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8 Dish Sponges That’ll Leave Your Kitchen Sparkling

You may not give much thought to your dish sponge, but that's where we come in! Find out which sponges we recommend.

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Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubbervia

Odor-Free: Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber

The Peachy Clean Silicone Scrubber ($10) is infused with antimicrobial odor protection as well as a fresh peach scent—so sour sponge smell is a thing of the past. The silicone scrubbing power gets rid of even the most stubborn food without scratching your pots and pans. (Find out if you’re making one of these dishwashing mistakes!)

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O-Cedar Scrunge Scrub Spongevia

Old Reliable: O-Cedar Scrunge Scrub Sponge

This sponge might look like any other dish sponge, but its 2,000 four- and five-star reviews say otherwise. The Scrunge sponge ($11) has a durable scrubbing surface on one side, and an extra-thick absorbent sponge on the other. One happy reviewer said, “I have feelings for these sponges that I simply do not have for any other cleaning product. These are MILES better than most scrubbing sponges!” Make sure you know how to clean a sponge.

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Scrub Mommyvia

Great for Cast Iron: Scrub Mommy

The Taste of Home Test Kitchen voted the Scrub Mommy ($18) as the very best sponge for your cast-iron cookware. The dual sided sponge has an abrasive side that’s no match for baked-on food—as well as a softer side that helps dry your pan quickly. (Remember, leaving your cast iron wet leads to rust).

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Fruit-Shaped Dish Scrubbiesvia

Cute Yet Powerful: Fruit-Shaped Dish Scrubbies

These Dish Scrubbie sponges ($20) are made from double layers of polyester yarn, making them full of scrubbing power. Who can pass up the adorable fruity shapes of each sponge? Reviewers agree these sponges are quick-drying, tough on grime and as one reviewer put it, they make “washing dishes a little less dreary!”

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SKURA Spongevia

Antibacterial Powerhouse: SKURA Style Sponge

Cutting edge technology doesn’t usually come to mind when you think of a dish sponge. The SKURA Style sponge ($15) might just change your mind. Its design incorporates an antimicrobial agent in the polyurethane foam base, and a scouring surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Plus, we love the “fade-to-change” monograms that let you know when it’s time to switch to a new sponge!

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SKURA Style Spongevia

Eco-Friendly: Nano Sponge

If you’re trying to reduce the cleaning chemicals in your home, you’ll like the Nano Sponge ($11). It cleans with only water! This is thanks to the unique design using two different weaves of Nanolon fiber: one for scrubbing and one to gently wipe away. Plus the Nano Sponge lasts much longer than disposable sponges, helping to reduce your household waste.

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UPSTAR Microfiber Scrubber Spongevia

Super Absorbent: UPSTAR Microfiber Scrubber Sponge

These soft yet effective UPSTAR microfiber sponges ($12) get rave reviews. Users especially love that the sponges can be thrown in the washer or dishwasher when they need to be refreshed. The high density inner sponge is super absorbent, making them great for wiping up spills and soaking up moisture after cleaning.

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SIMPLYCASA Modern Dish Spongevia

Sleek Design: SIMPLYCASA Modern Dish Sponge

Who knew a dish sponge could look so cool? The triple layer SIMPLYCASA sponges ($15) feature quick-drying polyurethane mesh, as well as a scouring pad for tougher jobs. We love the black and gray design that’s great for hiding discoloration—it looks so good there’s no need to hide it!

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