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Declutter With These Handy Hints for Home Storage

Things at home starting to feel like they could use a little more structure and organization? These hints will help!

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Extra In-Shower Storage

Need a few more spots to store shampoos and soaps in your shower? Just find a shower curtain rod that’s as wide as the back of your shower, run it from one wall to another and snap a couple of shower caddies onto it. Now you have the space to store all the bottles of body wash and conditioner sitting around your bathtub. Here’s how one editor redid her bathroom decor for less than $100.

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Make Your Own Marble Lazy Susan

Create the perfect spinning spice rack with a few things you already might have lying around the house. All you need are two identical circular pans (cake pans work great for this) and some standard marbles. Flood the bottom of one of the pans with a solid, single layer of marbles, stack your spices in the other pan and then set the spice pan on top of the marbles. The marbles allow you to spin the spice tray in place, easing the search for the right spice for your dinner. These kitchen storage ideas will save you so much room.

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Easy Drawer OrganizerFamily Handyman

Pegboard and Dowel Drawer Organizer

If your kitchen drawers are always messy, cut a piece of one-eighth in. pegboard to the size of the drawer bottom and attach dowels using screws from underneath. Now your pans can be organized and easy to access. Check out these other creative solutions for storing pots and pans.

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use gutters for tool organizationFamily Handyman

How to Make Tool Organizers with Gutters

Make inexpensive compartments for your tool bag using PVC gutter downspouts. Carefully cut the downspouts into pieces that will fit vertically inside the bag and glue them together, then organize your tools inside the compartments.

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HH Keurig pod organizationFamily Handyman

Organize Your Coffee Pods

Coffee pods can be a disaster to keep organized, but this hack uses simple T-molding as an ideal organization system for Keurig, Nespresso or any other type. T-molding is designed for wood floor transitions, and it also makes a perfect storage rack for coffee pods because it has grooves for the pods to slide onto. Learn how to make this easy T-molding design here.

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mount magnets inside a medicine cabinetFamily Handyman

Magnets in the Medicine Cabinet

Here’s a great solution for organizing small metal items like tweezers, nail clippers and more in the bathroom: Hang them on magnets inside a cabinet. If your cabinet lacks a metal surface, attach the magnets with hot glue, one magnet for each metal tool. Learn how to make a small bathroom seem much larger.

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HH Six Pack Organizer Fridge Door SrirachaFamily Handyman

Save that Six-Pack!

Do all of your small bottles in the refrigerator door tip over after opening or closing the door? Fortunately, the answer to tidying that up is just a recycling bin away. Grab an empty six-pack holder to organize the condiments in your refrigerator door. This solution is also great for transporting your condiments for a backyard BBQ or picnic! Check out how to organize your fridge the right way.

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çFamily Handyman

Charger and Cord Pockets

Tired of rummaging through drawers and boxes to find the right cords and chargers for your electronic gadgets? Use a clear vinyl over-the-door shoe organizer. Make labels for each pocket and put every item in its own spot. Now you can find everything you need quickly, without the frustration.

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HH File folders under kitchen sink organizationFamily Handyman

Magazine Rack Hack for the Kitchen

Magazine racks can be used for more than just organizing papers and magazines in your office. Try one in your kitchen. We filled the containers with the clutter that normally barricades the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Place all your kitchen cleaning supplies into magazine racks, putting the most frequently used items towards the front. You’ll definitely want to steal these concealed kitchen storage ideas.

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Tool-Apron Storage

Tool aprons can be modified to store nearly any household item. Just sew a variety of pocket widths in the aprons, then mount the aprons by screwing a wood strip through the top of each and into a door. For hollow-core doors, use hollow anchor fasteners to hold the screws firmly to the door.

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under-cabinet banana hookFamily Handyman

Hang Bananas Under Cabinets

If you want to get a banana tree but are low on counter space, we thought of a solution. Instead of adding something else to the countertop, attach a small adhesive hook under the cabinets to store bananas. When it is not being used, it is hidden from view and you won’t have to drill holes in the cabinet. Read up on these tricks for keeping fruits and veggies fresh for longer.

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stuffing plastic bags in paper towel rollFamily Handyman

Storing Plastic Bags

Stuff as many plastic grocery bags as possible into an empty paper towel roll, then toss the roll in a drawer or cabinet. The cardboard tube keeps the bags contained, and it’s easy to pull one out at a time when you need it.

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5 gallon bucket tool bucketFamily Handyman

Tool Bucket

A five-gallon bucket comes in handy in the garden, and not just for collecting weeds. Load it up with all your gardening tools and carry them easily from place to place. If it starts to rain, protect the tools with the lid. But here’s the best part—it doubles as a portable stool when you need to rest or do some pruning. These are some of the easiest foods to grow yourself.

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HH food storage containers organizationFamily Handyman

Lid Corral

Tired of having a messy and unorganized food storage container drawer? Simply put tension rods in a drawer to keep storage lids from taking over. Just secure the tension rod toward the front of your drawer to keep them manageable. Problem solved!

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