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8 Products That Make It Easy to Get Your 8 Glasses a Day

Having trouble staying hydrated? These products are here to help. From a gallon water bottle to reusable straws, you'll be sippin' all day long!

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Motivational Bottlevia

Motivational Bottle

If you’re aiming to drink more, this gallon water bottle jug ($19) can help you stay on track. It breaks down your H20 goals into two-hour increments, and the bottle’s motivational phrases encourage you to keep drinking. (And if you need a reminder, here’s why your body really needs water).

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Hydration Remindervia

Hydration Reminder

If you frequently forget to sip, Ulla ($25) can help you hydrate. This little gadget straps on to your favorite water bottle or glass, then blinks when it’s time to drink. Watch out for these signs that you’re dehydrated.

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Infuser Bottlevia

Infuser Bottle

If you’re easily bored with the taste of plain ol’ water, consider an infuser bottle ($14). This device features an infuser rod that you can pack with fruits, veggies, herbs and more for an instant flavor boost. Sip, sip hooray! Find more of our favorite water bottles here.

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Reusable Strawsvia

Reusable Straws

Drinking out of a straw is so much fun, but the plastic kind are seriously wasteful. Help your health (and the planet’s!) with a pack of these reusable straws ($9). They’re easy to stash in your desk, purse or car for on-the-go hydrating.

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Hydration Appvia

Hydration App

If you’re constantly checking your phone, an app like Plant Nanny (Free) can remind you to take a drink. Use the app to track how much water you need, then feed your virtual plant and watch it grow! Find more fun apps for foodies here.

Download here.

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Filtration Bottlevia

Filtration Bottle

Don’t let your office’s questionable tap water discourage healthy habits. This Brita water bottle ($25) has a built-in filter, ensuring fresh, clean water wherever you go. These tips can help you drink more H20, too. 

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Soda Makervia

Soda Maker

Crazy for bubbles? You can curb your addiction without reaching for a soda. This SodaStream machine ($120) turns plain water into sparkling in mere seconds. By the way, this is what happens to your body after drinking a soda.

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Desk Chalkboardvia

Desk Chalkboard

Sometimes the best reminders are right in your face. Use this cute chalkboard ($17) to place a “drink more water” sign on your desk. And if you eat at your desk, you need to read these tips.

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