apple Salad

This cool and creamy side dish showcases the power of plain yogurt. With onion, bacon and apples already having such strong flavor profiles, you don’t need much to jazz up the dressing in this recipe.
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Chunky Mango Guacamole

This chunky guacamole has a nice mild flavor. The bigger pieces allow you to really taste the tomatoes, onions and mango. To avoid browning, add the avocado last.
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Nacho Popcorn

Parmesan cheese, chili powder and hot sauce upgrade a basic bowl of popcorn to a nacho-inspired treat. The zesty combination is a nice alternative to the usual butter and salt.
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Spinach, Apple & Pecan Salad

This is the perfect Labor Day salad because it combines the flavors of summer and fall. Feta cheese and bacon add some sharpness to the meal.
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Ham & Jack Pudgy Pie

These melty ham sandwiches bring together the delicious pairing of salsa and pepper jack cheese. This grilled cheese is a quick and easy classic that probably won’t require a trip to the grocery store.
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Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

This sweet surprise tastes just like cookie dough! Rolled in chopped pecans, this spread can be served with cookies, graham crackers and pretzels.
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Oreos and s’mores are some of our favorite cookout desserts, so why not combine the two? By putting creamy peanut butter and an Oreo in the middle of the s’more, you can live out your Parent Trap dreams.
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Easy Deviled Eggs

Mayo, vinegar and mustard make up the filling of these deviled eggs. With just a pinch of sugar (you read that right) and salt, they’re simply delightful.
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Blueberry Graham Dessert

When you’re short on time but long for cheesecake, try this blueberry dessert. Ricotta and cream cheeses give every bit as much flavor as proper cheesecake without all the effort.
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Quick Watermelon Salsa

When it’s hot outside, you’re going to want this watermelon and pineapple salsa. The orange juice and hot pepper sauce mixture gives it a bit of a bite.
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Chocolate Chip Bars

Can you believe these bars come from the microwave? These walnut bars are a wonderful after-dinner treat with a big glass of milk.
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Pastrami Roll-Ups

Who has time for sandwiches nowadays? These pickle roll-ups have two kinds of strong cheeses, cream cheese and blue cheese.
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Star-Spangled Parfaits

This patriotic dessert is a nice testament to Labor Day. It helps that it’s tasty! Raspberry walnut vinaigrette and strawberry Greek yogurt make it even more fruity.
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Cookout Caramel S’mores

Rather than having a chocolate bar in the middle that melts and gets everywhere, this take on the classic treat uses chocolate syrup. This no-mess snack also uses caramel ice cream topping.
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Citrus Avocado Salad

The lemon poppyseed dressing in this salad is refreshing and different from what you usually see. By highlighting underused fruits, like grapefruit, the salad feels original.
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Fresh Fruit Salsa

This fruit salsa is as colorful as it is simple. Letting the fruits shine, the dressing is a simple vinegar and lime mixture with heat coming from the jalapeño pepper.
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Chipotle Lime Avocado Salad

A sweet and spicy dressing coats the avocados and cucumbers that sit on tomatoes. This fun and colorful salad packs just the right amount of heat.
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Grilled Angel Food Cake with Strawberries

Balsamic vinegar adds a nice tang to desserts that you won’t want to miss out on. The resulting cake is warm, fruity and delicious! It’s the perfect way to end a night of grilling.
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Peachy Jalapeno Guacamole

Peaches in guacamole make it all the more summery. The hint of sweetness really stands against the other savory ingredients.
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Fruit Kabobs with Cream Cheese Dip

This sweet fruit dip has a surprising ingredient, sour cream! It only makes it that much more creamy. On a hot summer day, these fruit kabobs really hit the spot.
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Raspberry Ice Cream in a Bag

Homemade ice cream is fun for the whole family. You shake the bags until the liquid changes to ice cream and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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Tangy Texas Salsa

The combination of fruit, jalapeño and cilantro is perfect over any meat, poultry or fish. You can use it as a dip, too.
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Bacon Horseradish Spread

This bacon and horseradish dip is bursting with flavor. The smooth texture makes it a great vehicle for any kind of chip.
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Honey-Rum Grilled Bananas

If you’re already using the grill, you might as well end the night with these honey, cinnamon and rum bananas. For bananas a la mode, add vanilla ice cream for a bananas foster-style treat.
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Beer Dip

Ranch dressing mix and cheddar cheese flavor this addictive beer dip. It goes perfectly with pretzels and can even be made with nonalcoholic beer.
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S’mores on a Stick

These fun popsicle stick treats are not just reserved for kids. Since the marshmallow topping is more of a spread, it’s less messy than a traditional s’more. The chocolate drizzle on the outside makes them all the more festive.