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13 Festive Easter Cake Decorations

Talk about eye candy (literally!). These adorable Easter cake decorations are *almost* too pretty to eat.

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Pretty in Peeps

After you’ve recovered from learning that Peeps is releasing not one but six new flavors this spring, snag a pack of the original chicks to create this cute confection. Arrange your Peeps “petals” around the outside of a frosted cake, then sprinkle chocolate chip “seeds” in the center.

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Robins egg cakeCourtesy of Preppy Kitchen

Something Blue

Robins are red, their eggs are blue, we’ve got the loveliest last course for you! Speckle the eggshell exterior with a mix of cocoa and vanilla, then nestle a few miniature chocolate eggs in a bed of toasted coconut flakes on top.

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Taste of Home

Go Lamb

Let Grandma’s old-school lamb cake make a comeback this year with this lamb cake mold from our friends at Nordic Ware. To decorate, frost, then pat on coconut flakes to create the lamb’s fluffy coat.

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carrot cake with cream cheese icingCourtesy of Cloudy Kitchen

Pretty Pastels

Lilac, blush, peach, oh my! Start with a cream cheese-covered carrot cake, then alternate muted mini eggs with piped pastel pops for the dreamiest dessert a la Cloudy Kitchen. Need help icing the cake? Here’s how to frost flawlessly, according to one pro baker.

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Pineapple carrot cakeTaste of Home

Flower Power

The easiest way to add an extra pop of springtime vibrance to your cake is with edible flowers. But don’t just go picking any blooms! Here are 18 flowers that are safe to eat.

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Embrace your inner artist with this gorgeous gateau dripping in thick ganache. The whimsical topping is a combination of vermicelli noodles, melted dark cocoa and bite-sized chocolate eggs (which you can whip up at home for an even tastier treat with this recipe).

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Pipe on PatternTaste of Home

Pipe on Pattern

Try this cute pattern on your next carrot cake: Using a piping bag with a #2 writing tip (purchase here), use a zig-zag motion to create tiny triangles in orange frosting. Then, top with tiny leaf-life dots in green.

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DIY SUGAR FLOWER CAKECourtesy of Sugar & Cloth

Frosted Flowers

Bedecked with a bevy of beautiful blossoms, this cake is the definition of a showstopper. And while you can always buy pre-made sugar flowers from a bakery, you can also try your hand at making your own with this recipe for candied blooms.

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SPRING WREATH CAKECourtesy of The Cake Blog

Gorgeous Greenery

Bring the outdoors inside with this nature-inspired cake which boasts branches, berries and blooms arranged to resemble a wreath. The best part? The decorations are made out of buttercream (here’s how to make your own!) instead of fondant so they actually taste as good as they look.

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Easter Bunny CakeCourtesy of Jenny Steffens Hobick

Coconut Cottontail

Every-bunny will be in awe of your sculpting skills when they see this beautiful bunny on the dessert table. And while it looks impressive, it’s actually super simple to put together—just like these 74 other easy Easter sweet treats.

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PASTEL SWIRL CAKECourtesy of Sweetapolita

Sweet Swirls

Taste the rainbow with this colorful cake painted with shimmering shades of pastel blues, greens and purples. Add a smattering of sparkly sprinkles for an elegant effect or top your treat with one of these 34 easy cake decorating ideas.

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THYME BUNNY EAR CAKE TOPPERCoutesy of The Blondielocks

Bunny Ears

A trendy topper like this one really, well, takes the cake. Simply wind fresh thyme around a strand of floral wire, shape it into adorable ears and then accessorize with bright blossoms. Bonus: Use any leftover herbs in one of these 30 delicious dishes for your Easter dinner menu.

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Cadbury Mini Eggs Layer CakeCourtesy of The Gunny Sack

Eggcellent Ending

What’s chocolate on the outside, gooey fondant filling on the inside and encapsulates everything we love about Easter? Cadbury eggs, of course, which create the crunchy coating on this cake from The Gunny Sack. In case you missed it, Cadbury just announced a new, super-stylish edition of its classic candy for 2019 here.

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